Kobe Bryant On Plan B For Lakers In Free Agency: ‘We Have Several Options’ Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video Everyone around the league is waiting for the final decisions from Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Once these two Please enable Javascript to watch this video Everyone around the league is waiting for the final decisions from Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Once these two Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant On Plan B For Lakers In Free Agency: ‘We Have Several Options’

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Everyone around the league is waiting for the final decisions from Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James. Once these two superstars decide where they want to spend the next few years, the rest of the players in free agency will likely start to agree upon deals with teams.

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As of right now, the Lakers are patiently waiting for Carmelo to decide between Los Angeles and the New York Knicks. All indications point to the superstar heading back to New York, but no official decision has been announced.

If the Lakers are unable to sign Carmelo, the storied franchise has plenty options, according to Kobe Bryant via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

The five-time NBA champion spoke to the media in Santa Barbara on Wednesday afternoon before getting his annual basketball camp underway. Kobe took questions on Carmelo and Pau Gasol’s free agency as well as emphasizing that all the Lakers can do is wait to see how things pan out via Winters:

If Carmelo decides to return to New York or surprise everyone and head to another destination thought to not be in the running, the Lakers will have a few options in free agency.

Over the past few weeks, the team has been rumored to show interest in a number of different players around the league. A few of those players are former Lakers like Steve Blake, Caron Butler, and Trevor Ariza. Others notable free agents linked to the Lakers are Lance Stephenson, Isaiah Thomas, Luol Deng, Greg Monroe and Eric Bledsoe to name a few.

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Obviously, none of these players are potential game-changers like Carmelo and LeBron, but the right combination surrounding Kobe in Los Angeles could make the Lakers a force to be reckoned with.
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  • Ethan

    I was watching a Lakers documentary talking about the history of The Lakers.The documentary is called Touched By Gold it takes a close look at the 1972 Lakers championship team and it’s a great documentary i love it.Anyways quick summary from the documentary well the Lakers were forced out of Minneapolis because nobody was coming to the games as the team went from 5 time champions to a bad team that kept on losing and having bad seasons and George Mikan was on the decline eventually retiring.So they moved to LA and drafted Jerry West and Elgin Baylor and the LA fans loved them and they kept selling out the building and doing great reaching the finals only to keep losing to the Celtics.

    Then in 1972 The Lakers finally won the championship beating The Knicks.All is so creepy and eerie to where we are now as a team losing and our star player Kobe is on the fast decline and he is turning 36 years old soon also he has no help on this team.And the Lakers had their worst season ever and Dr.Jerry Buss is dead and his son Jim Buss is incompetent and inept at making good choices.The GM Mitch is a burnout and he is tired and just stumbling through his job.Also now the City Of LA has the rise of The LA Clippers and with Steve Ballmer and Doc Rivers partnering up that doesn’t bode well for The Lakers.Yes factor in all the top free agents rejecting The Lakers offers and you see the writing on the wall for The Lakers in the City Of Los Angeles if you watched the playoffs closely the LA town mayor said we only have one team and that’s The Clippers and he is a Clippers fan and not sure if you all noticed but The Clippers players are in all the big commercials on TV and The Clippers are always the talk of the city of LA.The Lakers are more of a joke than anything according to the LA media and National media.

    Need proof okay please just tune into ESPN Sportscenter or ESPN News or better yet 710 ESPN radio or any sports show on any Fox Network and the Lakers FO and players are getting ripped apart by the ruthless sports media.Just the facts of life right now.All the while these same media stations praise and support and cheer on The Clippers and they love The Clippers and hate The Lakers.It’s obvious the NBA has it in for The Lakers,just obvious.

    Their is no hiding from the media for the Lakers they have exposed The Lakers for being a overrated team living on their past accomplishments when they could overpay for their players and now with a new rough and tough CBA in place The Lakers are a middling team ranked towards the very bottom of the standings.Lakers have a terrible management team and they have the worst player development contingency as no player has developed into a All Star since Kobe Bryant that Bynum guy was a fluke one time All Star that’s it.The Lakers might be forced to move out of Los Angeles if they can’t get on the winning track again.The fans will stop coming to the games if they keep losing and missing the playoffs as you all know a empty arena is a owners worst nightmare.

    What city will accept The Lakers maybe Seattle or St. Louis?But i say this since their is a big rumor going around that soon to be Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is about to buy Staples Center from AEG and then The Lakers stocks held by AEG would also be sold to Steve Ballmer a very prominent business man from Seattle and he is looking to bring a NBA team to Seattle so he might buyout The Buss children and AEG both at the same time,he is a Microsoft Billionaire that can afford anything.I am very concerned about this as a longtime Lakers backer.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Chill, dude. The recent struggles are a direct result of two things: injuries and adapting to the new CBA. The new CBA put a heavier burden on the Lakers than any other team because we had no 1st round picks to acquire cheap talent like other teams. We made do by bringing in Dwight and Nash, but injuries and Dwight’s immaturity derailed that attempt to stay at the top. After this summer, our payroll will be CBA-friendly, and most of the draft picks we have traded away have been used up, so we can continue to build the way other owners want us to. The rules got changed at an inopportune time for the Lakers, but we’ll be back within the next two years. The Lakers never stay down long.

