Kobe Bryant Has ‘Zero’ Trade Value According To NBA GM Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="298"] At 36, Kobe Bryant is an aging veteran with an uncertain future. Kobe may have signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension wi [new_royalslider id="298"] At 36, Kobe Bryant is an aging veteran with an uncertain future. Kobe may have signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension wi Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Has ‘Zero’ Trade Value According To NBA GM

At 36, Kobe Bryant is an aging veteran with an uncertain future. Kobe may have signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers last November, but he’s coming off consecutive season-ending injuries.

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The five-time NBA champion is as confident as ever that he’ll return to elite form next season after two disappointing seasons. Unfortunately, not many feel the same way about Kobe’s immediate future with the consensus being that his best days on the basketball floor are behind him.

Along with potentially no longer being among the elite in the NBA, Kobe’s trade value has plummeted, according to an unnamed NBA GM via Chris Ballard of Sports Illustrated:

Seven months after he ruptured his left Achilles ­tendon—and three weeks before he fractured his left ­kneecap—Bryant­ signed a $48.5 million, two-year deal. The contract, widely derided as the worst in the game, makes Bryant nearly impossible to move, even were the Lakers to try. Asked about Kobe’s value on the market, one GM answers definitively: “Zero. Look at that number. Who takes him?”

This is by design, of course. It ensures that Bryant accomplishes something very few pro athletes have: playing an entire career with one team. Bryant’s plan is to retire in two years, though he says he reserves the right to change his mind. Thus one of the game’s greatest players and one of its two fiercest ­competitors — Michael­ Jordan being the other — will likely exit the league laboring for an undermanned squad in a stacked conference.

Kobe is heading into his 19th NBA season after missing the majority of last year with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe hasn’t played a single game in 2014 after suffering a knee injury last December only six games after returning from surgery on torn Achilles tendon.

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The Lakers trading Kobe at this point in his career seems a bit ridiculous. Kobe has mentioned time and time again that he intends to finish his career with the Lakers and has no desire to go elsewhere. Of course, the itch to win another title may change that, but he’s basically untradeable.

With the superstar set to be paid $23.5 million next season and $25 million the year after, finding a trade partner or a team that Kobe would be willing to waive his no trade clause for is highly unlikely.

Needless to say, Kobe isn’t going anywhere making him one of the few prominent players in NBA history to remain with the same team throughout his entire career. If Kobe’s career isn’t shortened by another serious injury, the future Hall of Famer will have played 20 years in purple and gold and will have serious consideration as arguably the greatest Laker of all time.

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  • Matt Williams

    …..Dan Gilbert probably.

    • Damon

      ……or Mark Cuban

  • Andy L

    Talk about your major non-news. The whole discussion is ridiculous. (and was reported a couple of days ago by someone else on this forum…)

    • Jim213

      Solid article on expectations for Ed Davis this upcoming season. IMO, he’ll likely end up becoming a fan favorite given his defensive capabilities combined with his ability to play above the rim = dunks.

      http://hoopshabit. com/2014/08/23/los-angeles-lakers-season-projection-ed-davis/

  • kb44k

    lakers cant move him if they wanted to. doesnt he have a no trade clause in his contract? unless kobe decided to waive the no trade clause himself. Pointless News

    • Truth B Told

      True…But 99.9% GM know that their scenario will never happen…They know they will never get Kobe so why not make a silly statement.

  • The Neptunes

    ESPN analysts and shows should just change their name to WLLN (We Love LeBron Network)

    • vdogg

      haha. seriously!

    • Hatin N Matin

      “Don’t forget about me!!”

      Johnny Snort Coke with a rolled up 20 Manziel.

    • Devon Samuels²⁴

      LOL Nuff Said!

  • Truth B Told

    First of all….Kobe’s value is not for sale…That’s why the Lakers made him the highest paid player in the NBA……….To let other GM. know he’ll retire a Laker….So in essence they are right…He’s not for sale…..Kobe is still Box Office…How many GM can say that?…..Answer…1 besides the Lakers……..Cleveland.

  • LakersLifer

    This title is stupid and misleading.

    Sorry Ryan but this article is a waste of my time.

  • Spade

    If we put Kobe on the trade block right now I doubt any team would be lining up to take his huge contract plus give the Lakers the King’s ransom they’d probably ask for. So yes, Kobe does have a trade value of zero. People need to stop taking things so personal when it comes to Kobe.

    • LakersTank

      Agree. These so called “Lakers fans” get offended easily when it comes to Kobe. You can’t say anything bad about Kobe, his contract, ballhogging, rape case, etc. SMH!

      • Shane Michael

        I think you’re generalizing an entire group, so maybe you should keep you bias/small views to yourself.

      • Mike Smith

        You just said everything that’s bad about Kobe and you’re right!

      • DKWTTY

        Because usually it’s unjustified and has nothing to do with basketball, for example the rape case that you just mentioned. What’s the point other than to be ignorant?

