Kobe Bryant: “It’s On The Next Generation To Do It Their Own Way” Reviewed by Momizat on . Since the passing of the late Dr. Jerry Buss, the Los Angeles Lakers organization has been in transition, trying to figure out how to move forward without him. Since the passing of the late Dr. Jerry Buss, the Los Angeles Lakers organization has been in transition, trying to figure out how to move forward without him. Rating:
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Kobe Bryant: “It’s On The Next Generation To Do It Their Own Way”

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Since the passing of the late Dr. Jerry Buss, the Los Angeles Lakers organization has been in transition, trying to figure out how to move forward without him. For his children, Jim and Jeanie, it’s been a challenge to find the right balance.

The Lakers are one of the greatest franchises in sports because of Dr. Buss. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Kobe Bryant discussed how persuasive Dr. Buss was in keeping him in a Lakers uniform:

“You can tell by how someone runs their business if they’re full of s— or not. He could tell you exactly what he had in mind and how he planned to get it done. And he had a track record.”

Dr. Buss was able to persuade Bryant to stay after he was a free agent in 2004 and when he demanded a trade in 2007. With the organization in transition, Bryant recognizes the big shoes that need to be filled, but it’s up to them to figure out a new leadership style:

“The shoes they’re stepping into are so huge and epic. It’s on the next generation in line to figure out what their leadership style is going to be and to do it their own way.”

It’s going to be difficult any time there’s a major change within an organization and the Lakers are no exception. Jim and Jeanie will continue to work together to keep the tradition of the organization alive. It’s their time to figure out what is best for the Lakers, so they can remain one of the greatest franchises in sports.


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  • 3339

    Jim Buss said all last season that he fully expected Dwight to stay. But everyone could tell that Dwight wasn’t happy. Now I could care less about Dwight at this point but I’m afraid that all those big free agents that everyone thinks we have a chance at in 2014 or 2015 will feel the same way that Dwight did about us. Lakers management, mainly Jim Buss need to rethink the way business is done. I don’t think jim cares about what the players think. Kupchak right before the offseason said that he didn’t listen to players input on coaches. That doesn’t sound like a Kupchak quote, that sounds like jim buss all the way.

    • Jim213

      Agree, management was going one way while DH was going his own. DH cared more about his own legacy?! (what legacy) than winning rings. By asking management to amnesty KB24 the current franchise who would help to attain more rings just say’s to this belief that DH wanted to be the bread and butter of the team.

      Management is really going to have to concentrate on closing deals in the future and not solely rely on the brand itself believing that any player will want to play for the franchise. Players are also thinking about the negative backlash that could possibly result when leaving a small market team for a bigger market. Although, the CBA will further make the league more competitive as players will be looking to play for competitive teams rather than just big markets given the equal playing field that the CBA brings with regards to salaries. IMO

      • Daryl Peek

        I 100% agree on the children needing to find their own niche Jim. It’s a new day and they don’t have the same luxuries Dr. Buss had. Dr. Buss inherited Sharman and West in a much friendlier salary cap environment. Couple that with prime KAJ, Cooper, Wilkes, Nixon and the draft rights to Magic.

        Not only that, Donald Sterling was a complete buffoon in Daygo bumbling that franchise. Dr. Buss pulled a Jedi mind trick on Sterling allowing us to draft Worthy, over a one on one poker game between the two. LOL

        This is what I mean when I say Dr. Buss had extremely good favor. But there was a skill in his mastery of the poker face too. I’m confident in Jimmy because he had to learn something being around his dad all of those years. Time will tell, and the process has just started.

        • Jim213

          Solid points.

    • Daryl Peek

      Wrong again 3339. That was Dr, Buss talking. I’ll school you again. In 1982 Dr. Buss endured the PR nightmare of firing Paul Westhead because Magic was unhappy with him. Luckily winning cures all and Pat Riley was Taylor made for Showtime. Magic still hurts from that episode of his career. Dr. Buss then went on to adopt that more seclusive FO style that we now see from Jimmy. The media pressure is 100 times hotter tho. Especially in this transition period. Ease up mayne and just support your team. IJS

      • 3339

        school me? lol w/e dude. jesus man, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a Lakers insider to understand what’s going on here or voice an opinion.
        Dr. Buss frequently interacted with players to get an understanding of what they wanted. He may not have acted on all but he at least cared. Based on everything I’ve heard, Jim doesn’t do that.

        • Daryl Peek

          Jimmy is not his dad either. No one ever will be. Holding Jimmy to his dads standard only 6 months into his turn is like holding a 19 year old Kobe to Jordan’s 1998 standard. LOL



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