Kobe Bryant Expresses Concern Over Pau Gasol’s Injury

Kobe Bryant Expresses Concern Over Pau Gasol’s Injury


The Los Angeles Lakers just can’t seem to escape the injury bug this season.

Prior to the Lakers’ game on Tuesday night, the team was without Jordan Hill and Dwight Howard, leaving the front court extremely depleted. To make matters worse, the Lakers lost Pau Gasol in their game against the Nets and the injury seemed very serious. Gasol’s right foot is the area of concern, and the seven-foot forward will have an MRI on Wednesday.

After the game, Kobe Bryant spoke to the media and Dave McMenamin tweeted Bryant’s reaction to Gasol’s injury.

The Lakers will likely be without Gasol for at least a few games, a severe blow to an already banged up team. Gasol has played well in the past couple of matches and the Lakers will surely miss his presence if he ends up being sidelined.

Without Gasol, the pressure will be on Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash to carry the load and they will have to face some very tough teams without a couple of their stars.

Los Angeles will be back in action on Thursday against the Boston Celtics.

  • binjunhingka

    same scenario when malone goes to lal. injuries everywhere.

    • Moveover Andbark

      Remember in that scenario, I believe Payton started to get ticked because he was the only one of that “big four” to show up to games consistently. (Shaq was “Shaq”, and Kobe was dealing with Colorado)…You have to give Kobe (2013) credit as he has adjusted his game a bit, as the “Seven Seconds or Less” combo of Nash/D’Antoni have not taken the league by storm. Kobe is on MVP pace…he should get it, and it would be ironic because he deserved at least one of those two that Nash got…

      • hookedonnews

        I don’t agree that he deserved one of Nash’s MVP’s. He transformed that team from a loser to a 62 game winner. If D’Antoni’s offense has taken time to work it’s partly because of Kobe Bryant’s incessant shooting. Don’t look for Kobe to be the MVP. It’s going to LeBron or Durant. Kobe is one of the best players ever and he’s of great value to the Lakers, but he can be a negative as well as a positive force on the team.