Kobe Bryant: ‘I Don’t Know’ If D’Antoni’s Earned Another Year In L.A.

Kobe Bryant: ‘I Don’t Know’ If D’Antoni’s Earned Another Year In L.A.


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With the Lakers in the midst of one of their worst years in history, head coach Mike D’Antoni has come under fire for the poor performances. Kobe Bryant recently went on The Dan Patrick Show to voice his opinion on D’Antoni.

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Kobe is unsure if D’Antoni has earned another year coaching the purple and gold via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

With the Lakers eliminated from the playoffs, it is easy to see why Kobe is unsure of D’Antoni’s future in Los Angeles. The beginning of the season looked bright for D’Antoni as the team was exceeding expectations early on, going 13-13 in the first month and a half.

However, just like last season, the injury bug took a toll on the Lakers roster. Kobe Bryant was lost for the year after a knee injury in early December, and at one point, the Lakers only had five healthy bodies in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Kobe took this factor into consideration when talking about D’Antoni’s future:

While injuries have taken a huge toll on the Lakers roster, fans are most upset with D’Antoni because the players seem to have given up on him. Even Pau Gasol has called out the coach and voiced his frustration with D’Antoni’s lineups and strategy.

Another aspect that has fans calling for D’Antoni to be fired is the fact that Dwight Howard left the Lakers for Houston after one season. It was no secret that Dwight and D’Antoni did not get along and many blame his up-tempo offense for the reason Dwight left for greener pastures. Only time will tell if D’Antoni will be back, but with a total makeover of the roster expected to take place this offseason, the Lakers may consider another coach.
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  • Danny E. Pagan

    He said and I might be paraphrasing here “I don’t know, i don’t know if he gotten a fair chance or fair shake” or whatever. Not necessarily supportive but is not this “I don’t want to play for Mike next year” thing that the media have been spreading around.

    • cyborgspider

      He can’t and won’t say that in public, it would be unprofessional and embarrassing for all parties involved. It’s the best answer he can give that doesn’t outright admonish the coach.

      The fact that he did NOT say “He’s our coach, I support him and I look forward to playing with a healthy squad come training camp, but ultimately it’s management’s decision” is good enough for most Laker fans who want Antoni out.

    • DJ

      well I think that Mike said that he hasn’t spoke to Kobe at all or seen him, speaks volumes… MDA will not be the HC next year, no he didn’t get a fair shake, but unfortunately it’s the sad part of the biz.

    • Daryl Peek

      Sad part is Mike Brown didn’t get a fair shake either, and it was Kobe and Brown who came to agreement on the Princeton offense gaffe. Once Nash was signed both should have scrapped that idea. It made no sense to take the ball out of Nash’s hand while you wanted to feature Howard. Nash was coming off a season where he was still a top three PG in the league.

      Outside of the injuries, it was a total waste all off-season learning that Princeton mess. The team looked better free flowing although Bickerstaff had them playing well and he was still running the Princeton.

      • hookedonnews

        Nash said that Brown had them practicing 4 1/2 hours a day. That’s just crazy with an older roster like they had last season. They were gassed before the season even started.

        • Daryl Peek

          That’s true but he did that trying to implement that offense. They were struggling to grasp it as a team. Those were the reports I vividly remember.

          • hookedonnews

            Nash said the same thing –plus they were working on defense too. As you said, he should have ditched that offense the minute they traded for Nash. If he had, he might still have a job in LA.

          • Daryl Peek


  • Marty Susman

    The GREATEST thing he has done was get us a horrible record so we can get a guuuuud pick…..Having said that, we are going to pay him next year weather he is a coach for us or not. OK, Jeff Van Gundy might not want o play next season with this club waiting for the 2015 free agents to come out. Sooo maybe just let Kurt run things until late in next season,then bring in your new guy so he can help get the free agents….This year bring in D. Fish & Kareem as asst. to work with Kurt, it might be fun to see them work together…

    • hookedonnews

      I guarantee you that 90% of these players would rather play for MDA than Rambis.

      • afs

        key word: THESE… lol besides probably pau, jordan hill, and kaman, these guys all love going down the court fast and jacking up shots.. haha

        • hookedonnews

          That’s why I said 90 & not 100%. Hill has said he can play in any system and has said MDA is a heck of a coach.

  • Jim213

    The main issues relate to bad rotation, no defense, and lack of mental preparedness on a constant basis. Which ANY coach is liable for tho it’s the FO’s call now.

  • Zimmeredge

    ok so basically if you read between the lines kobe’s implying that D’antoni will be fired… knowing that the fo has nothing to do with kobe’s pov, d’antoni might remain lakers’ coach next season haha

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I have to admit Mike D’Antoni will be gone at the end of the season.Bad record and he couldn’t handle the big media market in both New York and Los Angeles so maybe next time MDA should consider a small market team like New Orleans or Sacramento or Charlotte he needs a small market with less expectations from the fan base just like his Phoenix stint it was good.But LA is not for D’Antoni IMO.



    • Danny E. Pagan

      worst coach in NBA history? Are we talking about former coach of the year MDA? Former USA basketball assistant coach? Same guy who influenced the offense of every successful team in the NBA the last few years? Even Spolstra said there wouldn’t be no Miami Heat without D’antoni’s influence. The Heat, the Thunder, Rockets, Spurs, Golden State and many more have all in some shape or form have adapted to the small ball game that D’antoni pioneered so all this MDA hate is just pure ignorance.

      • hookedonnews

        Don’t confuse people with the facts.

  • Sylvia Ross

    The only thing PRINGLES deserves is a ride on the POTATO CHIP BUS OUT OF LA. I don’t care where he goes, as long as he LEAVES LA. Pringles, told us to find another team if we didn’t like the way things were going NOW HE NEEDS TO GET THE HELL OUT OF LA!!

  • whathefun

    Dear Jeanie Buss, is there a way for you to package both, Mr. Rigatoni and Mr. Nash, and send them out of Los Angeles.

    It is better to take a loss, now, then, to keep these to clowns and distractions in the Lakers land.

    I trust that you will exercise these options as soon as you get to your office.

    Yours Truly,

    Jeanie Buss Fan, then, the Lakers fan

  • Brandon Leong

    Wow! People do twist the words of Kobe. He said “He doesnt know”, when asked if dantoni’s earned another year as coach. Not Kobe doesn’t know IF antoni’s earned another year as coach.

  • hookedonnews

    Started to make a comment, but then read a comment that indicated that this is not exactly what Kobe said. Think I’ll wait until I know what he said before I throw in my two cents worth. I’ll just say this. Anyone who thinks this roster was going to the playoffs with all the injuries is delusional. Wasn’t going to happen no matter who was coaching.

  • hookedonnews

    Love the misleading headlines.

  • Godfrey Uche

    Bickerstaff deserve a chance to be the Lakers next coach.

  • Sylvia Ross

    Byron Scott, all day long. Brings good defense and he’s young enough to relate to
    the guys.

  • edwin

    MDA is the worst coach in the NBA ever. His system sucks and it’s a risk for the players health. Fire MDA annd hire a coach with a defensive system which fits better for the current roster.

  • Doc4daLakeshow

    If the team played good fundamental basketball…not just gunning, i would be supportive. But this team lack discipline, defense, and nobody knows their roles and there is no continuity to the team. One day this guy plays well, next game he sits the bench…too many starting lineups. Players need structure and familiarity especially for defensive trust and rotations….these guys never get a feel for each other….besides at this point no veteran player wants to come to a team with no stability on the bench