Kobe Bryant On Season: ‘Appreciate It Now Because Revenge Is Sweet’

Kobe Bryant On Season: ‘Appreciate It Now Because Revenge Is Sweet’


The end is drawing near for Kobe Bryant and the five-time NBA champion is well aware of that fact. Kobe made an appearance at Westfield Culver City Mall to promote his new shoe, Kobe 9 Elite, and talked about the immediate future with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Although there’s no telling what kind of player Kobe will be once finally back on the floor for the Lakers, the future Hall of Famer believes next season will be nothing like the current one according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

At this point in time, Kobe returning this season seems doubtful. Although Kobe has promised to get back on the floor at some point before the end of the season, shutting it down and getting his body right for the 2014-15 campaign appears to be the most likely scenario.

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Before going down with the knee fracture in December, Kobe began to start showing signs of his former self. Unfortunately, Kobe only lasted six games before suffering the knee injury and now can only sit and watch as the Lakers continue to struggle.

The future remains uncertain for the Lakers as there’s bound to plenty changes made in the off-season. Kobe may have signed a lucrative two-year contract extension, but Pau Gasol appears to be on his way out through free agency while many of the players on the current squad are on one-year deals and are set to expire this summer.

It’ll be interesting to see what moves are made in this summer in order to rebuild around the aging superstar.
Pau Gasol Expects Kobe Bryant To Remain Positive Even IF Out For Season

  • Pat Bates

    Now if only you signed for HALF of what the Lakers are gonna pay you next season, then maybe we would be able to load the roster with some talent to make a run. But No!

    • vdogg

      you obviously do not understand the salary cap.

      • dave322

        Uhmmm… seems like you’re the one that doesn’t understand the salary cap or at least the rules imposed by the new cba. Unless you were being sarcastic. I hope. Dear God please let this be sarcasim.

        If not and/or for the noobs and kobe fan boys. I’ll try to explain how this eliminated any chance of Kobe getting a 6th championship.

        1st something called the repeat luxury tax penality. For this next year they will have to pay more than any other team over the luxury limit does. Due to their chronic spending. Why they’re desperately trying to get under the tax for next season and still have an attraction in Kobe for ticket sales. Don’t believe me just watch.

        They have to take a year off from spending to avoid the repeat offender clause. Where they’re going to try to load up on draft picks and young talent for the future. Then wait for 2015 where Kevin Love has all but publically stated he’s joining the Lakers. Then Kobe’s massive contract not so coincidentally expires when Kevin Durant is a free agent. And then Oh my god the Lakers front office that pulled off trades for Kobe, shaq, paul gasol etc… really aren’t so stupid as to vastly overpay by making a mid-30’s guard the highest paid player in the nba, but actually have a plan to get under the repeater penalty to have Kevin Love and this years high 1st round pick (probably Dante Exum) to chase Kevin Durant. All of a sudden it makes sense. This is a business. Not awhhhh he meant a lot to the franchose let’s tie up 30 million in cap the next 2 years because he’s just a cool guy. Retards. I swear.

        • LakersHeatBeef

          I actually agree with you about the Lakers getting Kevin Love and Kevin Durant that is what they are set up to do as long as they don’t tie up salary cap money.But if LeBron James would want to come over to the Lakers they would sign him up and wait for Durant in 2016 when Kobe comes off the books.So they would get LBJ and just skip Love.

          So yeah if they get LeBron now this year then in 2016 they would do a Kevin Durant signing to team him up with his good friend LeBron James.That’s unstoppable considering either Wiggins or Exum will likely be Lakers also.

          • Randy Alan

            Laker fans seem to think that every great NBA player desires to be on their team. Why would James leave the Heat and if he did LA– really? I just don’t see it.

