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Kobe Bryant On LeBron James’ Decision And Importance For NBA

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What does Kobe Bryant think of Lebron James’s decision to take his talents back to his hometown, in signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

We knew the question was coming eventually. In an interview with Bloomberg News, Bryant mainly discussed his business inspirations and his upcoming Showtime documentary “Kobe Bryant’s Muse,” as well as his plans for building up his corporation, Kobe Inc. But, the interviewer also slipped in a question about whether Bryant thought James’ decision to go back to Cleveland was important for the league.

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Bryant gave an answer, very much displaying his understanding of the general mass media.

“It depends how you shape the story,” Bryant told Bloomberg News. “Had he stayed in Miami, there’s a great story that you can mold and frame around that. You go to Cleveland, there’s a way you can mold and so, it really just depends on what his personal truth is. I think he communicated his truth extremely well in why he decided to go to Cleveland and that’s what you have to stick to.”

The truth Bryant is referring to can be found in James’ very well-written essay, a Sports Illustrated exclusive, “I’m Coming Home,” in which James explains his decision to go back to Cleveland as being far bigger than basketball and more centered on the responsibility he feels to the people of Cleveland. Bryant’s had both the privilege and, ultimately, the decision of playing his entire career with the Los Angeles Lakers, something fans may never experience after this next generation of athletes.

“For me, I was just very fortunate to be with an organization and with an owner, and now it’s Jimmy and Jeanie, who are just world class,” Bryant said as he finished up his interview with Bloomberg News. “They pride themselves in taking care of their athletes and trying to build championship teams.”

In recent weeks, Bryant has made several public statements in support of Jim and Jeanie Buss. A little over three months ago, Bryant made headlines when he called for change this summer, starting at the top with management having a clear direction and authority. Fast forward three months later and Bryant has voiced his approval for the moves the Lakers have made this off-season.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant On Jim And Jeanie Buss

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  • truth24

    What you smoking Kobe? Jimmy takes pride in trying to build championship teams.? smh

    • mobb marley

      he lives in LA. he got that medical marijuana card for his knees ;)

      • francescmier

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        Riley got an almost new red GMC Canyon just by some parttime working online
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    • LakerSpartan117

      Maybe Kobe saying that about Jim AND Jeanie is because he actually works in the inside and knows what’s really going on in there. Not some ESPN or sports beat writer who slanders the name of a man who they really don’t know. No let’s continue to whine and bitch about an owner (who by the way isn’t the only owner of the team, but instead works at a certain position within the organization) that hasn’t come out and belittle his players or demoralize them in any way. He hasn’t come out making racist comments or writing stupid letters about someone leaving his team. No DUI’s, no criminal record for that matter, and most importantly has not come out and said,
      “This is my team and I can do whatever I want with it.”

      Because THAT would make him and egomaniacal sociopath and THAT would be something to be worried about. He handled the PJ fiasco incorrectly and is now paying for it unfairly, by verbal bashings from loudmouths like Steven A. Smith and numerous Lakers fans. Its sad that its come down to this, especially since he even had the integrity to come out publicly and say “If we aren’t competing in the next 3-4 years, I’ll step down.” Now I don’t see owners like Donald Sterling or Dan Gilbert or James Dolan coming out and taking responsibility. Why? Because we have a better guy in charge of the team then those guys, and unfortunately the media is is doing more harm then good by bashing our team and its owners by saying that there is NO DIRECTION in the FO.

      There was literally a 5 minute segment on Sportscenter about the Lakers not having a HC yet, and they even went through all these events and championships that have happened since Pringles had resigned. They are the ones kicking us while we are down. All they are doing is creating a toxic image for future FA when they are looking at the Lakers.. and its sad that all you fans shit talking the Lakers FO, are only adding more fuel to an already large fire. Stop and think… what are you really accomplishing by attacking Jim Buss? Because our jobs as fans is to stand-by our team, and embrace the challenge together. I mean c’mon… we don’t want to end up Clippers fans (bandwagoners)!!!!!!

      And go ahead and bash me for just trying to stay positive about the Lakers future, because at least I get it.

      • joolythomas

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      • Pedro Navarro

        can i buy you a fucking beer man?

        • LakerSpartan117

          HAHA!! Nah man I got it. You know I don’t always drink beer, but when I do..

      • Tee

        Oh my gosh! You’re right? Everybody wants to destroy the Lakers, and we as fans need to have Jim’s back. All those rumors…I should known better.

      • Halfway

        Thank you! More people need to realize all of this. Well said.

        I will add that Jim really hasn’t even had an opportunity to start building a roster until this offseason because the team has been over the cap since before Dr. Busd passed…and had extremely limited options under new CBA.

