Kobe Bryant Jokes About Pau Gasol Turnovers After Lakers Win Reviewed by Momizat on . [caption id="attachment_88350" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]Tonight the Lakers recorded their first win of the season w [caption id="attachment_88350" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports[/caption]Tonight the Lakers recorded their first win of the season w Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Jokes About Pau Gasol Turnovers After Lakers Win

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight the Lakers recorded their first win of the season with Kobe Bryant back in the lineup. The Lakers kept the Bobcats from scoring in the final 2:49 of the game and held on for a 88-85 win.

After the win, Bryant was interviewed by TWC Sports Net reporter Mike Truddel, and joked about Pau Gasol dropping some of his passes during the game.

“I’ma light into him a little bit because he’s killing me getting turnovers because he can’t catch the damn ball,” Bryant said with a smile on his face. “So I’m going to get into his Spaniard behind when we get into the locker room.”

Gasol struggled a bit early in the game, but played excellent on the defensive end of the floor down the stretch of Saturday night’s game. He forced two Al Jefferson missed layups and blocked two of his other shot attempts in the Bobcats final five possessions of the game.

Gasol also scored the Lakers final two points with a pair of clutch free throws to give the Lakers a three point lead with six seconds left in the game, which followed a pair of Bryant free throws to give the Lakers the lead. Check out the video below.

The Kobe Prelude Experience: Prelude 1

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  • Damon The Killa

    Pause moment

    • BC

      Super Pause. KObe needs to wash his mouth out with soap after that comment

      • SimplyCraig5

        Why Pau is dropping alot of passes. A good chunk are that they are just not on the same page, but I have seen plenty of passes go through Pau’s hands or he mishandle them.

  • Daniel

    Defense wins the game. Great effort guy’s. Love to see the D intensity from Pau. Let’s keep it going into the next one. Way to get the lead out. And Kobe being Kobe again. Wooooo. Praise the Lord!

  • Al Haldie


    • Paytc

      Kobe does make more turnovers than I’m sure he would like to. But Kobe consistently more than makes up for them with his high level of play. Now being away from the game 7 months obviously you would be more likely to be sloppy and out of rhythm than Gasol. Gasol had the benefit of training camp and preseason,not to mention Kobe had major surgery.

      I also think Kobe is keeping it light with Gasol not being critical of him.

    • Jeremy (Oregon mamba) Shankel

      Kobe is forcing passes instead of forcing shots. Watch a highlight of Kobes turnovers and see who dropped at least 10 of those 25. Kobe could stop with those damn bounce passes in the post and Pau could keep his damn hands up!

  • Apex

    Just barley beat the bobcats, absolutely brutal!! Happy Kobe finally got a win under him, but honestly Gasol sucks period. I love the relationship Pau and Kobe have, but Gasol’s number is up. I have seen Kobe constantly set Pau up for the last 3 games with good positioning and wide open shots and he just looks horrible out there. We need to get rid of him A.S.A.P, Bryant with an actual good big man, one who can play D and hit a jump shot would put this team in order. Every team in the league is just driving to the basket and scoring way to easy. Gasol’s D is really really hurting this team……

    • Gregory Choa

      Give it a couple of games, will ‘ya?

      • Apex

        Dude I have been trying so hard all year hoping that Gasol would become the player he was. I thought when Kobe was out he was gonna show some leadership. And he failed at that, so then I thought maybe when Kobe comes back he will play better then. Fail. It’s tuff if your a Gasol fan, but the reality is I can’t stand watching him, he is that bad. This team would be better off without him and with someone who is somewhat of a calibur player. There is know giving it a bit, we need to trade him as fast as possible!!

        • Gregory Choa

          Easy now cowboy, things are still gestating…again, give it a couple of more games now that Kobe is back before rushing to judgement.

          • Daryl Peek

            Judgement day came and past when he decided to cry about D’antoni and the system. That was completely out of bounds! Apex is absolutely right. Pau has burned britches he may not be able to recover from as a Laker. I do hold out a small bit of hope for him as a long time fan of his but this was VERY BAD. He had the stage and not only failed but cried about to trying to place the blame elsewhere., not cool at all!

          • Gregory Choa

            yeah, I know, I know…not cool, I get it. All I’m saying is that he said something he obviously shouldn’t have in a rare moment of weakness, and in a pretty isolated incident before the team left for their current roadtrip – it was a mistake in what otherwise has actually been a pretty consistently professional demeanor with reporters over his 5+ seasons with the Lakers, much of time under less than ideal circumstances for him, when others have completely failed in that regard…most notably Lamar Odom. So, yeah, I’m going to give Pau the pass on this one…let’s just see if he can build on this strong finish to this game in Charlotte, with Kobe working hard to get him going and (re)build him up.

          • Jeremy (Oregon mamba) Shankel

            Rushing to judgement? Look at Pau’s numbers the last few YEARS and ask yourself “Is this guy worth 33% of our Salary?”

