Kobe Bryant Has A Vino Club That Only Includes Four Members

Kobe Bryant Has A Vino Club That Only Includes Four Members


The NFL kicked off its season on Thursday night, and it saw Peyton Manning explode for seven touchdown passes — tying an NFL record. Kobe Bryant was watching the game, and tweeted about his Vino Club after watching Manning completely pick apart the Ravens defense.


The Vino Club is a bit interesting as it’s tough to pin point what, exactly, is the criteria for being invited. Manning is a 37-year-old quarterback, Floyd Mayweather is a 36-year old boxer and Justin Timberlake is a performer. Of course, the triumvirate, along with Kobe, are some of the best in their respective professions, but still, the selection is still a little confusing.

Mayweather mentioned the Vino Club on an Instagram post saying that Kobe and his wife, Vanessa, will be at his September 14 fight against Canelo Alvarez.

The Vino Club is something to keep an eye on. It’ll be fun to see who else Kobe adds.


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    Fuck floyd, take out mayweather nd put in anderson silva.

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    Lol cus u guys are in such a good position to tell kobe anything. …

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    Yea Novak def needs go