Kobe Bryant Continues to Say Pau Gasol Will Not be Traded

Kobe Bryant Continues to Say Pau Gasol Will Not be Traded


The Los Angeles Lakers are currently doing everything within their power to acquire superstar center Dwight Howard in a blockbuster trade that would result in a drastic power shift in the Western Conference.

There’s no telling how the Howard saga will unfold in the coming months leading up to the start of the 2012-13 NBA season, but the Lakers seem intent on making the deal the Orlando Magic are willing to make the move.

In the meantime, five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant will be sporting red, white and blue as a member of Team USA in an effort to win a second consecutive gold medal.

During his time overseas preparing for the 2012 Olympics, Kobe has been asked all sorts of questions about the Lakers, the Dream Team and how much longer he plans to play in the NBA. Along with the endless Dream Team debate, Kobe has also been asked about Pau Gasol’s status in Los Angeles.

Without hesitation, Kobe has defended his longtime teammate by saying that Gasol isn’t going anywhere. As the one player that seemed destined to be traded last season, trade rumors involving Gasol were never-ending with it seemingly being a matter of time before he’d be dealt by the Lakers.

Fortunately for the Spanish forward, Gasol never ended up being dealt and it appears he may be able to play out the last two years of his contract with the Lakers as Kobe remains adamant about Gasol not being traded in the near future according to Marc Stein of ESPN.com via Twitter:

Now that the Lakers have acquired Steve Nash and the fact that Dwight Howard may very well be on his way to Los Angeles via trade, the immediate future of the Lakers franchise looks promising to say the least. With the recent addition of Nash and veteran forward Antawn Jamison, the team is much improved and will be a legitimate NBA title contender next season as a result.

As of right now, Gasol appears to be safe in Los Angeles with the Lakers seemingly having no intention of trading the two-time NBA champion. That may change in the coming months if the team is unable to bring in Howard or begin to struggle in the first half of the upcoming season and need to make a move.

  • david16

    Don’t trade pau he just has to get use to mike browns system.

    • ArealisticLALfan

       Well, Jim Buss did say he’ll be going back to scoring in the low post; meaning he’ll be the center while Hill or Jamison will be a power forward.

  • Lakerfanintx

    Trade Bynum, mcroberts and goudelock to the rockets for Lamb, White, Jones, Parsons and a draft pick or two. It helps both teams the rockets are heavy with forwards and the lakers get a shooting guard that can help now and when Kobe retires can be the face of the franchise. In addition to that they can clear some cap room for the next couple of seasons and then add a reserve pg to back up Nash.

    • http://twitter.com/jayroalvarez Jayro Alvarez


  • Charlie Brown

    Kobe just want a reaction outta Big Drew so he gets the idea the organization wants to move forward with Dwight

  • Charlie Brown

    Why you think Mitch hasn’t said “Hey Kobe , you do tour job and I’ll do mine” honestly Bynum should want revenge by now be team that breaks kobe’s Legacy??? Either way he had been treated bad and acted out young mindedly. Feel bad cuz he has been betrayed numerous times by the lakers an he still wants to be the best.

  • shockjay

    The key to making the Gasol-Bynum tandem work is making sure they play equal amounts of minutes together as well as apart.  This will give Bynum time to shine in the halfcourt as a #1 option while a combination of Gasol and Kobe/Nash are on the bench.  One thing I can guarantee is there will be more moments such as March’s game versus the Celtics where the Lakers will go down low to Bynum in crunch time.

    Yes, Howard would make us better defensively and not need the ball as much on offense.  In fact, with Nash on board I’m sure his FG% would skyrocket above 60% due to Nash’s ability to get the ball to the sweet spots for his teammantes.  But:

    1) He’ll stil shoot under 55% from the FT line
    2) Limited offensive moves means he is only good for putbacks and dunks
    3) He wants to be the man but won’t be on this squad until Kobe is gone

    Personally, I’m finished with the Dwight Howard chase.  Like Jonathan Vilma, he should have come forward a long time ago and expressed what he wants to do.  I don’t want the Lakers to have a unicorn play center.

    • Lyle

      Advantages and disadvantages, always present. Just a matter of execution. You pose great ideas. I like it. Let Bynum shine through without Kobe/Steve/Pau. And let the three latter play without him. But let them all start.

      On the other hand, I just like Dwight Howard more. He will not be immature under the supervision of Nash. Trust me. In fact, he has new moves now than ever. You say he doesn’t, but you need to watch him play every night to believe me. And he’s the best defensive player right now. He always moves his feet to block or contest shots. Always up for putbacks. He is a perfect fit for Nash and Kobe and Gasol, because he doesn’t have to force the shots. Unlike Bynum.