Kobe Bryant Foul Upgraded to Flagrant 1 Reviewed by Momizat on . According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles Kobe Bryant has been issued a flagrant foul from the league office. In the fourth quarter of Game 5 Kobe Bryant According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles Kobe Bryant has been issued a flagrant foul from the league office. In the fourth quarter of Game 5 Kobe Bryant Rating:
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Kobe Bryant Foul Upgraded to Flagrant 1

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According to Dave McMenamin of ESPN Los Angeles Kobe Bryant has been issued a flagrant foul from the league office. In the fourth quarter of Game 5 Kobe Bryant committed a foul on New Orleans center Emeka Okafor. The foul was originally called a personal foul and Okafor was rewarded with free throws.

After reviewing the call the league office has deemed the foul excessive and unnecessary, and has upgraded the foul from a personal foul to a flagrant foul.

New Orleans head coach Monty Williams has expressed his displeasure with the officiating this series, and stated that he felt Laker guard Shannon Brown should have been ejected Wednesday night following an elbow attempt.

Bryant is expected to play tonight in Game 6. The Lakers will have their first chance to close out the series and eliminate the Hornets in New Orleans.

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  • jpmcdrmt

    That is complete BS. He shifted on the ball and clobbered him. It was a hard foul. Nothing else. @NBA is a bunch of hypocrites.

  • jpmcdrmt

    Sorry, he *whiffed* on the block attempt and clobbered Emeka. It was just a hard foul.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RMZGYIFBXKCLYDQNQYYFFMLFVQ Matthew Gutierrez

    Monty Williams is a fucking cry baby bitch!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3N37UR2ZFMGNF67WKLF2QO24M adam v

    Is it just me or is this the most pointless action the league has ever taken? What’s the point in upgrading a foul to flagrant 1 after the game is over? It’s not like it carries over to the next game like in the world cup. I really hate this politically correct NBA. F____ F____!

    • Anonymous

      Actually, it does carry over, exactly like the World Cup. It’s a Flagrant 1. That’s 1 point. Get more than 3 in the playoffs and it’s a 1 game suspension.

  • Besuccafree

    hornets get away with calls also so he should shut up and watch his team loose! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!

  • Cwilbert64

    three peat. go lakers!

  • Reb22

    One of many flagrant fouls committed by the lakers- a classless team.

    • Anonymous

      You must be a Heat and La Queen Jane fan.How many flagrant fouls are committed by the Heat and never called?

  • Magikwyrkz4u

    David Stern you can bet is behind that since he has such “Laker” love. I think this has been one of the worst years as far as officiating goes, and I put the blame on him. Remember, it starts at the top.

  • rayray

    The Lakers comes from a large market. Kobe himself admitted that the refs does call MANY FOULS doing the course of the game that are not called. Look at the four quarter when he drove to the basketball and Okafor clearly step up beyond the circle, raise both hands above his head, Kobe drove into him and Okafor was called for the foul. It is a privilege that is given to superstars players. Look back at, at least three of these playoff games when he stapped back at officials for a call he not agree with and no T is given to him, as opposed to another player just making a simple juster and getting T’ed up. It is an unwritten laws for players who reaches that plato. At truly takes away from the game.

    • Anonymous

      Is there a reason that the refs do the same thing to the Heat and La Queen Jane and Wade?

  • rayray

    The NBA must sell tickets, and LA is one of the largest NBA markets. Money talks and BS walks. Every game Kobe commits at least 8 fouls a game but he only get credit for an average of three. Notice how often he pushes off while dribbling. Now here is something interesting I LOVE the Lakers. It that large fan base LOVE that allows the Lakers, Celtics, Dallas and a few others to get away with the rules being bend in their favor. It is a pill all NBA fans has to swallow in order to be a fan. The TRUTH HURTS !!!!!!! Try looking at the game more objectively, and apply the rules as it should be, and not as a fan, and you will see that KOBE, WADE, LEBRON, DERF, HOWARD and many after market revenue genderating superstars fouls out alot more games than they complete. There is alot more money in Jersey sales than ticket sale, that in ALL professional sports. WAKE UP SPORTS FANS, IT IS THE NATURE OF THE BREAST .

    • Chase

      It seems to don’t notice how many time Kobe gets clobbered and no call. more than any other star. Just blow on Lebron and they call foul….

  • Psymon is KING

    HAHA.. Laker fans calling other people crybabies!!! Now thats fantastic. With mister i make Tim Duncan not look like a crybaby Kobe. He looked at me mean, I have a sprained ankle not really Kobe. CLASSACT”ing” Kobe only thing he hasn’t done is jump into the air and land on the floor in a temper tantrum.

  • Anonymous

    How about reviewing the hard fouls that are put on him and Fisher in every game,that are”nt called because the refs don”t care for the Lakers.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know why the refs are afraid or are told not to call fouls on La Queen Jane of the Heat?This wannabe player drops his shoulder and drives to the basket or uses his left arm to push the other player out of the way and rarely is he called on it.When he is ,he complains and no T is called,WHY?Are the refs instructed by the commish to protect La Queen Jane or what?

  • Evansaug

    Hey come on Laker you guys need step it One more time I know u guys r getting old but come on don’t let those guys make a fool out of u guys

  • Louis Evans

    can I get laker tickets my father is dieing at age 92 yrs old my name is louis 17604551705

  • Anonymous

    This is first year that I have seen the refs and the league favor one team to the point that they are almost giving them a free ride to the finals.The Heat and the Sixers series ,that should have been won by the Sixers,was one series where the fouls on the starting lineups,was 3-1 in favor of the Heat.The Sixers were taken out of their game plan because of that.Otherwise that series would have gone 7games.Just look at the stats.I hope the Celtics are”nt put in that position,just so the Heat and big money from Florida get to the finals.

  • http://twitter.com/tunatonytweets Anthony Mosich


  • http://twitter.com/tunatonytweets Anthony Mosich


  • http://twitter.com/tunatonytweets Anthony Mosich


    3PEAT, BABY ! ! !


    PEAT ! ! !

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