Kobe Bryant Expresses Frustration After Lakers Loss

Kobe Bryant Expresses Frustration After Lakers Loss


The Los Angeles Lakers have lost 10 consecutive games.

Dating back to the 0-8 preseason and the 0-2 start to the regular season, this current Lakers team has not won a game together. Dwight Howard has never experienced what it feels like winning for the Los Angeles Lakers and Steve Nash has a .000 winning percentage as the franchise’s new star point guard.

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Losing is something Kobe Bryant is not used to and he will do whatever it takes to get his team back on the right track. Bryant spoke to CBS Sports and he voiced his frustration in how the Lakers are playing.

“It’s going to be a little edgy because I’m not a very happy camper around here right now,” Lakers guard Kobe Bryant said, setting the tone for what the atmosphere around the team is going to be in the coming days. “Some things we have to shore up, and we gotta make sure we keep a sense of urgency.”

There is no doubt that with the talent on this Lakers roster that they could have won at least one of these past two games. The Dirk Nowitzki-less Mavericks should not have been allowed to enter Staples Center and take a victory. The Blazers may be an explosive team, but the Lakers are too big on the frontline to let the opposition torch them for 100+ points.

By the looks of things, it seems as though the Lakers will be punished in their next practice. Kobe does not joke around when it comes to basketball and you can be sure he will get on his teammates to play harder. The Lakers’ next game will be Friday night against the Los Angeles Clippers, a tough but winnable match for the Lakers.

An 0-3 start would cause panic for the Lakers and that is something Kobe Bryant is trying to avoid.

Check out what Mike Brown had to say about Kobe being “chippy” in practice this week.
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  • http://profile.yahoo.com/Q7ZJEQKURNVKYREFIA6CQ5KJ7I Rasheed

    There is nothing Kobe Bryant can do about it unless he goes into his usual mamba mode.

    How about tell Kobe to tell Pau to learn some defense and box out and get the rebounds in live game. And if he is tired during the game then sit on the bench so others can play efficiently.

    The blind Coach Mike Brown who is in Disneyland during the game cannot see this and don’t know when to take time out and when to give players a rest. How could he? He is best as assistant coach. Who made him head coach anyways? He got away last year because of short season, this year he got everything yet he cannot do anything about it. Give one day chance to any coach in NBA/Non-NBA, he/she can get you a win. Gregg Popovich/Spurs and Glenn Anton “Doc” Rivers/Celtics these are great Coaches. They follow the game open-minded and narrow-minded like Mike Brown.

    Nash likely out for Wednesday. So save the Prep talk for later Kobe. Heck, I would just play only my bench all the game in next game, there is no point in wasting energy of talented players with aimless incompetent coach(es) including the Princeton offense.

    Kobe get back into mama mode or just pretend you got injured during the practice game and relax with injured Nash on the bench.

    System Failure: It starts from Coach(es) not players which unfortunately is absent in Lakersland.

  • Crystal

    This is definitely NOT the way I wanted the season to start for the Lakers and I’m sure many Laker fans are frustrated as Kobe is but it is not the end of the world. There is still 80 games to be played and I’m sure they will get their act together but it has to start with the coach. I don’t think Mike Brown really knows that his techniques are just not working. Now I’m far from a basketball coach or an expert but I know this ‘hybrid’ system is complete chaos and NOT working–at least not for the Lakers. Phil Jackson needs to come back! :/ On a positive note, the Lakers did play much better against Portland last night than in the season opener but they came up short. Hopefully, they crank up the intensity for tomorrow’s game and get their first w. Battle of L.A…should be a great game. GO LAKERS!!!

    • Rperrymotorsport

      Honestly if you took the best of the teams play from Tuesdays game, and put it together with Wednesdays game (lack of defense on Wed. and too many turn overs) it would be a win on each day.  Too many turnovers on Wednesday=disaster.  Good job to Howard for fixing the free throw problem, that makes me feel a lot more confident.  Pay attention to who you are passing to, and for everyone else without the ball, pay attention because the ball could be going to you.  Stop turning the ball over!

  • Elija Ovard

    Lakers need to get it together it don’t make sense and metta need pick his gameplay up by a longshot I wish I could be blessed to play basketball the sport I love that y’all are taking for granted with y’all play

    • jim

      Mike brown let nash push the ball – use the player well and again defence is not there

  • Pminjarez14

    imagine what this lakers team would look like with phil jackson running the triangle offense!!!

    • RealisticLALFan

       Will you shut the hell up about the triangle offense and Phil coming back? That’s not gonna work anymore! Stick with this team or else go cheer for the Clippers.

      • ASDAS

        We won 5 titles with Phil and the triangle offence how the hell are you gonna say its not going to work? YOU ARE NOT REALISTIC, YOU DIPSH!T.