        Give the man a few years. This stuff takes time. If the team is still in the cellar in a few yrs, THEN bitch and moan

        • LakerSpartan117

          Well said to you too friend. Good say.

          The key is patience, a quality that is lacking in this new generation of fans.

          • kobayashi

            Dude!! You are so so right and thanks for giving a positive perspective to what is happening with the Lakers!!!

          • LakerSpartan117

            Thank you for reading friend. Positive attitude and reinforcement can spread just as much as negativity.

        • Jim213

          Nah, plenty of articles and info that Jim’s been making decisions even before Dr. Buss’s death. But as he’s stated if he can’t do it in the next 3 years he’ll step down as VP of basketball operations.

      • Jim213

        Pessimistic to optimistic overnight?

        • LakerSpartan117

          When was I pessimistic? Or are you referring to people becoming pessimistic to optimistic after reading this? I’m sort of confused..

      • Tommy Young

        Amen, you are 100% correct but there are people on this blog will never understand that. They just want to be negative about everything associated with Lakers

        • LakerSpartan117

          Its okay if they don’t, what matters is that more of us that see the truth behind all the hate will continue to support our team.

      • Steve Chavez

        I completely agree with the press trying to create a toxic image of the Lakers. It’s unfortunate when you have teams like the Pelicans, 76ers etc with abusive front offices that deserve that kind of treatment but do not get it AT ALL from the press. The Lakers are a good headline. If players are stupid enough to buy into them… they are too stupid to play for the Lakers. Please reference exhibit A: Dwight Howard.

        • LakerSpartan117

          Thank you for reading and offering your insight on the matter. I will continue to re-post my comment on every other “Jim Buss and Laker FO hate” threads on this website.

      • pmstest

        well said fellow TRUE Laker fan.

      • Jeorge Philip Santiago

        Correct! These fake Laker fans don’t just get it, and keeps on blaming Kobe about everything, giving the true Laker fans a bad rep. They should run back to Miam…, I mean to Cleveland or to San Antonio, and join the NBA bandwagon fans.

        • Steve Chavez

          Yeah… they should go join the fan club of “Whoever is in First Place”… They buy plain white Jerseys with removable team logos…

      • Bobby love

        Love you man”! Well said!

      • Marsian Wing

        fucking right. and im particularly concerned about how those espn punks brainwashing the young fans. they’re the ones who are arrogant, they only care about their immediate income for writing laker stuff that’s why they want us to build a great team now, so that they can have a slice of Kobe’s pie. as a laker fan since kobe joined, it’s not really my wish for the lakers to win this year, but i like them to keep their core built around randle and win in like 3 to 5 years from now, something that OKC hasn’t accomplished yet.

        and im sure jack nicholson is happy with this move.

    • JJ Jones

      Yeah he did get cp3(vetoed) Got Nash and Dwight (one injured the other just ugh) idk u tell me that’s sounds like someone who tries to build championship teams

      • Lakeshow

        Both happened from Dr. Buss

        • JJ Jones

          Your saying Jim buss had nothing to do with none of those moves?

      • Jim213

        No diss, but need to research before posting. Have plenty of info on Jim too but will provide one of the most recent again. If he can’t get it done in another 3 years step down make Mtich VP of basketball operations and hire the best candidate as GM.

        http://thedailysportsherald.blogspot. com/2014/03/jim-buss-timeline-and-decline-of-lakers.html?m=1

    • Gian Marco Pau

      Have you forgotten about the Chris Paul Trade?

    • Jermaine

      He’s lying for the first time to the media

  • New power house

    Kobe never left home! Lerun always runs!

    • Jimmy

      Kobe ran Shaq out of LA. That’s why he never left. Had the team kept Shaq, he would’ve left. Also, before they got Gasol he was threatening Lakers brass with his departure. Also, factor in that Kobe’s played almost his entire career under the old CBA where there were less limits on salary and what you could pay a player. The modern CBA makes it tough to keep a great team together.

      • Jeorge Philip Santiago

        You know nothing. Like what the dude told, you must be one of those people brainwashed by the Laker-hater ESPN. Kobe didn’t run Shaq out of town. Dr. Buss chose the young Kobe over Shaq because clearly, Shaq wasn’t in shape, prime already over, and was asking for a bigger contract. Which is, realistically, what should be done. Kobe was becoming more deadly during that time, developing into the superstar he is today, and he was still young back then, 25 and heading to his prime.

        • Arthur Lox

          A lucid and great retort. I am thankful that there are TRUE Lakers fans like yourself and LakersSpartan117. Kobe and Lakers hate causes onsets of vapid myopic views that fuel vulgar ignorance.

