Kobe Bryant ‘Jealous’ Of Tim Duncan For Playing With Same Great Coach

Kobe Bryant ‘Jealous’ Of Tim Duncan For Playing With Same Great Coach


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During the 2000’s, it seemed like Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan were winning championships almost every season. With nine championships combined, both players are future Hall-of-Famers and will go down as two of the greatest to ever play their respective positions.

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As the San Antonio Spurs are one win away from making another NBA Finals appearance and the Los Angeles Lakers looking to get back, Bryant said he is jealous of Tim Duncan according to ESPN’s Marc Stein:

“I’m jealous of Tim,” Kobe Bryant tells ESPN.com, “playing for the same historically great coach for his entire career.”

While the Lakers are one of the most successful franchises in sports history, the Spurs have been quite impressive in their own right with their high level of consistency since the arrival of Duncan, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Gregg Popovich. Although the media has discounted the Spurs for the last couple of seasons, they have found a way to be championship contenders despite an aging core.

Unlike Duncan, Kobe has had many coaches throughout his 18-year career starting with Del Harris, Kurt Rambis, Phil Jackson, Rudy Tomjanovich, Frank Hamblen, Mike Brown, and Mike D’Antoni. While Bryant probably wishes he had Phil Jackson as his coach for his entire career, the Duncan-Popovich is extremely rare in any sport, especially when coaches are fired first for any shortcomings.

With the resignation of Mike D’Antoni about a month ago, the Lakers are looking for a coach that will get the most out of the five-time champion in his final two seasons. Los Angeles has already interviewed Byron Scott, Mike Dunleavy Sr., Kurt Rambis, Alvin Gentry, and Lionel Hollins.
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  • Osider

    Lakers should hire the Dukes coach! And kobe will play for him!

    • jordan

      Coach K is NEVER leaving Duke..

      • jordan

        Not even for the LAKERS.

        • swagmeister

          & I’m glad!

    • $20509373

      He just brought in his best recruiting class. He’s not going anywhere.

    • Hector

      Not So Sterling Either: Lakers Sued For Discrimination By Mexican-American Announcer

      Published May 29, 2014

      Fox News Latino

      First it was Donald Sterling and the Los Angeles Clippers, now it’s the City of Angels other professional basketball team that is under fire for alleged racism.

      Fernando González, the Los Angeles Lakers longtime Spanish-language play-by-play radio announcer, alleges that one of the most successful NBA franchises of all-time treated him “differently from and less favorably than his Anglo-American counterparts in terms of wages, hours and conditions of employment,” the Los Angeles Times reported.

      González is now suing the Lakers and the network he works for, Time Warner Cable, for discrimination and harassment.

      Among the charges leveled against the team, González alleges that when the Lakers won the NBA championship in 2000 most staff and broadcasters got a $6,000 commemorative ring, but he and his broadcast partner, Pepe Mantilla, were told they would have to pay $3,000 each for their rings. The problem was only resolved when the late broadcaster Chick Hearn interceded in on their behalf.

      The team also purportedly failed the provide season tickets to the Spanish-language broadcast team – a normal measure for in-game broadcasters – gave them reduced travel, limited opportunities with the team’s new TV channel and failed to ever set-up a “one-on-one interview with Kobe Bryant.”

      The 53-year old González was hired by the Lakers in 1996. He was born in Mexico, but is now an American citizen.

      González’s complaint stems back to 2011 when the Lakers and Time Warner Cable signed a 20-year, $3 billion deal launching a Spanish-language television network, TWC Deporters. González claims that neither he nor Mantilla were ever considered for new network, and that the two Spanish-language broadcasters who were hired for it were, “less than 40 years old and with no experience in basketball.”

      “The Lakers’ unconscionable refusal constituted additional retaliation against Plaintiff for the exercise of his protected rights, and signaled the Lakers’ intention to begin putting Plaintiff out to pasture,” claims the lawsuit, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

      González plans to seek a judgment of at least $1 million.

      • Wanna play?

        Why bring such irrelevant subject here? I’m a minority like you but, frankly dude, who gives a shit! Leave that subject among yourself. =)

    • Trey

      I hope Lionel Hollins gets hired by the Lakers soon.Lionel will be a great coach for Kobe to end his career with.I think Jim Buss wants to hire Lionel Hollins he just has to wait for the approval and votes of his siblings.Lionel is the perfect coach for Kobe in the next 2 years.Lakers need Lionel.

