Kobe Bryant Predicts Lakers Will Make Trade Before Deadline

Kobe Bryant Predicts Lakers Will Make Trade Before Deadline


Before the Lakers left for their season-long six-game road trip last week center Andrew Bynum said that the team may make a few changes depending on how they did on the trip. Now it appears that another Lakers player has similar feelings.

Kobe Bryant recently stated in an interview with ESPN L.A. his thoughts on a potential Lakers move.

“I’m sure they’ll do something. They’ll tweak something. I don’t know what. But I’m sure they’ll do something.”

Bryant’s sentiments reflect the thoughts of many Laker fans, who look at the current roster and don’t see a championship contender. While the expectations may not be realistic, it’s expected that the team bring home a championship every year. But for Bryant, the more important fact is that he is running out of time to win that sixth ring that he covets so much.

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Still, Bryant went on to say that he has faith in team management, and expects them to put the team in a better position to contend by the trade deadline.

  • blacklion

    keep mitch get rid oh brown,walton,peace,blake, put fisher on bench, trade gasoft for Dwill, and bynum for howard period end this story!!!!!

    • Jay

      then close 2k12 and shut down the computer.

  • Vnguyen2313

    he never predicited a trade.. you need to rename the title.  He thinks they would make a move aka TRADE / Signing.  Doesn’t necessarily mean trade… 

  • Jeshegabmigs

    Probably PAU for DWill.. Lakers dont need DH12 right now because BYNUM playing his best season yet for now… Hoping he will stay healthy and have injured free season… But if I’m the GM, I’ll just trade my 1st round pick for Sessions, at least he is a legitimate PG, he may not be a great scorer like CP3 or DRose, but still he will be able to help LAKERS when it comes play making… And get Gilbert Arenas for this season, keep him next season if he prove himself that he can still play…
    My 1st five will be: BYNUM, PAU, MWP, KOBE and FISHER/ARENAS…