          • fakerstolakers

            Number one, LBJ, will be in his 12th season. His best years are behind. Great, all the Lakers need is a max contract on another aging star with hi miles.
            And, LBJ is the King, and he will retire in Miami unless he sees a better opportunity to Win elsewhere. LBJ is all about winning, Kobe has always been about big money and contract.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Kobe is not all about money. He did not ask for $48m. It was given to him and he did not turn it down. Can’t blame him.

          • fakerstolakers

            I am with KOBE, you only live once, MONEY IS IMPORTANT.
            In LBJ case, he was in a terrible market. If LBJ, never won a ring in Cleveland, his endorsements would be way down. LBJ gambled, and he won. Now if LBJ, wants even bigger endorsements, WIN or Loose, New York. He just might bite the big Apple.
            Kobe, is in a market, win or loose, he would be benefiting from endorsement.
            I am happy for Kobe. I would love to work for Kobe.

          • C*HarrisTHEboss

            Oh no? – Obviously your not aware of how a contract negotiation works and how lies are propagated in the MSM.

            “I’m not taking any at all—that’s the negotiation that you have to have. For me to sit here and say, ‘Oh yeah, I’m just going to take a huge pay cut.’ Nah, I’m going to try to get as much as I possibly can.”

          • clipperstown

            You F ers a bunch of trickz in hoping old man getz yall some wins. This washed up chump done finished yall and yall praying for his azz LOL. Best to kicks chump to the curve cauze we b stepping on yall on our way to the top yall bunch of has beens.

          • John

            your clippers suck man…what is the highest award taken by clippers nothing and dare u man ur team will not be a champion…first round playoff only it will reach and will be lost to Memphis or OKC again…suck ur cock man…don’t put suck on kobe coz kobe have so many awards in his days playing at Lakers..u nothing….you are crazy idiot

          • Matt Williams

            Clippers will never win a championship. Dumbass!!

    • Gregory Choa

      Yeah…Kobe should’ve just said, “thanks, but no thanks!”…SMH!

    • Rod Milton

      Much of that is a thank you for all he’s done for the organization. Unlike Nash however…

      • Joseph Apohen

        He deserves the money as a “thank you” for what he’s done for the organization. Wasn’t there another way to thank him financially without giving him all that money and limiting cap space.?

        • fakerstolakers

          Yes, sign him for 10 years $50 millions, this way, he could leave and retired when he pleased, or shares with deferred transactions on the team with the Lakers’ option to buy him out at the time of maturity (like bonds), this way, the Lakers did not have to deal with the CAP or stuck with Kobe being the owner.

          • John Cruz

            why all people here hate lakers and I don’t understand..maybe these people are fans of clippers and this clippers team has still no championship trophy and fans are so proud of their team…suck clippers ull not become a champion team…

          • fakerstolakers

            Very shallow ideology. An opposing view to yours does not constitute Hate. It is freedom of expression.

    • $20509373

      True. We’ll see how much “revenge” he can get with no help. The sad thing is he did it to himself.

    • Ramon

      Have you seen who was even available for the upcoming FA? It wouldn’t have helped as much as you’d like to think. Would you only take half of your salary to hire other employees in the company? And Lakers got Kobe on a discount. If you’re mad about the figures, you should be mad at the front office, and not Kobe, but even then it’s understandable why they did it as there aren’t many names that will draw for ticket sales like Kobes will, and none on a global scale.

      Don’t say LBJ because you have the be realistic. He’s not leaving MIA, he’s gonna get the max contract available that only MIA can offer.

    • Amy Kono

      I don’t know a single person who would turn down a salary offer that others (strangers) thought was too high. I also don’t know anyone who would volunteer to have their own salary cut so their company could hire other talent.

      Let’s not judge Kobe because I doubt any of us would turn down a job offer because it was too much money.

      • Joseph Apohen

        You are absolutely correct.

    • You are retard

      You RETARD. Lets say you have really worked your ass off for your company for 18 years to make it one of the best in the world and than ur boss comes to you and offers you $200,000 salary raise Would you sit there and be no boss ill only take 100,000 you can invest rest in company?! EXACTLY , now shut up!

