Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’ (Video) Reviewed by Momizat on . During a Kobe Bryant media session, the Lakers franchise star admitted he was by no means satisfied with this current Lakers season. Bryant called for change, d During a Kobe Bryant media session, the Lakers franchise star admitted he was by no means satisfied with this current Lakers season. Bryant called for change, d Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Meets With Jim Buss, ‘Goal Is To Win And Win Now’ (Video)

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During a Kobe Bryant media session, the Lakers franchise star admitted he was by no means satisfied with this current Lakers season. Bryant called for change, directing his message at the top, starting with the relationship and authority of Jim and Jeanie Buss and reestablishing the culture and direction of the Lakers organization. Jeanie Buss has since made her public interview rounds, clarifying that she is the ultimate “one voice” of the Lakers franchise. Jeanie also spoke up about Bryant’s comments, negating that she was taken aback by them but instead understanding of the depths of his competitiveness. As for Bryant, he’s since met with Jim Buss to get “on the same page,” and discuss the direction of the organization. Check out what Bryant had to say about that meeting in an interview with NBA on TNT.
ICYMI: Jeanie Buss Says That She Is The Ultimate Authority Figure, “The One Voice.”

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  • Sylvia Ross

    I hope that with that win and win now attitude this means that d’antoni will be history ! Goodbye PRINGLES !

    • docfart

      Ditch the coach, keep the pringles, they’re good. :P

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have nailed down my draft picks that i hope thw Lakers get if the Lakers win the lottery then i hope they draft Andrew Wiggins number 1.lNow if the Lakers are drafting at #6 then i am hoping for in this order Julius Randle,Aaron Gordon,Kyle Anderson.Kyle Anderson has moved up the draft ladder because of the great games he has had in the tourney.Win now means lets make some moves.

    Lets hope Kobe can be 100% healthy by next season or at least be healthy enough to win games enough games to make the playoffs as a top 4 seed in the west.That’s a tall order lets just see what happens with Dante Exum and the Lakers also.Mitch is shrewd and he will make big things happen with a loophole.

    • Chrmngblly

      Hell no. Not Julius Randle. The man can’t jump. NBA bigs are stronger and faster than in college. Randle won’t be able to just bull his way in the paint at the next level.

  • Brian Meyers

    What in the blue hell is she talking about ? Got it under control ? Really, Really, REALLY !!!!!!!! George Karl would be a great fit at coach and “Big Game” James Worthy would make an awesome GM. Get rid of D’Antoni and Mitch Kupcheck, PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • comrade24

      agree 50% Karl would be a huge upgrade over D’Antoni, but Mitch is a great GM.

  • hoperhetoric

    Why rush the the Lakers org kobe?? the management gave you a loaded talent since 2008 till last year. you can only blame yourself, if ever u dont win the 6th ring, u had the chance in 08 vs celtics + 2011 vs mavs (all under phil). then last year too w/dwight but u got injured! dont be unreasonable in passing the blame on jim & Dantoni.+ if u made shaq stay then probably u had 6 already instead of wade’s 1st ring. I just realized that the Lakers are enjoyable to watch for the first time w/o ur kobe show!!! great team game &ballmovement when having a point guard system! not about Dantoni system. before the start of injuries plagues early season, i thought the Lakers can compete w/ everybody & just short of a clutch shooter. & unless you show up in the floor again that you are better than Lebron/durant/cp3 then dont bother pushing the Org. because the best players win rings right???? if jim put a talented roster like pacers & blazers it will be the same result that u cant beat Lebrondurantcp3 if u lost your explosiveness. So show & prove yourself again before complaining!!! you are mouth first before action. like comeback against pistons in 2004, disagreeing right away in espn rankings,

    • Nalin Shukla

      You sounded like an idiot in the first line so I did not read the rest

  • Nick Weaver

    Starting lineup for next year:
    pg: Exum/Bledsoe
    Sg: Kobe
    SF: trevor ariza
    PF: Love
    C: gasol
    Bench: Hill, Young/meeks, nash, henry, johnson
    Coach: George Carl

    I say we draft Exum or Embid. If we get Embid than go after Bledsoe, if we get Exum than sign Pau.. Bring Ariza back. Trade future picks for Love. Bring in Karl for the coaching job! Establish bench…world champions 2015,2016, Etc.,

  • Landon Buford

    No because Jim Buss has been blowing off the individuals, that actually know what they are doing and I personally think Mitch is not allow to do his job effectively!

  • ra

    Kobe’s prime directive has ALWAYS been “win and win now”.

    I’m sure it’s frustrating for him to have an uncertain future. Even when he comes back to play next year things will be different. He has to fit in to any playing style, probably will have some limitations (may not be able to explode like he used to – which is unfortunate because Kobe’s style can usually take a so-so game to a W for the Lakers).

    The big challenge for Kobe is to take any team the FO constructs, and find a way to optimize his playing style to take it up a level. This is the most difficult challenge of his life. He may not be able to just ‘carry the team’ the same way as before – the team ‘has to have’ a personality, and Kobe has to use his great bball IQ mind to work with it. For example, I’m guessing that his shot percentage needs to go up a few notches. He has to ‘optimize’ this. He was always a strong defensive player, and may need to be more of a ‘defensive director’ on the court, to make up for possible limitations in lateral movement (hard on the Achilles) which are essential for defense.

    We will need a coach that has a ‘specific enough’ style, that Kobe can enact the vision of the coach (like he did with Phil). Kobe can work best with more tangible coaching styles. If it’s too flexible, it won’t work out as well.

    It’s the final games of chess for Kobe. I’m banking on the fact that he’s the Bobby Fisher of basketball.

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