          • Jeremy (Oregon mamba) Shankel

            Whether with Kobe, or Dwight, or PHIL. Pau is a week big man, and an even weaker defender. Pau has been hiding behind MWP and Bynum and Howard for so long that we are finally seeing what its like to force players to Pau….= score at will.

          • Gregory Choa

            Jeremy, Pau is playing for a new contract in a contract year…Kobe has just been re-signed and is just now getting re-integrated into this lineup. This is as close to a “re-building” year as you will probably ever see with the Lakers. All I’m saying is that there is still plenty of time this season to see how things play themselves out – particularly with respect to Pau and Kobe.

            If the FO finds themselves in a position to trade Pau this season for a piece that makes sense, I’m sure they’ll give such an opportunity – should it exist at all – every due consideration. Everybody just needs to chill out and let things take it’s natural course.

    • JohnC

      Just, trade him BUT find a good replacement. The following is a list you CANNOT consider -> they have similar or – more frequently – worse numbers than Pau this current season regarding points+rebounds, not to talk about assists, screens, game IQ…:

      Tim Duncan, Zach Randolph, DeAndre Jordan, Marc Gasol, Chris Bosh, Kevin Garnett, Roy Hibbert, Nikola Peckovic, Andrea Bargnani, Nendrick Perkins, Serge Ibaka,..

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yeap tell em Kobe!

  • e3bonz

    It probably wasn’t very jokingly in the locker room.

  • Jan Rey

    With all these talk around Pau, yeah I believe he’s done. He should be a fourth option at best the way he’s shooting the ball.

    But I had to admit, it’s good to see him on one play where he got the pass, kept the ball high and slammed it home.. That’s vintage Pau right there. Other than that, he looks horrible. Actually, Robert Sacre looked better

  • Danny E. Pagan

    the 10-9 Lakers were so damn fun to watch, Kobe comes back and is back to the Kobe-Gasol show only Kobe is still not truly himself and Pau has been in decline the past 3 seasons and now is just painful to watch. I’m really missing the ball movement and crisp passes. I hope it goes back to where it was when Blake and Farmar come back but this is some pretty horrible basketball were seeing with Pau being the focal point of the offense all of a sudden. I thought Pau would try to show up D’Antoni now that Kobe is giving him the ball every &^&*$^ time but it’s been the opposite. He looks worse! You can tell Bill Mcdonald and Stu Lantz are frustrated with his play but they have to control themselves during the broadcast. I really hope they manage to trade Gasol for Chandler, that would probably save the season and Chandler will def help attract good FA unlike Gasol. Any of the top FA would love to play with Chandler because of his reputation as the ultimate teammate and his effectiveness ( high fg%, rebounds, defense, intangibles) without demanding the ball. Gasol needs to be pampered and motivated I don’t think Carmelo Anthony, Lebron, or any of those guys wanna deal with that stuff.

    • Tremain

      They were damn fun indeed, and scrappy and competitive. I’m not sold on him myself, but credit where credit is due to D’Antoni who did some fine coaching during that span without Kobe. D’Antoni’s system actually got the most out of the young “merry band of league minimum earners” that were basically cast offs from other teams. They wouldn’t be 10-9 through the first 19 games had they catered to Pau and slowed it down and kept pounding it in to him down low. Their record would’ve be far worse.

  • Hugh

    It’s true though. No matter how hard he pouts and cries otherwise, Pau is no longer effective down low. In many games this season, he would get the entry pass and he either shortarms it and turns it over or the defender just bodies him up and moves him further away. Watching Pau try to back somebody down is laughable and painful at the same time. He gets the ball plenty within 5-6ft of the basket and he doesn’t deliver most of the time anymore. He keeps blaming D’Antonis system, but at this point and it’s all on Pau now and it seems he’s in serious denial about it refuses to accept it.

  • Jim213

    Getting on his case about his constant TO’s. Possibly one of his final chances given if they continue to lose against teams they should beat, the stats will likely show that the game was lost inside (defense) as opposed to an opponents off shooting night.

    Seems like the only way now and though Pau mentions he doesn’t need to play that way he lacks an ON & Off switch to be able to meet the challenge. (Knowing when to turn the ON switch takes smart’s/thinking). Checkers or CHESS. DP’s lost hope too.

  • SmallBizOwnerOC

    What he meant was Kobe is racking up turnovers because he is passing to Pau and Pau is not grabbing the ball.. when Kobe passes and the person intended doesn’t grab it then its Kobe’s turnover. Thats why KB has 25 TO in 4 games. The first two games he was back he had at least 3 solid fast passes to Pau each game and Pau didn’t catch them and it was a KB turnover. If Pau had actually caught them and had possession then lost it then it would be a PAU turnover. So those posting that KB has 25 turnovers and shouldn’t complain about PAU are not understanding the stat.

    I am a huge fan- and KB is my favorite player ever.. but if I were him I would say these things behind closed doors in the locker room… but hey, he is one of the top 3 in History (Wilt, MJ, Kobe PERIOD. When LJ gets 5 rings lets talk and Kobe trumps all others because record after record falls and he can literally play every position) so cut him some slack he is not used to sucking the first few games back from a life changing injury.

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