    • fakerstolakers

      Not with Mitch and MDA.
      They would not know what to do with the money. Like a kid a grocery store. The kid would buy all the candies and forget the Milk and Butter.
      Get Phil and and Byron Scott on Board. GM and Coach.

      • cdiv101

        Fire MDA and hire Billy Donavan from the University of Florida.

    • truth24

      Then find another team. Kobe is worth more

  • mike daruki

    quit finishing your articles with “it will be interesting to see.” find something else to close with you crappy writer

  • Rod Milton

    As I’ve stated all season, the Lakers aren’t that bad in actuality. The injuries is why their record is the way it is. Last night they demonstrated what they could be when healthy. Lakers need to look at this core group and resign the players that have played the best (Marshall, Swaggy P, Farmar, Meeks, etc). I’d keep Henry in the D League and let him develop. I would also keep Johnson too because he has potential. As for Kaman? He could be a good backup center. I’m not sure about starting center. Gasol is going to Memphis (more than likely) so the Lakers are going to have to find themselves a Power Forward. At the end of the day the Laker role players are here (for the most part). Lakers need to get Kobe back in tip top shape and bring in another star to have that 1-2 punch. And they need a coach to put it all together. I’m not saying D’Antoni won’t, but they need a coach that can put the pieces together. Lakers don’t need to make too many BIG changes. They have the core players, they need to build around them. Finally, they have to do something with Nash. Nothin’ against the veteran, but dude is due to make $9 million next year (or somewhere around that). If he’s healthy great I’m in, if not he has to go. lol

    • fakerstolakers

      Who do you think will come next. Granger, when Clippers dump him and Glen Davis, and don’t forget, Bynum in Hollywood at his favorite Bowling alley. Well, Odom and Meta Peace will be back too.

      • molly

        pick up Lowry ,Ariza,Deng ,Gasol and parts that they have now and u have a turnaround

        • Joseph Apohen

          That is a possibility.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Pau has been looking like an all star again. I don’t think there is any better offensively at center. If there is any way to keep him, the Lakers should do that. With the current players that we now have, Farmar, Meeks, Young, Johnson, Hill, and Kobe coming back, I think we can contend this coming year. Not for the championship as I think it will take another year or two.

  • Shannon

    Exactly. Motherfuckas never loved us. Remember? That’s the Lakers theme song. When we win our next title, REMEMBER MOTHERFUCKER? Mothafuckas never loved us.

  • fakerstolakers

    Lakers last in the west. In my following the Lakers for 35 years never seen anything like this.
    I chuckle, none of these people are offering any real medical advice, “Kobe Being Great”. Based on what evidence. I am not disputing it, but, what evidence medically are you offering.

    Here we go again, all the Fakers fans, unrealistic ones, will jump up and down.
    Lakers fans are smart, they are realistic. Sure. Mr. Mamba.

    • Chrmngblly

      I have the medical advice you seek. He needs the adult stem cell treatment Pau just had in his knees. Maybe they can put in some bone cells just for Kobe’s knee. Do it , Mamba, get ti over with, Pau is all of a doctor anybody needs up there in Lakerland,

      • fakerstolakers

        Perhaps, all the teams should be knocking on your door. Including the Super Black Mamba the Revenge Seeker. Sounds like an up coming sequel, the MambaMan.

        • Chrmngblly


  • hoperhetoric

    everytime kobe talks about something critical & being ahead of himself, the opposite happens. I still remember him talking cocky about a comeback to beat the pistons in 2004 finals. Then last year forcing himself to play heavy minutes just to make the playoffs but his body let him down. Then the video of a hanging banner about a legendary comeback? Now about revenge? It sounds like he plan to do a lot next season, heavy minutes/ball dominance again?… I hope he humbles…
    Bad cap space & his aging body + New & other super stars that he used to beat during 2peats have matured. Cp3, Durant/westbrook, etc.. Lilard, went head to head with kobe last season in clutchness in his rookie season!

