Kobe Bryant & Ramon Sessions-Twenty Four/Seven Reviewed by Momizat on . With all due respect to the guard greats, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo were last weeks Los Angeles Times stories. Even with the headlines that departed Laker lege With all due respect to the guard greats, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo were last weeks Los Angeles Times stories. Even with the headlines that departed Laker lege Rating:
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Kobe Bryant & Ramon Sessions-Twenty Four/Seven

With all due respect to the guard greats, Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo were last weeks Los Angeles Times stories. Even with the headlines that departed Laker legend Derek Fisher from his franchise are taking a side story, even if its one that should be told and retold. The script has been rewritten in Los Angeles and its been played by new point guard Ramon Sessions. Now in the City of Angels this numerical seventh, heaven sent changing of the guard is being greeted with as much hype and excitement as Jeremy Lin in New York and the rest of the world. You best believe that the basketball planet is watching the Lakers again now.

Its only been a week and change, but what of change its been. Ramon Sessions has more than shown and proven, finally working himself into Mike Brown’s starting package, playing minutes that right now Jordan Hill could only dream of (let’s make it a reality, otherwise what did they give up Fish for). After some struggles, Lamar Odom departing and Dwight Howard never arriving troubles the new scheduled Lake Show is flying again, right into contention. With All-Star beast Andrew Bynum at the center of things, Spanish superstar Pau Gasol powering the other forward spot, along with defensive war machine Metta World Peace at the three and now Sessions at the point the Lakers have a true, natural, top player at every position. Class really is in session. Wait…we’re forgetting someone.

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In this clash of the titans, don’t forget the wrath of a basketball God. Written off Kobe Bryant has responded signed, sealed and delivered with wonder. The still venomous Mamba leads this fantastic five with the pride of a lion and the hunger throughout these games to be the last man standing in this superstar NBA race. Time to marvel at the stark changes of the NBA’s iron man and his weapons. Avengers assemble. Those who quickly wrote off the Lakers are rushing to catch the back of the Buss family bandwagon once again.

Now how long will it be before these people label Kobe and Ramon as one of the best backcourts in the association? Not long! Kobes still the best until he hangs up his sneakers next to that face mask, while Sessions is climbing the snakes and ladders games of top points. Right now people are saying he’s in the top 15, next season he could be in the top ten as well as an All-Star. In Kobe’s previous backcourts, he was mentored by Chicago great and Jordan favorite Ron Harper, then joined forces with Derek Fisher and was once with Hall of Famer Gary Payton. Still nothing right now compares to this current level of excitement. Others have had their time to play, now its the Ramon Sessions’ opportunity.

With a frontline that can go toe to toe with the best bigs, the Lakers are poised for a deep playoff push. Now the purple and gold aren’t just a frontcourt force, they can pick and roll their way to success to. With the world’s most famous basketball player and currently the most exciting one, the Lakers have two guards of a high profile that can watch the throne.

Reigning champions and Laker sweepers Dallas were handed their own brooms last week and in this much hyped battle of Los Angeles, as of late the Lakers are coming out on top of the Clippers standing proud in the Pacific. Number 24 and number 7 can run this city every hour of every day. Call it what you like 24/7, 24/Sessions. Its a new day and a new nickname now. Over the next few weeks and months the Lakers will still rise saying goodnight to the opposition. It was all bad just a week ago, now its a brand new day.

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  • John_LakersRule

    They’re looking considerably better no question but there are still issues that need to be addressed this summer; the SF position and a bench.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/IBEF4H6A7JTIGRKWM2R5LE4MV4 Rey

     On February 7, 2009 in an overtime loss against the Detroit Pistons, Ramon Sessions scored 44 points?

  • Blackmamba24

    RAMON SESSIONS is a GREAT addition to LA LAKERS… Now, they can be a contender again to win another NBA Ring… Bad move to trade DFish but what a great move to add RS7… Go Lakers…

  • Lakerfan4life1970

    What the lakers really neeed someone that can play a back up Point guard better than Steve Blake he really suck big time. Also instead of subbing for a center or a PF just lets see Jordan Hill. When he was with the Rockets he was giving a big lift of the bench. also how about Andrew  Goudelock He can put poits plus he is 39% from 3 point FG. lets see how much energy this players can bring……. We still have no bench production…………….. We suck

  • Betto

    Somewhat worried, if the Lakers keep playing one great game then throw a rotten egg the next, don’t think this Lakers might past second round..    Biggest weak spot is at PF which is Pau, every time the Lakers go up, the opposite team throws the ball to whoever Pau is guarding and it’s money.  Someone please teach Pau how to defend, McRoberts was doing a better job at pf than Pau which is a shame.  And WTF!  is with the freakin’ rotations, it’s like they’re still trying to figure it out, if they pay me i’ll show them what rotations to do.   Rest Kobe but keep Sessions on game, (not sure why they wanna rest Sessions, all they used him in Cleaveland was warming a bench seat, he has fresh legs) add Ebanks for Kobe and G-Lock if you wanna go small with Bynum, if Pau is struggling add Hill..

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