Kobe Bryant ‘Disappointed’ And ‘Down’ After Latest Setback

Kobe Bryant ‘Disappointed’ And ‘Down’ After Latest Setback


During the 104-92 loss to the Indiana Pacers tonight, it was revealed that Kobe Bryant will miss at least three more weeks with pain and swelling in his left knee. Bryant originally suffered the injury on December 17 against the Memphis Grizzlies.

While there were no immediate comments from the five-time champion, Kobe spoke to Los Angeles Times’ Melissa Rohlin after the game about missing more time and the pain he’s dealing with the current injury:

While Bryant usually knows how to deal with his injuries, he doesn’t know what to expect and has no idea how this knee fracture is even supposed to feel like:

After working vigorously to return from his Achilles injury, Bryant was only able to return for six games this season. While some believe that he should sit out the rest of the season, Kobe intends on returning regardless of what the Lakers’ record is.

With Bryant set to be re-evaluated in three weeks, he will miss at least seven more Lakers games and will likely be unable to compete in his 16th All-Star appearance.

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  • Jim213

    No diss but best for Kobe IMO, should return sometime around March (given he won’t take season off). This allows him close to 23 games to finish the rest of the season while giving him the full off season to work on his conditioning which has been the issue foremost aside of the AT injury. Should hopefully be 100% healthy to return to full season play then (next season).

    By then hopefully (pray) FO has placed a better product on the floor to keep the brand competitive. Also watched both recent episodes of Backstage Lakers (17,18) with Mitch and his staff and IMO not sold on them given it seems a lot of ‘groupthink’ occurs. FO should = IDEAS not groupthinkers along with the stubborn.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Yes this is no joke Kobe is seriously injured this season and he won’t be back anytime soon since he needs to heal up and this season is over already.Best to get back to being 100% healthy and just rest and take the rest of the season off if deemed necessary.Tough times for a all time great player.AT/Knee injury sucks.

  • TJMaxxxxx

    “Bryant… doesn’t know what to expect and has no idea how this knee fracture is even supposed to feel like:
    Kobe…: ‘I didn’t know what to expect,’ Bryant said. ‘…I have no idea what it’s supposed to feel like. It’s tough.'”

    Is there really so little content here to construct an article that you have to spoon feed us the quote before the quote?

  • Jay Brodes

    this is super depressing!!!

  • Marty Susman

    Kobe NEEDS to stay out the rest of the season & do NOTHING that could hurt him & practice his 3 point shooting, then he comes back he can be the BEST 3 point shooter in one season in the history of the NBA…

  • jabbs

    Playing for dantoni guarantees injury, soooooo keep away from the court this year mamba and come back next year when pringles will be gone!

  • ra

    We are down too, Kobe. But always positive that you will return, and better than ever.

    There are many healing remedies, such as arnica (topical), that you could use to heal those tissues. Mention this to Vitti.