    • Lonestar

      That’s old news since 2004. Mr. Krzyzewski was offered, please for give me if this is not accurate, $30 million for 6 years PLUS part ownership of the team. With his smartness, he declined the offer. He is the most wanted coach in the NBA since the early 90’s!… Sorry to say, Phil J. is just a pussy cat to the Duke Man Mike! =)

  • purp& goldpride

    And that’s what makes the spurs unique, and a better ran franchise than the Lakers currently. Duncan, parker, manu have played together 10+ years. They haven’t changed coaches in the Duncan era. Consistency.

    Too much change for the Lakers, when they could have kept their core players and build around that. I’d give kobe that, he has not had the same level of consistency surrounding him as duncan, coaching and teammates. But some of that is kobes fault because of his ego, but Lakers management has botched A LOT of things lately

    • Nick Hale

      you have the spurs, a team of equality, then you have the lakers, kobes team. I used to think it didnt matter, but consistency is true. By kobe being kobe (any sort of negativity), it kinda bit him hard in the end

    • George Dooley

      Very astute observation sir

    • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

      Yeah, but Kobe gets too much blame I believe. Shaq started the issue with Kobe and eventually Shaq left since he demanded too much money and had poor work ethic. Bynum’s body just broke down, and now with Howard. Howard got too much criticism by Laker fans for no reason, he put up solid numbers and was expected to carry a team that had Nash pretty much dead the entire season, Kobe with an Achilles injury, and Gasol being misused by D’antoni. Kobe did attribute, but can’t blame Kobe for Howard not being able to handle the expectations. Only thing I blame Kobe on is him asking Howard to come back before his doctor said so, should have kept that private although I know Kobe uses the public pressure as a way to influence his teammates and it has worked on people such as Gasol.

  • hoperhetoric

    Whos fault it is??? Tim & gregg are always in the playoffs & rarely had embarrassing losses. Consistent offensively & defensively! While kobe’s ballhogging moments are always rhythm killer! I will bet that kobe have 7rings by now if only he became a better team mate! & playing in pointguard system!

    • Guest

      Yup. KoME practically shot us out of the 2004 Finals because he wanted to win Finals MVP. Drove Phil and Shaq out of town afterwards. Heck, Dwight left millions of dollars on the table just to get away from him. He has nobody to blame but himself.

      • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

        Yet Phil came back. Shaq’s poor work ethic and selfishness drove himself out of town.

      • Bob

        State income tax made the millions of dollars in that contract also diminish, not just kobe

    • Seis Nueve

      Come on now. It’s kobe’s fault that the Lakers didn’t keep Phil there the whole time? Or is it his fault they passed on hiring him back TWICE?

  • 310KING


  • $20509373

    It’s not just the great coach, but Duncan also took less money to ensure he’ll be on a competitive team. Duncan has never missed the playoffs in his career and he’s on the brink of another trip to the Finals. Kobe wasn’t willing to make those types of sacrifices. It’s always been his way or no way. He made his $48 million bed and now he gets to sleep in it as Duncan and the Spurs continue to compete for titles.

    • Kameron Kearse

      Im a kobe guy but he did make his bed with these circumstances now he has to rise to the challenge I dont think he can win the 6 ring unless laker front office pull of a miracle kyrie kobe ariza love pau nick hill

      • KB24

        kobe agreed to that contract bcoz that is how they see kobe coming back….kobe at the same time looks at the lakers FO to build another contender in less than 2 years…..the secret agenda for kobe salary is that they will use his salary to get durant…see…from kobe era to durant era….thats why pau does not want to plays for okc or heat…. If kobe will have a duncan salary, they will more likely to spend it for love,m.gasol,pau,rondo, aldridge,etc…scott,hollins,jvg,fisher are the REAL CANDIDATES!

  • trevor

    Kobe stop crying!! You ran Shaq out of town. Then your team sucked you wanted out of town if they didn’t bring players. Pop would not coach a me first player. Kobe would asked to be traded he’s to selfish. Pop makes players believe in team basketball. No player is above the team and that’s Kobe.

    • CP24

      You are an idiot Trevor, Shaq ran his own bitch ass self off. Chump diesel had to hit the road!!

      • trevor

        Okay???? Proof???actually Kobe said it’s either him or me. He got what he wanted. Never saw the great David Robinson say that when Duncan came in. You will never see or hear Duncan complain about his team or stats. Kobe got what was coming to him his ego pushes everyone away.

