Kobe Bryant: ‘Derek Fisher Is My All-Time Favorite Teammate’

Kobe Bryant: ‘Derek Fisher Is My All-Time Favorite Teammate’


Kobe Bryant 3While Kobe Bryant is out in Dubai to promote healthy living, he took a little time out do a quick interview with the Yahoo! affiliate. While the interview focused mainly on Kobe’s first visit Dubai, the subject eventually switched over to basketball.

Kobe reiterated his expectance to play on opening night. But then, Kobe was asked who he would like to see in a Lakers jersey and Kobe didn’t hesitate to go with an old favorite:

My all-time favorite teammate has always been Derek Fisher. I would love to see him in a Lakers uniform so we can kind of finish out together.

Fisher has always been a close confidant of Kobe Bryant ever since they were both drafted to the Lakers in 1996. There was legitimate shock throughout Lakers Nation when he was traded away to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2012 in the deal that brought in Ramon Sessions.

Fisher has always been one of the most respected players in the NBA, as evidenced by his being selected as NBAPA President, and was one of the few people who Kobe would really listen to and trusted.

He’s probably a little too old to solve any of the Lakers’ problems heading into this season, but it’s always good to reminisce about the good times Fisher brought the team.


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  • Jim213

    KB24 brought this up in “Kobe Up in Close” with Kimmel. D Fish also announced his retirement following this upcoming season. But wouldn’t mind seeing D Fish within Lakers coaching staff at some point.

  • Lakers#1

    Corey Hansford…Derek Fisher was actually traded to the Rockets for Jordan Hill. The Ramon Sessions trade was for Luke Walton and a 1st round pick…let’s get your facts straight before you post an article on Lakersnation.

  • wow

    Fisher was traded to the Rockets… fail more please.

  • Editor

    LOL Proofread.

  • Jim213


  • Chrmngblly

    I would like to see the Lakers bring Vujacek back for a look-see. Before he got a big head, he was working hard and had a pretty good stroke