Kobe Bryant Discusses Playing Beyond His Contract Reviewed by Momizat on . With the Los Angeles Lakers roster nearly complete, all the focus has been on Kobe Bryant. After two consecutive season-ending injuries, many are questioning hi With the Los Angeles Lakers roster nearly complete, all the focus has been on Kobe Bryant. After two consecutive season-ending injuries, many are questioning hi Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Discusses Playing Beyond His Contract

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With the Los Angeles Lakers roster nearly complete, all the focus has been on Kobe Bryant. After two consecutive season-ending injuries, many are questioning his health and if the Lakers will make the playoffs.

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Before the start of the last season, Kobe and the Lakers agreed to a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension. While most assume these will be the final two years of his future Hall of Fame career, Bryant addressed the possibility of playing beyond his contract in an interview with Sports Illustrated’s Chris Ballard:

Q: “So two years no matter what?”

Bryant: “Yeah, if something inside of me changes and I want to play some more, and go after it some more ….yeah. But where I sit right now, I don’t know if I want to do that.”

While Bryant believes these will be the final two seasons, he did not give a definite answer. Although the five-time champion has already begun establishing his post-basketball life with Kobe Inc., there’s always the chance Kobe may be near an individual record or the team is in a position to win another championship.

Heading into another season with low expectations from the media, Kobe and the Lakers look to prove their doubters wrong. In recent weeks, Kobe Bryant was not considered a top-10 shooting guard while the Lakers were projected to win only 30 games and near the bottom of the Western Conference.

Kobe Bryant Top 5 Dunks

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  • Chippaz

    Eric Bledsoe / Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant / Nick Young
    Michael Beasley / Wes Johnson
    Carlos Boozer / Julius Randle
    Roy Hibbert / Ed Davis

    Jordan Hill for Bledsoe
    Jeremy Lin for Roy Hibbert

    • L4K3R5F4N

      No. Just..no.

    • SirHambone

      Bad thought. Suns would want a lot more.

    • Monkeylol

      I would rather go for Aldridge, Dragic, KThompson or BLopez.

    • Aw silva

      Pass that blunt bruh you been hitting it for too long

    • Tdu


    • Luke

      Point 1 It would be a really bad idea to trade for a player that you can sign as a free agent, Point 2 Bledsoe is coming back from an injury and wants a bigger contract than what he is worth, Point 3 Hibbert is way overpaid and is not playing that good.

    • @thejeremymcnutt

      Why not just trade W. Johnson for KD if we are going the pipe dream route?

  • Zach

    “Please just leave…”
    - What every other Laker is thinking

    • Antonio Garcia

      You really don’t have a life.

    • Jimmy

      “Please just leave…” -What every other Lakers fans are thinking about you

  • Stackz43

    Bro what the hell are u thinking please don’t quit your day job Lin for Hibbert what are u smoking

  • LakerSpartan117

    C’mon Kobe… PLEASE don’t retire after your contract is up. If the next couple of seasons end up the way the haters hope it does…. you don’t deserve to have your career end like that. You deserve ONE more chance at the next ring.

    My lineup for the Lakers in 2015:

    Bledsoe/ Lin/ Clarkson
    Bryant/ Henry
    Johnson/ Young
    Randle/ Hill
    Jordan/ Davis

    • Dry


    • fatZach

      I think that the contract they gave kobe was for all the things he has done for the laker organization. That being said i am sure he wont look for that kind of contract and if they get some better players i can see kobe signing on for a couple more years at a very discounted rate to win.

      • LakerSpartan117


  • Aw silva

    The Lakers have to go hard for Kawhi Leonard next summer. Chances are Durant won’t sign with the Lakers because Okc has such a bright future, on the other hand the Spurs are nearing an end and they don’t have the money or pieces to rebuild a championship contender like the Lakers do once Duncan and Ginobli retire (not to mention Tony Parker is already 32 y/o). We can offer him a max contract and go after Bledsoe and Brook Lopez, Roy Hibbert, or Marc Gasol as well.

    the 2015 roster could be
    Randle/Ed Davis
    Gasol Hibbert or Lopez/Hill

    • Kb24

      Kawhi has already sign long term w spurs 95mil for 5 yrs

      • Aw silva

        Really? I didn’t even hear about that

    • Regular Guy

      Tony Snell would be amazing

  • Spade

    Please don’t be one of those guys who don’t know when to hang em up. I’m not saying he won’t be capable of sticking around, but I don’t want to see him end up like one of those ring/check chasers.

  • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

    lmao i swear yall laker fans have the dumbest ideas .

    • Socrates

      here’s a smart idea: go build your own fan site, write the articles, read them then make your own comments. Then you don’t have to visit this site and laugh your ass out.

      • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

        how bout you guys stop with these dumb ass trade scenarios lmao

        • Socrates

          what is it to you, anyway? You’re not a Laker fan. Are you like the Dumb Police? FYI, there are more dumb things out there you could investigate and comment on. This is “just” a fan site. Go away.

          • クリス ♒ WΔV¥ ♒

            stop responding to me . get your pussy checked out bruh

  • Lefteris

    He should!

  • J Lee

    Jim Buss for Magic …

  • nash screwed the lakers

    Which is worst:

    1. Kobe’s $48m extension
    2. Nash’s 3 year $28m contract
    3. Doc Rivers $50 million extension

    Answer: Nash’s 3 year $28m contract.

    Kobe’s money is made back by business sales.

    Doc Rivers, well he’s overpaid but he’s Doc and they made it to the 2nd round twice in 2 years as their HC. This is quite a milestone for the Clippers considering their history.

    Nash, on the other hand, plainly sucks and is a no good bench warmer.

    • Ba Deng

      I agree. Though I admire Nash and what he has done in his career (in Phoenix) he should be honest with himself and fair to the Lakers. He did say he needs the cash but please not at the expense of a team who just lost Kobe to injury and Dwight to mediocrity. Should he be reminded that money is fleeting while legacy lasts forever. IMHO

  • Eman94

    If he’s able to stay healthy and still play well these next two years then I wouldn’t mind if he plays after his contract expires but he’s gonna need to take a REAL and REASONABLE paycut on a one year deal.

  • Luke

    Lots of posts about signing Bledsoe, he wants too much and is recovering from an injury. Dragic would be a much better choice at point guard, plus add Greg Monroe as a free agent center and maybe the team makes the playoffs next year.

  • Jab

    hmmm..what’s a clips fan doing in this site? There’s nothing here that is of interest to you. move along.

  • Kishan

    and whatever happens Clippers will never win a championship ;)

  • Jim213

    Still here?… tho you and Zach share a strong resemblance.

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