        • bballer

          Actually it stemed from an argument between shaq and kobe because shaq came into season weighing almost 400pounds the final championship season. He didn’tlike his ccommitment to the team. Shaq played the whole season trying to get in shape and it showed during the season. If you go by egos, they both were the same. The difference why they kept kobe was age. If kobe was older than shaq then he would be kept

        • vdogg

          and where is YOUR proof?

        • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

          Maybe because Shaq showed up overweight and out of shape, refused to have surgery during off season since he got “injured on company time” so he was going to do it when the season started, and he demanded too much money.

  • Marcus

    Kobe Bryant is a great player.Too bad he can’t control who his coach is.Michael Jordan had Doug Collins and Phil Jackson.Kobe had Del Harris,Phil Jackson,Rudy,Mike Brown,Mike D’Antoni that’s 5 coaches total.Tim Duncan has had only the great Gregg Popovich.So of course Kobe is jealous.

  • ra

    2004 fiasco. If Shaq & Phil had stayed, we’d have a few more championships. Then Kobe would have had the ‘same great coach’, and a few more rings (I’m guessing he would have passed MJ by now).

    May have been a faux pas by the FO back then.

    However, the Lakers of 2004 had ‘big’ egos. The Spurs have always had ‘small’ egos. Duncan-Parker-Ginobili are one of the greatest 3-player cores in basketball history. (yes, they’re not Kareem-Magic-Worthy, sorry, that was the best combo in recent history. Chamberlain-West-Goodrich another of the top. Don’t count any Celtics on this site). And Coach Pop, nothing but greatness. Wish that he would come to the Lakers.

    • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

      I’d say Spurs success come more from developing talent than anything. Their entire team is balanced, their main guys are aged and their young guys are developed well. Pop is one of the best coaches of all time easily. Not to mention they have the same core for such a long time. Guarantee if Kobe and Shaq played together as long as they did, they’d have a minimum of 7 rings.

      Also don’t think the Spurs don’t have some type of ego like any other player in the league. Parker recently said a few months ago that Duncan refused to speak to him since he was a European player and didn’t bother conversing him until they started winning.

  • Hector

    Lakers are a run by a racist ownership according to many employees…Sell team..,

    • keenanjen

      Leave troll

  • matt

    It’s Hollins or bust for the Lakers. He’s the only coach who can instill a strong defensive system and get his team to compete every night. Look how far the Grizzlies went with him. Byron Scott is gonna be yet another failure, the guy couldn’t even get the Cavs to make the playoffs in the EAST with a talented star in Kyrie Irving.

  • To ALL FAKE Lakers fans

    I Love how everyone on here calling themselves Lakers fans are completely blaming Kobe (the man who helped us win 5 titles) for NOT winning more titles. Some of you argue that he could have had 7 or more titles had his ego not gotten in the way of running Shaq and others outta town. To those I ask you…how many titles does Shaq have again? THats right! Only 4. Less than Kobe does and Shaq had everyone in the league wanting to play with him. And with all this supposed “greatness” and “consistency” of the Spurs and Tim Duncan…again, I ask you…how many titles does San Antonio have again? Only FOUR. Thats right…LESS than Kobe. Yes the Spurs had better REGULAR Season consistency than the Lakers did over the years but they have less titles to show for it. What they do have is some infamous playoff collapses of being a number 1 seed ousted by the 8th seeded Grizzlies. Or epic collapses against the Thunder a few years back or last years epic collapse against Miami by failing to secure ONE measly rebound to win a 5th title. And probably another collapse this year as well! Quit worshiping the Spurs, their consistency doesnt always equal titles!

    • $20509373

      Their consistency has them back in the finals. Where are we?

  • Jay Brodes

    if i were kobe i would be ticked 2! he had phil most of his career. got dantoni and that fool got him hurt!! yeah i said!!! nuff said as my manz fab would say real talk! mamba has been injury free for the most part under pjax!

  • Khaleez

    Let me see, the Spurs are all willing to sacrifice for the TEAM! It’s not just words to them, they actually freaking mean it. Ginobilli and Parker didn’t bitch and complain when at certain times througout the years, Pop had them coming off the bench. Tim Duncan accepted that he was no longer the same player he was in his prime, and humbly ceded the reins to Tony Parker who is now the focal point of the Spurs offense. He didn’t go “F that!!! I’m the man! I eat first here!!!”. Oh, and Tim Duncan took less than market value too. There’s no ego and diva attitudes on that team.