Kobe Bryant: Remembering the Fro

Kobe Bryant: Remembering the Fro


Last night, in a pivotal game 5 vs. the New Orleans Hornets, the world wondered aloud if they were seeing the decline of Kobe Bryant. They wondered if his body was starting to break down and if he was able to fight off Father time for another night to pull the Lakers through to victory.

Well, as we saw with his tide-turning dunk over Emeka Okafor, Kobe Bryant not only fought off Father time, but crossed him over and made him fall to his knees in amazement.

Watching that dunk, a number of our twitter followers were talking about how they haven’t seen that version of Kobe since his afro days, so we thought we’d take a look back at those “Afro” days with a collection of videos we found on YouTube of Top 10 Plays from his first 4 years as well as some of the best commercials Kobe filmed during that time.

Kobe’s Rookie Year