Kobe Bryant Hopes A Spurs Victory Pushes Lakers Organization

Kobe Bryant Hopes A Spurs Victory Pushes Lakers Organization


NBA: Los Angeles Lakers at Denver NuggetsAfter the San Antonio Spurs defeated the defending champion Miami Heat in the first game of the NBA Finals last night, the thoughts running through Lakers fans’ minds were the Spurs were closer to their fifth championship.

With a Spurs victory, forward Tim Duncan would match Kobe Bryant with five championships, and an argument could be made that Duncan is this generation’s best player.

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However, talking to Stephen A. Smith on ESPNRadio New York, Bryant said if the Spurs do win, he hopes Lakers management takes notice:

“It doesn’t really matter. My goal is to win more then five, if he does win more than five it pushes our organization upstairs to be more driven to make the necessary experiences to continue for the next few years”

Bryant’s season ended early as he tore his Achilles against the Golden State Warriors and was out for the season, but he’s clearly talking about the team making some changes.

The Lakers will spend the beginning part of the off-season waiting on free agent center Dwight Howard and his decision before looking at any trades or free agents.

Clearly, Bryant is intent on coming back stronger than ever next season, which should bode well for the Lakers granted they make the necessary changes this summer.


VIDEO: Kobe Says He’ll Have The Final Word On Dwight Howard

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  • Tresclub

    Regardless of what Dwight “With the Gigantor Ego” Howard does, the Lakers definitely need to ship D’Antoni out, and ship Brian Shaw IN!

    • 3339

      They won’t man. They aren’t man enough to admit a mistake. They hired d’antoni b/c they wanted to more credit for themselves. They are going to destroy the Lakers

    • Deathsoap


    • ARealisticLALfan

      Do you understand with the fact that the Lakers’ management is just simply stubborn and hardheaded? They won’t fire D’Antoni because they have too much of Dr. Buss’s pride to admit they made a mistake. Tell me this, man: do you simply hate Mike D’Antoni because he’s no Phil Jackson? Is that it? Tell me that answer now and I won’t respond anymore.

      • 3339

        d’antoni is the worst possible coach for us. It’s so painfully obvious. he can’t develop good relations with players and is just as stubborn as jim buss. Instead of trying to use Pau the right way he tried to turn him into shawn marion and even benched him. not to mention that he can’t coach bigs period, and our franchise has a history of great big men. there are many coaching candidates like Phil, Brian Shaw, and Byron Scott that would be so much better.

        • Joseph Apohen

          You did not mention George Karl or Lionel Hollins. Phil will never coach the Lakers again as long as Jim Buss is running the show because Phil will not kiss his butt. Also Phil has so much ego that I think he does not think much of Jim Buss and Jim knows that. Nevertheless, Buss is still Phil’s boss.

          • 3339

            i said there are many candidates. I know Phil won’t coach us again. It’s b/c jim wants the Lakers to be known as his. He’s that treatened by Phil Jackson, thats his willing to sacrifice the team’s play just to make sure they are known as his team.

  • Crystal

    First thing that has to be done is getting rid of D’Antoni. Jim Buss was an IDIOT to pass up on Phil for D’Antoni.

    • Joseph Apohen

      D’Antoni is cheaper and Phil does not respect Jim Buss and Buss knows that. Whether he knows basketball or not Buss is still Phil’s boss, unfortunately.

  • Bern

    I’d like to see Phil Jackson seat again on his high chair at lakers bench! There is no greater coach than him which can orchestrate the lakers best!

  • Joseph Apohen

    I predicted Spurs in 6 and victory in first game. I am pulling for them. It does not make any difference how many rings Duncan gets. Kobe is still this generation player and no one else. Duncan is so boring. He has no personality and of course being a big man he plays diffferently than Kobe who is a guard. He could never duplicate Kobe’s moves in a million years. Kobe is exciting and has provided many thrilling moments that Duncan can never provide or anyone else, even that man from Miami. No not Wade.