    • pmstest

      hahaha. more like LeBolt. lol.

  • Vincent

    The Lakers biggest problem is their is NO HEIR APPARENT to Kobe Bryant.Sad!

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      That used to be a problem after Magic.

      Eras come and go, I am not too worried. L:akers will be at the top sooner than you think.

      • Chrmngblly

        This is a new era, the Jim Buss era. He has done nothing in his entire life that would make me think he could turn into a world class owner. You should start worrying.
        Check out Jim213′s link above.

  • Pelon

    Salute for Kobe.Mucho gracias for el championships mi amigo.

  • Pelon

    Kobe is a cool vato he won cinco championships for Los Lakers.Mucho gracias senor Kobe.

    • sirgone

      Vato? Go get an education.

      • Anonymous….

        Wait!!! Internet is for correcting people?

        • Arthur Lox

          Always interwebz ballz and smartz.

      • mobb marley


      • Arthur Lox

        Is that you Donald? Oy vey I told you to stop with the…nevermind.

  • SirBosco

    It will be a very sad day when mamba retire.. Bleed purple and gold.

    • LakerSpartan117

      A sad day indeed… But I still think he’ll play 2 more years after his contract expires.. one last hoorah, because this ain’t it.

    • SirBosco

      Yea I agree. Hopefully the lakers will be a title contender by next year

  • Swaggy C

    Thats all rainbows and sunshine for the Cavs to get Lebron back. But its down right sketch when they’ve gotten multiple #1 drafts and still couldn’t do anything in those years that Lebron was gone. And now its like having 2 #1 draft picks in 1 season, because you get Wiggins and you get Lebron. So I hope down the road and the Lakers get another crack at beating the CBA again, that Dan Gilbert doesn’t make dumb whining cry baby letters that the Lakers are not being fair.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Kobe knows praising the Buss family publicly is the right way to build team morale … that doesn’t mean he doesn’t take them to task behind closed doors however.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan

    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

    The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

  • 3339

    Hey does anyone else think that the Lakers haven’t hired a coach yet because they are waiting to see if Doc leaves the Clippers with the sterling situation?

    • LakerSpartan117

      Its possible.. but I doubt Silver will allow Sterling to stay. He needs to wait until the court settlement is up, because the US Constitution shits on the NBA’s puny little constitution!! But seriously he can’t do anything until this is all wrapped up, which might not be for awhile

  • ɢᴏᴅ ᴄʜʀɪ↯↯↯ ✞#Depressed
  • Spitfire

    LMAO in Jim Buss haters. It only proved your ignorance towards Jim. I cant blame you, maybe you all listening to ESPN’s “genius comments”, the same reason why you got brainwashed.
    Kobe has said it and others has said it as well that Jim Buss is nit the person who do you think he is. So it’s time for you all to change your perception about him.
    Dont tell me that MDA over Phil discussion again cos Phil made it clear that it the coaching decision was done because the Lakers need of long term coach rather than 1 yr only in which Phil wants. So get over it.

    • tee

      Can you explain the hiring of Mike Brown quickly when there was better options back then.

      • Alberto

        Dr. Buss did that man…

    • Jim213

      Don’t hate Jim, but you’re stupid for not doing your due diligence in researching the topic fool. Fool, thinks he’s better than the knowledgeable one’s smh. LOL, you think people like me listen to lame ass ESPN. Your funny as well as stupud man .Do your research lol. If Jim can’t do it in the next 3 years step aside make Mtch VP and hite the best GM to replace Mitch.

    • Chrmngblly

      You’re a Jim Buss nut sack sucker, Spitfire. There were plenty of other coaches besides Mike Brown and Mike D’Antoni, but that’s who Jim chose. Read up. Geez.

  • Ramon Glover

    Remember this is a team with 17 championship whatever he was smoking had the truth in it

    • Jim213

      Sixteen to be exact.

  • wituuu

    difference? show off.. lebron is the winner :D
    just a record. tss..

  • Lakers4Life

    Of course Kobe’s happy with Jimmy and Jeanie — they gave him a large contract and there’s nothing he can complain about, except not being able to win another championship before he retires now that we couldn’t land our LeBron or Melo.

    Will be fun though seeing Kobe back next season — that’s probably the only fun we’ll all have watching Laker games next year.

  • J Taylor

    There’s more importance to Lebron’s 2 year contract than anything else….
    And the fact that LA has nearly ZERO cap space allocated in that year.
    Lebron and KD seem exciting….

  • lakerlove

    You have to realize that all this CBA BS are made to dethrone the lakers. While the lakers are adjusting to this new thing, it’s going to take time. That’s the truth!

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