    • Truth B Told

      Laker Nation is not taking it personal……It’s a statement Laker Nation knows will NEVER happen…..So why entertain the IDEA…….SO it’s not personal……..The statement has no value here.

      • Spade

        I’m not talking about LN taking it personal. I’m talking about people in the comment section. I’m talking about the people who will argue you to the death if you say anything remotely critical of Kobe.

        • Truth B Told

          You do know that you are on a Lakers site…right……..So do not be surprise when Laker Nation respond to crazy comments. Especially about one of its own………..This is a strong chain.

  • JohnSmith00

    One wild scenario that often crosses my mind is one to likely never happen, still no harm in dreaming. It would be a Kobe-Durant trade let’s say hypothetically Kobe bounces back very strong and OKC and Durant fail to make it to the finals yet again. All parties would be faced with very tough decision going into 2016, Durant looking at free agency seriously, Kobe with a slim chance at another championship. So what if Kobe went to OKC to try to achieve what Shaq did in ’06 with Wade. Durant comes to the Lakers where the team would acquire his bird rights and would be able to sign him to a max deal and would also have significant space to create a contender in 2016.

    • cj

      it would be more likely that okc trades westbrook before durant. okc would want to try kobe and durant.

  • independentbynature

    Kobe will retire as a Laker.So,WHO CARES?

  • DC

    Aww…… I’m sure Mitch is losing sleep over that.

  • ra

    zero ‘trade value’? so? He’s worth at least 48 million in revenue to the Lakers. The money they make on the world brand is probably 10x that value, and due to him.

    A GM (this year) wouldn’t in his right mind trade any assets for Kobe. Next year is different, however. If Kobe weren’t part of a ‘no-trade clause’, they could trade him for the last year of his contract, for assets, and then he has an expiring contract that comes of the books at the end of the year. Then, he actually has ‘huge’ trade value (if not the biggest in the NBA), because the team that trades for him can have a lot of cap space clear to go after the FA’s in 2016, including LeBron James.

  • Eli

    Anyone else notice how that “ClippersRunLA” guy is on every single post on LakersNation? Lmao… Someone desperately needs a life.

  • tehabz

    It should say not tradable..not zero trade value..I believe if he on market with this contract there will be lots of G M running for him..He will sell that much in shirts lol

  • Dragon

    Kobe makes money for the lakers no matter how much they had to spend they get more back in return on one invest to lose money.

    • Dragon

      I meant no one invest to lose because nba still a business for the rich.

  • Zach

    He’s honestly never really had much trade value, since he needs elite talent around him to win and alienates his teammates. And now, most teams in tne NBA wouldn’t even take him for free, with that massive contract and no real skills left. Kind of sad.

  • David

    Being realistic is for F.O. and GMs only; you can only expect fans and idols to fight back against negativities.

  • RussinSactown

    He’s played his entire career for the Lakers. If Kup/Buss traded him there would be a riot at Staples

  • Rbarnes

    Laker for Life! Don’t hate watch the Great! And if he’s not still one of the NBAs elite get your little IPADS out and take notes and look at records fall and finish watching this elite player finish his career like the great player he is.

  • Richard

    This article pretty much says it all. Sums up everything. Explains everything. Now the Lakers can buckle down and get back on track to their tradition of playing championship style basketball and winning at the highest levels. Do you agree.

  • markjsunz

    The Lakers can not go into rebuild mode until Kobe retires. Out two years with Injuries Kobe put his hand in Jimmy Buss pocket and he fleeced him.

  • RonniePee

    Okay, let me put an end to all the debates, discussions, blogs, rumors, perceptions, etc….. Kobe Bryant is the best player to ever play the game. It’s always said how Kobe isn’t a team player and doesn’t get his teammates involved and doesn’t make his teammates better.. First of all, he’s a SHOOTING guard and his main job is to put the ball in the basket. Secondly, you name another great Shooting guard in the top 30 all time in assist…. Kobe is #27 all time in assist, at Shooting guard, the 26 players ahead of him are all point guards. Kobe is #4 all time scoring list behing Jordan, who will get passed shortly. Kobe came off of the bench his first 2 years in the league and missed all but 6 games last season, so essentially, that’s 15 seasons of true stats. Let’s not mention the kind of trash he’s had to play with throughout his career…. Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm, Smush Parker, Luke Walton, Samaki Walker…. and these guys started!!!! People quickly forget how Kobe saved the Lakers during the Kobe/Shaq years. Down the stretch, with Shaq in foul trouble or with Shaq out of the game due to free throw shooting. Kobe carried those teams but because Shaq the Alpha male, he got the majority of the credit. Which was why Shaq left and Kobe stayed, they knew who was who. There’s never been a player in NBA history to average 27ppg 5rpg 6apg in their 17th season. Kobe Bryant has been compared to greats for decades and it’s still happening these days. First it was Penny, that got settled, then it was Grant Hil, that got dismissed, then it was Iverson, Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady….Now it’s Durant, Rose, Carmelo and Lebron. Show me another player that has been this relevant for so many years… Kobe will be back this year and will silence the critics once again!! 26ppg 6rpg 6apg… Mark my words….

