Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard Feud Brewing in Lakers Camp?

Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard Feud Brewing in Lakers Camp?


Things aren’t going the way the Lakers were expecting this season. The team is currently sitting at 15-17, and after a rather embarrassing performance (despite a close final score) on Friday night against the Clippers, things are getting even more uneasy in El Segundo.

At Lakers practice on Saturday, ESPN Los Angeles reporter Ramona Shelburne got some interesting quotes from Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant, both of whom may want to be the leader of this team.

So from these quotes, it seems like there might be some distance between some of the players on the team. But who is Howard referring to when he says these things? It seems that he cleared that up later on, in a somewhat subtle (but not really subtle at all) manner.

Dwight isn’t directly talking about Kobe, but what other potential alpha males are on this team right now? So, if we can make the assumption that Howard was indirectly talking about Bryant, what sparked these comments? Well, thankfully Shelburne got the chance to talk to him as well.

Bryant then went on to talk about the dynamic between himself and Howard and how it compares to the relationship between himself and Shaquille O’Neal during the seasons those two were running things in Los Angeles.

This isn’t exactly looking encouraging right now for the Lakers. If their two best players are at odds, which from these quotes it appears may be on the verge of happening, the team’s struggles aren’t going to dissipate anytime soon. While the team continues to rack up losses and offer more questions than answers, situations like these are going to make more and more headlines until they can get themselves out of this funk and back on the right track.

  • SoCalGal

    If Dwight is saying that he’s not going to give his all because he’s not the alpha male, then he needs to GTFO. He said when he came here that he was willing to learn from Kobe and take over ONCE KOBE IS GONE. Kobe is not gone, so this can’t be “Dwight’s team” yet. You have to show that you want to lead the team even when you’re not in that position yet. Play like you give a damn every night. That’s what you promised and have yet to deliver. And to say if you’re an alpha male, you don’t have to show you’re an alpha male, just be who you are is ridiculous. If you’re an alpha male, you are being who you are, AN ALPHA MALE.

  • dollarbill4life

    I wish Kobe would retire and D12 would take his Diva act to another team.

  • Ross

    DW needs to shut the fuck up and play better, when Kobe retires DW can start talking about leadership, if he’s played much better than he is now……he’s not displaying the dominance he promised……

  • Chrmngblly

    Trade Howard for Cousins and Tyreke Evans or Aaron Brooks. Otherwise, D’Antoni is going to have to start coaching these guys. We need to get Gasol off the floor when Dwight’s out there and bring him in as 2nd team center. There is no reason the bench mob can’t kick some ass with Pau at the 5. Then Dwight can do or die and Jameson or Hill can stretch the floor. I prefer Jameson.

    • Leo

      Do the trade today! Cousins is young, needs leadership to get consolidated, and there are three future hall of famer on this roster who he can follow. D12 is not going to stay here anyway…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kevin.grove.737 Kevin Grove

    Howard has the worse post up game for any one ever called the best
    center in the NBA…. And I have been going to NBA games since 1963. He
    has no touch, bad footwork and thinks he just has to jump and cast off.
    His days of out jumping the league are over. He is a turn over
    machine in the key. Gasol should be the first option in the half court
    on the post and let Howard roam around looking to cut for dunks or get
    offensive rebounds. Nothing else makes any sense. If D’Antoni’s ego is
    too big to see it fire him now. This has broken my old Laker heart like
    nothing else ever. Such opportunity wasted with this team.

    • Leo

      Kevin, you are just right, 100%. D12 should be the defensive anchor and rebounding machine. In the offensive end he is a “turnover to happen” if doubled, cant even pass the ball right. He has no touch, even the blinds can see it. On top of this, he does not have a team-leader personality. Obviously Kobe wants to motivate him, to play hard every night, but he is not buying in. Solution? This roster is highly overpaid, so it is really hard to make a move now. Lets end this season and go from there (keep Kobe and Nash, the two real professionals).

  • Ricky Bobby

    This all falls on management.. all of it. You cant bring dwight in and not do a damn thing to make him happy..didnt bring in the coach he wanted after he went on record to say he’d love to play for him and always has wanted to..and may I say the right coach for the team (phil jackson). And nobody on this roster other than nash AT TIMES give him the ball or can get him easy opportunities..he is gonna be a free agent before we see all this get really ugly. Make a move to get some good players for gasol who can coexist with dwight on and off the court. Jim buss just closed his eyes and spent money on this roster..chemistry matters. As a true lifetime laker fan im sick of all this shit, its just pathetic to watch honestly jim buss is making a mockery of an amazing franchise. I love kobe but if he is going to act like a machine and as if everything is just about winning and winning only, get gasol as far away from staples as you can and stop fucking around jim buss THE LAKERS ARE NOT GOOD THIS YEAR..who would of imagined.

  • L Mata

    1. Ask any player on the team who’s team it is and I bet everyone not named Dwight will say Kobe. 2. Dwight has no right to talk when he can’t even hold on to the ball inside the key. I wanna know how many times he’s been stripped and turned the ball over in the paint. 3. Kobe HAS TO trust his teammates to make plays, otherwise they will never gel together. he’s not the only player who has to get a rhythm going during a game. 4. Teammates of Kobe need to be aggressive and take pride in their own game. You’re on the Lakers for a damn reason, ACT LIKE IT.


    Ridiculous… This is nothing but the media doing what they do; sticking their fingers in somebody’s mouth, trying to make them throw-up some malarkey and make caca-soup out of it… Unless you happen to be a drama queen; there’s nothing here to get worked up about… Real men don’t eat quiche.
    How ridiculous can ridiculous be

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TAYLHMWTPKUI6ULKRNJWYQ4EOA socali177

    Kobe is the problem here. He does not make his team better by chucking everything up in sight. Phil used to reign him in some times and that is why they won. Now that D’Antoni has given Kobe the green light, we see .500 basketball. This type of basketball is identical to the basketball played when Rudy T was here. Move the damn ball around, and quit pissin your teammates off Kobe. There are 3 other greats out there, so there is no reason why he needs to have the lion’s share of shot. Once the ball moves around,everyone starts going. that is D’Antoni’s philosophy. Kobe is the problem here. I can’t wait until he retires and we get the old Showtime back. Im sick of this MJ crap