Kobe Bryant Questions the Lakers For Not Hiring Phil Jackson

Kobe Bryant Questions the Lakers For Not Hiring Phil Jackson


The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of turning over a new leaf with Mike D’Antoni coming in to replace Mike Brown as head coach. D’Antoni’s timetable for his Lakers debut was uncertain, with the 61-year-old recovering from knee-replacement surgery.

Although there’s been four full days to process the hiring of D’Antoni instead 11-time NBA champion Phil Jackson, the decision made by the Lakers’ front office on Sunday still has many wondering why it went down the way it did.

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Lakers legend Magic Johnson has been among the most vocal former players and current NBA analysts to voice their opinion. Magic believes Lakers VP Jim Buss dropped the ball with this move and may have made exactly the same mistake bringing in D’Antoni as he did with Brown after Jackson walked away for a second time.

Even though Kobe Bryant has publicly endorsed the hiring of D’Antoni with only good things to say about his new head coach, the five-time NBA champion still believes it’s a bit strange that the team would pass on hiring Jackson for a third tour via Mark Medina of the L.A. Daily News:

“It’s very strange,” Bryant said after the Lakers’ 84-82 loss Tuesday to the San Antonio Spurs. “You would think that organizations and other coaches would try to learn from Phil. That’s what they should do.

“If you have a coach that has won more than anybody, you would want to study and analyze them and wonder why that is the case. They haven’t done it.”

There’s no doubt that Jackson being passed over in favor of D’Antoni will resonate for the rest of the season. If the Lakers begin to struggle under D’Antoni or continue fail to live up to expectations moving forward, the 11-time NBA champion’s name will continue to surface throughout the season with the Lakers’ front office to blame for possibly not making the right decision.


  • BussaNutt

    Dude, you’re the same guy who said Magic was ripping the Lakers… You read into stuff way too much, your boyfriend must hate it….

  • Rasheed

    Damaged is done Kobe. Move on, do your thing in Mamba mode….I like the way how you guys are improvising the game as it goes on.

  • RyanWardSucks

    Seriously, what kind of writer cuts pieces from an interview so they can be taken out of context… He was talking about other teams. You’re terrible

  • really??

    I read the FULL interview and that is not at all what he was saying…this article is garbage along with the writer

  • Cheeze

    Hey I love me some Phil, but let’s honest the man wanted to much from us. where is his loyalty?? the last time we seen him we where getting swept out the playoffs. Then him wanting to bring in all new coaches the we would of had to pay along with the one’s we were letting go. Then asking for 12million a season is robbery! Do us a favor Phil just go away… If you are as good as your resume say you are then coaching a new NBA team should be no problem. Take a team with really no stars and make them a contender.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.caygill John Caygill

      What are you talking about? They never got that far…No salary was even discussed…You can’t believe everything you hear or read…And another thing about what you said about taking a team with no stars is ridiculous. You need talent to be a contender. The Bulls didn’t win a championship with Doug Collins…Phil Jackson takes over as the head coach and they win 3 in a row…Whats up with that! The Lakers didn’t win a championship with Del Harris…Phil Jackson takes over as the head coach and they win 3 in a row…Whats up with that! Come on man we are on the same side…We both love the Lakers and I know D’Antoni will be a great coach.but he is no zen master. I just want this team to win now! Peace!!!!!!!

  • Chris

    Ron artest has heart just needs to be smarter and. More consistent

  • Fatmack