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Kobe Bryant: “Only An Idiot” Would Doubt His Return From Injury

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers had their world knocked upside down this morning as news that guard Kobe Bryant would miss six weeks made its way through the practice facility.

Bryant played in only six games after returning from a torn Achilles and finally started to get into a rhythm with his new teammates. While the turnovers were still high, he scored 21 points, including a huge three-pointer in the Lakers 96-92 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Tuesday.

Talking to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, Bryant had a message for those that doubt he can make another recovery:

The walls are closing, his path to restoration never so perilous, and yet here was Kobe Bryant on Thursday afternoon making clear his belief on those who’d dare doubt his resolve again. “Only an idiot would,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports.

It was just 11 days ago that Bryant made his return against the Toronto Raptors after months and months of rehab. Without Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar and Steve Blake, the 35-year-old guard took over playmaking duties the past four games.

In the third quarter against the Grizzlies, Bryant went down after making a move in the post against Tony Allen and was seen rubbing his knee several times. Nobody knew it, but he finished the game with the fracture in the knee and after the game said he just hyperextended his knee, something he’s done from time-to-time.

Upon hearing it was a fracture, Bryant was relieved it wasn’t something more serious:

“Lucky it wasn’t a meniscus,” Bryant told Yahoo Sports on Thursday afternoon.

The six week timetable will allow Bryant’s Achilles to get more rest and possibly get stronger according to longtime trainer Tim Grover, but don’t count on the five-time champion sitting the rest of the season out.
Lakers News: Kobe Bryant Out Six Weeks With Fracture In Knee, Steve Nash Out Four More Weeks

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  • GM Jack

    “only an idiot would”. well, historically only one player has made it in to the top form after the injury Black Mamba suffered. If you are into “faith healing”, then, you would not bet against him, but, if you were a statistician/mathematician, then, you would. So, who is the idiot? the faith healer or the mathematician.

    • GM Jack

      Kobe 30 million

      Gasol 19 million

      Nash 9 million

      Total Investment 2013-2014 On these three NBA basketball players: $58 million.

      Wow, When, I grow up I would like to be employed by the Lakers!

      With 39 million dollars of the investment down from the CAP, the Lakers were 10-9. Now you have to be offer D Antoni come credit! If they were 4-15, no one would have been surprised.

  • Don

    I wish he would prove us all idiots, but odds are against it. His will and competitive spirit is strong as ever, but I fear he’s at a point now wherein his body can no longer cash in on whatever checks his competitve nature writes.

    Set Nick Young and the kids lose with D’Antonis offense, and just throw our hat in on the Lottery. It’s a longshot, but at least there lies a chance there.

  • Jim213


  • Ryan

    Well, after they gave Kobe that 2yr 48.5mil extension, Mitch Kupchak started his press conf. saying: “Maybe we got a deal. Maybe we didn’t”
    “Maybe we didn’t” is sitting comfortably in the clubhouse right now.

    • Zimmeredge

      maybe it’s too early to hold any conclusion?

  • GM Jack

    Kobe, rest well, Merry X Mas. I hope you get back soon.

    And all the other injured players. Get well soon and get back.

  • GMcDowell

    On a rapist would suggest that it is idiotic to doubt that an over-the-hill shooting guard whose body is breaking down will ever play at an all-star level again.
    He’s done. And so are the Lakers. And unless Carmelo wants to go from one over-the-hill-team with no chance to another, you won’t be getting him either. Enjoy the cellar. You’re going to be there for the rest of the decade.

    • Kobewillgethis7thringvelieveit

      Eat a dick you have alot of hate in your heart. I see that.

    • Mertresacker

      die with your family

    • Heavymetalgalaxy

      This is LAKERS NATION!! Not Lakers Haters Nation !!!

  • Jose

    I get that Kobe’s window is closing and he wants to get another ring but that said I believe he should shut it down for this year. He can rehab and get truly healthy for the beginning of next season. If he were to do that the Lakers reserves can play more and maybe some of these former lottery picks can make a little bit of noise and can notch out a place with the team for next season. If you think about it that would make the Lakers a very young team. For example if Meeks, Johnson, Hill, Farmar, Henry and Marshall were to be brought back the average age is 24 within this group. That would be half your team. Also I don’t think that Gasol would return to the team and hopefully Nash calls it a career so that these young guys continue to develop. If Nash goes the Lakers can truly after a couple decent players like Monroe and Hawes and not break the bank going after guys like Melo. I know it’s a lot of ifs but I have faith that next years roster will be younger and show time will really be back.

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