      Ballmer still may not even get to buy the Clippers, so don’t worry yet about any rumors you may have heard.

    • RealisticLakerFan

      And lemme guess you believe that 911 was a conspiracy?

      Lakers moved from Minneapolis because the market blows compared to LA. Whens the last time the Jets won a super bowl?… if you don’t know it was 1968 and they are still a profitable organization because of true fans and a HUGE market… just like the lakers have… well except we have way more championships and our jerseys aren’t hideous

      we are going to be fine. Athletes will still come to LA because the city is so enticing for young millionaires and the women are beautiful

  • Michael Hilton

    Kendall Gill is a hater he screwed the Lakers in free agency years back and he has just been annoying during Summer League when he talks about Carmelo Anthony and free agency it’s annoying he keeps saying New York this and that blah blah blah and i still think Carmelo Anthony is coming to The Lakers today or tomorrow.I am very confident The Lakers will get Carmelo and if Frank Isola is the only source then he is just being a New York homer and fibber.Carmelo+Kobe win together,Carmelo Anthony reminds me of a prime Elgin Baylor it’s only fitting if he is a Laker.Come on Carmelo be a rebel and shock the world by saying i am a Laker.

  • Orlando Foolridge

    I really hope Carmelo isn’t coming. I think he’s a very decent player, but Kobe, Pau, Randle and Carmelo with basically no point guard and no bench is going nowhere in the best. 7-8 seed max and probably lower depending on Injury since you know Kobe and Pau will miss 10-20 games combined and Nash probably won’t play more than 15-20 games next season.

    Stretch Nash right now, go get Isiah Thomas, Lance Stephenson and Greg Monroe. I think if they don’t pick up Marshall’s contract and then stretch Nash they’d be at like $30 towards the cap with Randall’s 2.4 million hold. Offer Lance 4 for $40M, Monroe and Thomas both get 4 for $32M. I’m not sure if the numbers all work out with cap holds, but it’d be pretty close.

    I’d roll with this over the next two years

    PG – Thomas
    SG – Stephenson
    SF – Kobe
    PF – Randall
    C – Monroe

    The bench would be whoever, like it usually is for the Lakers. That is a team I think that would be athletic and rebound like monsters, especially offensively. It’d be a 5-7 seed probably, but would have a chance in any playoff series because of youth and activity. Then in two years Kobe retires, you bring in Durant. Lebron will be on the Decline and the lakers can grab a few titles assuming that Randall Progresses into an All Star.

    I’d just roll with this plan Mitch!

    • RealisticLakerFan

      I agree with everything you said except Isiah is horrible on defense and the west has way too many good pgs to have that be our defensive liability. Plus we can get him for the mid level exception probably and I’d just keep Nash this year to let him completely fall off the books come next year… or we can use him as trade bait before the deadline to and team who needs to fill cap space to avoid the low end of the CBA tax but still wants an expiring contract too

      • Orlando Foolridge

        What are the alternatives? We could roll with Marshall/Nash and see if Clarkson does anything for a season. Then nash is gone and the only 2 FA PG’s I see in 2015 that are worthy of $10M contracts are Lin (can’t play D) or Rondo. I’d roll with a 29 year old Rondo for $10 million a year, but I don’t think we can get him for that. I wish we’d have had a chance to draft Marcus Smart…good strong PG’s who play D are hard to find…

  • wangkon936

    Hummmm… what is the vaunted “plan B” I keep hearing about? Pray do tell us more Mr. Bryant, Mr. Buss, Mr. Kupchak.

  • Al Haldie

    Well if they have PLAN B —–they have waited to long for that one, so we still have
    C/D/E/ and then we will be at PLAN F and you know what a F in school ment…

  • Dana Douglas

    Well, Plan B(lake) just disappeared.

    • Orlando Foolridge

      If that’s Plan B…then the lakers are in more trouble then we all thought. Blake isn’t a starter in the league and is an average to below average bench player. Will make a good coach one day, but doesn’t have the physical ability to match the heart.

  • Marty Susman

    Of the group, Lance & Greg are the only ones I would like to see in a laker uniform.

  • stephen Roman

    Sign someone before all the good remaining players are gone. Don’t keep waiting on the two money hungry players, get people that play the game not playing the owner’s for more money.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      As long as there are superstars available, you wait on the superstars. Don’t sell yourself short by settling too early for mediocrity.

  • Darrell

    Carmelo is not realistic. Ariza would be the best move for the Lakers, then we could pick-up others like Gasol and other free agents and get more bang for our buck. We have our guard (Randle) now we need a bench.

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