  • http://www.gofuckyourself.com/ BestxInTheWorld

    So the Knicks wouldn’t trade Amar’e and J.R. Smith for Kobe? ok sure.

  • DC

    Come back when your team has some Championship banners, and hey, I’m not talking about the Pacific Division

  • R Parker

    maybe a ball hog, but a loser? net worth $220M? Not bad for someone who plays basketball for a living—ballhog or not.

  • independentbynature

    It’s stupid.That’s how it is.He has 5 rings.No player will ever get one as a Clipper.They’ll have to bring one with them or leave.

  • gtfo if ur not a laker fan

    ha-ha! what a loser! what r u doing in this group anyway? Leading the Lakers 27-55…very well thought

  • Vernon McClain

    Lol 5 rings= loser okay

  • JohnSmith00

    Can’t you read, or are you just spamming because I called you out on the other comment.

  • William

    Let’s see, Kobe gets injured and seems to be in the twilight of his career but gets offered a $48.5M / 2-year deal, LeBron in his prime, all healthy and in top shape gets a $42.2M / 2-year deal. So, I guess the article is about how valuable Kobe is to the Lakers and not to any other team.

  • Truth B Told

    Truth B Told…Kobe is worth more than the $24mil……Do you know how much revenue Kobe brings to the Lakers?…..With the exception maybe of Lebron nobody else has Kobe Box Office $$$$$$$$……So when that GM spoke about Kobe’s value…It’s certainly not about his personal value it’s speaks no team can afford him with the salary cap space he holds…….You would have to dismantle your team to get him…..That’s why the Lakers gave him that $24mil to let teams know ….Lifetime Laker….As stated above….they get their return on their investment…He’s Box Office.


    No one is asking you…

  • Kishan

    I’m sure Clippers would take Kobe if they had a chance too…

  • eclipse vader

    he didnt play last yr except what 7 games. why does your mommy let you get on the laptop? put on your heltmet and go back to eating ants off the floor.

  • Kb24


  • Kb24


  • independentbynature

    Really?Did he lead them from the injured list?Past your bedtime little clipper troll.Your mama is calling.

  • Vernon McClain


  • Kb24

    Clips has a lot worse record than that tanking till the cp3 trade…..there is NO PRESENT IF THERES NO PAST

  • Kishan

    OH we only won 16 Rings …. How many has Clippers won …. oh i shouldn’t even be bothered counting

  • Kb24

    as if someone can predict d future….remember, no one can change the past and present but everyone has what it takes to CHANGE THE FUTURE

  • independentbynature

    Lin was acquired through trade.Ed Davis signed for the vets min.Roscoe Smith is just a non.guaranteed camp invite.Why are you here?You don’t know anything about the Lakers at all.Aren’t you tired of your pathetic attempts at gloating,little boy?It doesn’t matter what you say.The clippers will never win a title.

  • independentbynature

    And you sound 14 yrs. old,like the rest of the clipper fans.

  • Ba Deng

    yeah, frustrated that we can’t kick you out of this site.

  • Laker4life46

    he only played about six games you idiotknow what the hell you’re talking about before you go putting your foot in your mouth

  • independentbynature

    Tata….Mommy is calling you for bedtime.

  • Jim213

    Mind the fake Clippers fan. Just a wannabe Lakers fan trying to get reactions from real fans. If I had to guess clipps fake fan is female aside of always talking about this past season as opposed to the overall brand. LOL, seem pretty busy nowadays ibn given your minimal post compared to recent previous times. Probably for the best tho lol.

  • Truth B Told

    You’re to busy reading your own words…..Kobe only talked to Melo on behalf of the Lakers……Melo took the money and stayed home…..LeBron also ask for the money and went home…Bosh took the money and stayed in Miami…..Get The Picture? These players are chasing Kobe not the other way around…….Kobe only sees MJ……..And that’s all I got to say about that.

  • kb44k

    You mad bro? I bet you were butt hurt cause kobe trade to clippers never went through! You mad bro? Seeing as you take the time to come comment read laker articles! You mad bro?


    He’s a troll. Just ignore him like the crazy homeless man you see on the street corner. He can’t sit with us.

  • Daniel Berry

    08 Lakers where underdogs look what happen there!!

  • LAK3R4LIF3

    The Clippers last game will be a 1st round playoff, unfortunately. Unless of course they decide to trade some dummy players they have with another club.


    He’s not worth much to teams that want to play winning basketball.

    The Lakers sell a lot of “Kobe products” to get revenue, true.


    Lakers made a movie especially for Melo and showed it to him. The Lakers chased him but he chose the Knicks


    Why are you talking about Clippers on a Lakers board? Troll

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