      • Lakers#1 fan

        That’s right you stupid morron

    • Terrence

      The triangle would still have the same issue of hamstringing Nash.  It’s better than the Princeton mind you.  Not as complicated.  But both systems are designed for teams with lesser talent.  The Lakers have an elite point guard now, they don’t need either offense as their primary.  The triangle should be a fall back if the defense shuts the pick and roll down.

  • http://www.facebook.com/t.a.n.g.o77 Calvin Toby Austin

    Need a better coach and a better bench.. PERIOD!!!

    • Joelsky

      I second the motion. Get a new coach and change the bench (trade maybe?). It’s hard to do but I think this is the only way to make Kobe happy. We need to WIN now or no #17 coming.

  • ivanooze619

    lmao yo it’s an 82 game season.  yall need to chill.  If we played DEFENSE like good teams do, we’d  at least have 1 win under our belt.  Patience is a virtue

  • ThooperHooper619

    We allow too many offensive rebounds when we have a great deal of height advantage…  we definitely need to cut down on the turnovers.  We’re just playing sloppy ball.  Once the chemistry starts clicking and the execution gets better, we’ll be straight.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bigkevo2012 Kevin Nelson

    I want financial or business advice from princeton not a NBA offensive strategy!!!!!!

    • Al Haldie

      aw some one has been watching tv- or did u come up with that brain storm by yourself—dumb dumb

  • J Lee

    Fire Mike Brown before it too late.

  • http://finkorswim.com E. Fink

    The Los Angeles Lakers have lost 10 consecutive games.
    Actually, it’s 12 games in a row dating back to Games 4 and 5 from the Thunder series…

  • Dsssdsd

    Since when was Princeton so dominant that we needed to implement their offence into ours?

    • Chris

      Finally someone asked! Princeton-get the h*** outta here with that idea. Do Princeton even have a basketball team? I’ve never seem them in the final four…Now our Laker team is implementing college play. How’s that for moving backwards…

  • Joelsky

    I agree with one comment here. Laker team needs a new coach and a better bench..PERIOD! (too)

  • Joelsky

    Get Ramon Sessions back. Can we till do that? Ramon is fast and attacks the basket once in awhile. Steve Blake or Steve Nash don’t do that.

  • Lakerfanforlife

    I have no doubt the Lakers will win against the Clippers on Friday. However, they are being hustled and i hate the way they are setting a half court offense instead of running a fast break with the BIGS cutting in the middle for an easy layup. It’s possible because I saw it happen last nite against the Blazers at 20 seconds of the last quarter. Blake takes the ball and actually does something with it by dishing it to Gasol for a dunk! UnFREAking Believable! Do that all the time Lakers, GEEZ!

  • Medasignman32

    Offense was enough to win in Portland.  Giving up that many points is not going to win. 

  • loli

    Enough of this experiment — replace Brown NOW.

  • Josh

    Anyone see the irony in the fact that we are giving up more points under Mike Brown, even though he was hired to shore up our defense?

  • honestly

    i just dont understand how metta played as a SG last night multiple times… also dont get why they dont play morris… i mean blake and duhon are BOTH in the trading block… i like brown’s plan for the team and i think it’s going to b great… i just dont like how he utilizes the bench… i was scratching my head about the same thing last season as well

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_S6QYE53VFTVXXMT3TMTZKDVGSM renjo

    Lakers need a more athletic backup PG that can attack the basket and can play DEFENSE if ever Nash having a problem at defensive end. 

  • KSmoove24

    Kobe is not the type to lose so expect him to go off tomorrow against the Clippers. The lakers are not a losing team so they should get back on track tomorrow. LAKERS NATION^^^^

  • Newnetlife

    they are veterans… these meshing, chemistry,gel thing are overrated reasons.. almost 30 teams have new players and not all of them are vet..gosh starting 5 have already been in the nba like 10 years..so they have like lots of experienced and knowledge about the game..just saying,.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jason.wilcox.714 Jason Wilcox

    real talk u guys should chill on mike brown… I can admit I Was a little skeptical at first with us getting him for the job… but when u think about the guys resume the dude got what it takes really its about him sticking to what he does best which is come up with defensive schemes and find a set let me say that again… a SET bench rotation… I think Ebanks didn’t play the first 1 on a night when Metta went 1-8 from the field. That being said or bench has to be productive and if they cant get it right then other arangements can be made….Give the squad a little time to gel and then we’ll see but i don’t think its time to hit the panic button yet.

  • Elmer Chavarria

    Bring back Phil Jackson< Let Nash be Nash stop with bullshit offense work on defense instead, James Worthy said that they didn't work on offense on his time during Magic Johnson's ERA They worked on their defense offends comes easier in the game when you play great defense.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djordjeski George Djordjeski

    They should have given the job to Brian Shaw.
    WTF. They guy was there for years waiting to follow in the footsteps of Phil Jackson.