    If I’m the General manager & Kobe, My first priority next season is to fill the Front line first with Rebounding & shot blocking its the only way to be ahead of those teams with clutch superstars. A cheap Great center athletic rebounder like bynum/deandre jordan(by Dleague or draft!)

    Resign Metta! He is a good stretch 4 & rebounder. & He can still slow down Durant/Lebron.
    (Gasol can’t be a stretch 4 & can’t be a center anymore because of his inconsistency in rebounding + the ball always get easily strip from him specially in clutch moments. Never been a clutch jump shooter & prone to turnovers)

    Sign gasol as a 2nd unit center for less money.

    Kelly & Wesley Johnson should gain weight like a boxer!

    Sign Lamar Odom while waiting for kevin love in 2016(he is very expensive via trade with limited cap) Odom will find his offense again with Dantoni system + a great rebounder.

    Melo is a great scorer but questionable defender & can’t carry a team. If Durant/Lebron/Cp3 are in Knicks instead of Melo, they will be in top 5 in east!

    If the Lakers can get the top 5-7 of this draft, then no need for Melo, just use the cap to trade for a great rebounder center. If not Get Melo then Find a great rebounder in the Draft.

    Rebounding is the Key in all of Kobe’s rings (Shaq, Gasol/bynum/Odom)
    + a tough defender & shooter (Ariza/metta, Wesley Johnson?)

    Bazemore/brooks over Swaggy because they attack the paint more that can foul trouble opponents front line like Kobe used to do. Swaggy should use his crossovers more in attacking the paint instead of jumpshots to be a real help.

    Kobe should mentor his team mates about first step & change of pace & direction.

    • vdogg

      you’re way, way off. glad you’re not the GM of the team. whew!

  • ra

    not sure what the ‘revenge’ is for. Nobody did anything to him this year, right? He just got injured.

    Revenge for the ‘basketball gods’ terminating his stay for a while? Maybe.

    If he can rebuild in the off season (a little better), maybe with that ortho/keto injection or something, then he has a chance to come back. Rehab ‘properly’.

    Kobe’s ‘brand’ is important for the game now. It is worth his salary (to the FO) to keep him for a while (2 years). Yes it is. The Lakers can afford to pay the luxury, because the revenue they make from ‘having Kobe’ play is huge.

    Lakers brand would have greatly suffered if they tried to not show Kobe that they were behind him. There may be an exciting game here and there (like the one last night), but that won’t last forever if they don’t re-tool properly. Trust me, the FO knows what the brand is worth, and what they need to do. They better do it.

    • molly

      revenge for losing

  • Matt Williams

    Since everybody seems to type in their input of what next season should look like, I guess I can do it too. There’s enough for another max player. If we can’t land LBJ, Melo, Rudy Gay or anybody in that caliber, than let’s save it for 2015 when we are able to get Love. Til then I say let’s get Greg Monroe, Trevor Ariza, and maybe Spencer Hawes. Get Gasol to sign cheap, keep the following bench players: Young, Hill, Johnson, Bazemore, Farmar, Henry, and Kelly. Draft good enough to get Dante Exum (who seems to be the best draft pick at the moment), Oh and once and for all, dispose of that joke of a coach and get Lionel Hollins. Kobe is being shut down. I highly doubt he wants to play, even if he is saying he will. He knows there’s no hope for this season. He might already feel better and just won’t play this year. The front office said they’re not tanking but we are dead last in the conference and we’ve kept this sh*tty coach for two years. It wouldn’t surprise me if they shut Kobe down. It’s smart basketball. I believe Kobe when he said this won’t happen again.

  • Devon Samuels²⁴

    I was there yesterday good interview Go Mamba Go Lakers!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    A healthy Kobe on his own with just scrubs surrounding him could get the Lakers to anywhere from 38-41 wins and if he gets help say we draft Andrew Wiggins or Exum and sign Carmelo or Deng with a good supporting cast,then the win total nears 55 wins.Yes Kobe knows this team will win more next season if he is healthy and playing.

