Kobe Bryant Not Among ESPN’s Top-10 SG Projections Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="303"] If Kobe Bryant is still looking for some extra motivation heading into this season, all he needs to do is browse around ESPN.com. -- [new_royalslider id="303"] If Kobe Bryant is still looking for some extra motivation heading into this season, all he needs to do is browse around ESPN.com. -- Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Not Among ESPN’s Top-10 SG Projections

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If Kobe Bryant is still looking for some extra motivation heading into this season, all he needs to do is browse around ESPN.com.

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The latest comes courtesy of Bradford Doolittle (ESPN Insider) who projected the top-10 shooting guards for this season using the WARP (Wins Above Replacement Player) statistic. Kobe found himself outside of the top-10 in this projection:

As for Bryant, his playing-time forecast is predictably suppressed, but even if it weren’t, his projected winning percentage would just barely get him into the top 10.

The WARP statistic measures how many wins a player is worth as opposed to an average rotation player. Bryant has consistently ranked in the top-10 in the NBA in this statistic before his injury-filled 2013-14 campaign.

What Doolittle seems to be suggesting is that the projections have Kobe’s minutes taking a steep drop, while the Lakers themselves aren’t expected to win too many games which also helped to limit Bryant’s projection.

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From a projections standpoint, it makes sense that Bryant is a question mark because no one knows exactly how he will play this year. He has talked about evolving as a player to maintain greatness, what that means as far as his on-court play remains to be seen.

Even still, seeing Bryant below names such as Tyreke Evans, Victor Oladipo, Dion Waiters, and Jimmy Butler is difficult to comprehend. ESPN has already projected the Lakers to finish 12th in the West, as well as ‘Team Turmoil’ so Bryant should not lack for people to prove wrong this year.

Kobe Bryant Answers Fan’s Questions, Talks Keys To The Game

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  • BULL

    he should not be listed in todays best shooting guards.. why even say his name, in the same breathe as them.. only other SG close to him now, is Wade, and Ray Allen. and they too, should not be considered in todays list.. they are the Elites.. why compare them to Harden, Klay(which I like a lot but still have to develop), Butler, Mayo, Waiter, Oladiop, Riddick, Beal, DeRozan, Stephenson and Exum.(which I feel will be the next best SG). doesn’t bother me, so I know its not bothering the Black Mamba.. his name is said with MIchael Jordan! enough said!

  • Rick Bell

    I love it when people come out knocking Kobe.

    Like he needs external motivation.

    This is going to be so much fun.

  • Pete

    Just because ESPN makes up a stat doesn’t mean it means anything. WARP or PER are not actual NBA stats. But in order to get people talking and give their pundits something to regurgitate on every show throughout the day, they come up with these made up stats. The Black Mamba will strike again!

  • fuckyoufuckboy

    You seem to be a fuckboy, lebron isnt shit without 4 soon to be hall of famers/allstars. Please explain how Kobe should at fault for record like that when injured? Kobe 5 rings, all deserved, Lebron, plays in the east with high calibur players and gets blown out in the finals by old players. Kys fuckboy

  • hehatesme

    And how many finals has the Clippers been led to? I’m talking the real finals, not the semi conference finals.

  • The Neptunes

    If the Clippers run LA
    - Where are the banners?
    - Where were the fans at before they got CP3?
    - Why is you’re new number 1 fan a racist (Shelly Sterling)?
    - Why can’t you guys even make it past the 2nd round?
    - Why did the Clippers have to cover the Lakers banners, (intimidated)?
    - Why does Chris Paul get booed at Dodgers games?

    (You must be a 7 year old boy, who gets excited to see Griffin dunk and flop)

  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    You’re completely mistaken. Kobe made sure everyone knew he had nothing to do with last season’s record by staying as far away from those scrubs as possible.


    27-55 record doesn’t lie. That’s Kobe for you

  • CoolGRANDE

    he didnt even play half of that season? lebron will never be ANYWHERE near as offensively talented as Kobe…its sad to see people like you waste your lives trying to talk a man down. straight fuckboy hater

  • The Neptunes

    0 championships doesn’t lie. That’s the Clippers for you

  • savi

    Leave that clipper dude alone, He has hell lot of time on his hands, He’s on every post here and just talking shit, He’s GOAT in doing that, I respect this dude.

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