Kobe Bryant Discusses Old Lakers, Team Struggles With ESPN’s Colin Cowherd

Kobe Bryant Discusses Old Lakers, Team Struggles With ESPN’s Colin Cowherd


After calling the Lakers old on Tuesday night, Kobe Bryant talked with Colin Cowherd of ESPN on Wednesday morning to discuss the team’s struggles this season. Bryant talked about life with D’Antoni and Steve Nash, and talked about his leadership role with the team’s newest superstar, Dwight Howard.

Bryant, who was getting over an obvious cold in the interview, also talked about his rigid diet and how he’s managed to fight his aging body to remain one of the top players in the league.

He talked about the team’s age and what they need to do to adjust to the younger, more athletic squads.


  • Kev

    Dantoni system is the reason they cannot play defense. When you shoot long jumpers and miss, which is what the lakers do now, ther other teams get easy buckets in transition. Combine that with their age and you have a recipe for disaster. As long as dantoni runs seven seconds or less, their d will struggle.

    • FUcharles

      Exactly. What Dantoni fails to realize is championships aren’t shoot outs, they’re grinds and the only thing he’s doing is grinding down his older players. Dantoni is horrible, his last coaching stint proved it. He can’t manage talent and has no idea what to do when the chips are down.

      • Michael

        Yep. Knew that about D’Antoni as soon as his name was in the discussion. Bickerstaff should’ve run this team for the season. Or at least until All-Star break. imo

  • PHballer

    Athleticism and energy are a couple of reason why Lakers can’t keep to other teams, so please don’t use age as the reason for Lakers poor standing this season, even if other players are young (around 20-25 yrs old) what you have that they don’t is the Experience. You don’t need to be young to win games, remember how you win the back to back championship against the Athletic Orlando and Energetic Celtics.

    • Kev

      You can’t expect the older players to play 38 minutes a night and maintain energy through an 82 game season and then playoffs. As you get older you lose athleticism and running and gunning is just going to burn them out. No one blamed the age were blaming the coach for not using his players the way they should be.