  • mike

    Kobe needs to shut his mouth. Only played in 6 games while collecting most of the teams salary cap $$$. This team sucks cuz we just built it around an old and injured has been!! The ownership and management are idiots.

    • fakerstolakers

      But, Kobe did not do that. The Employers did it. Why get on the Employee. You included, any employee would accept any money they can get.

      And Kobe did not take your money. Nor did the Buss use your money to pay Kobe.

      Did they?

    • feral24

      Wow you blame Kobe? Dude, Kobe’s been a champ and a reason why the Lakers regained honor for the last decade. There’s now way the FO will pay Kobe less than what he deserves. And even if they made a bad decision about paying him big, they still gain more revenue than what they gave. That’s just respect. It’s funny how most fans like you have selective amnesia, just because the team is losing now you blame the guy who brought you glory numerous times and it’s not even Kobe’s fault that he got injured and the team sucks this year.

      And you’re nuts saying that the team sucks because you build around a player, that’s what it’s supposed to be. you build around your cornerstone.

  • comrade24

    When did “fans” become such haters? 2 bad seasons and people start calling Kobe a “has been”? If you can’t support your team and stick with them through good times, then good riddance. go root for the Clippers. they just picked up Granger, and are poised for a deep playoff run. The real fans, the real Lakers nation, doesn’t need you.

    • comrade24

      *good times and bad. typo

    • fakerstolakers

      Why is opposing view always considered a HATE on LakersNation? Free speech is not Hate, an opposing view does not constitute hate. What is HATE is inability of those who are unable to accept and opposing views.

    • Joseph Apohen

      A has been? He worked his ass off to single handidly bring the team to the playoff. It was unfortunate that he got injured, Nash got injured, and Howard was not himself and coming from serious injury, but that’s life. You win some and lose some. However, we will rise from all these and contend again. Be patient.

  • Jeremy

    Hopefully he does come back strong. What gives me pause is his injury is pretty much the “career killer” in the NBA batting .900 and all that. Kobe is just human and this “Well, if somebody can do it, its kobe. it’s KOBE we are talking about here” really means jack squat with a torn achilles tendon. That injury doesn’t care who you are and what you are and how inomparable your work ethic and rehab is. I work in Sports Medicine/PT practice and this kind of injury really changes careers/performance levels almost all the time. None of those I’ve seen recover from this injury came close to their ability and performance pre-injury. They were still tremendous athletes, but the drop off was indeed stark.

    • fakerstolakers

      Remember only three athletes have more points than KOBE, Jordan, Kareem, Malone.

      Kobe’s career is done.


    • fakefans

      uh oh…you gave a well mannered cautious take on this whole Kobe injury situation from a position of expertise and experience given your field. Don’t let the title of this website fool you, this site should really be titlted “KOBENATION” because to the vast majority of posters here, It’s all about Kobe and not necessarily the team.To many posters here, he can do no wrong and the laws by which other humans are bound to doesn’t apply to him. Prepare to be flamed and cursed pretty soon for your comments.

  • xplatinum31

    ok so they gave Kobe the money…would yall just shut up and lets see what the Lakers can do next season..jeez..some of you just sit there n think you know every damn thing ..thats the kinda hate the man is talking about..lets shutup and wait.we ain making playoffs..we got time to regroup and come again…stop talking about the salary cap…we cannot control it..so let it be

  • Chippaz

    Dante Exum, Lance Stephenson, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Love, Greg Monroe. Lakers Starting Lineup next season😳😳 with Brooks, Swaggy P, Kendall Marshall, Jordan Hill on the bench😩 and Buyout Nash’s contract NOW!!!

    • Chippaz

      Sign and trade pau and 2nd round, future 1st for Kevin Love.

    • Chrmngblly

      If we are going to dream, let’s dream big..:-)