Kobe Bryant Calls Lakers Doubters “Mentally Challenged” Reviewed by Momizat on . After a devastating loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night at the Staples Center, there was a lot of doubt shed on the Los Angeles Lakers and wheth After a devastating loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night at the Staples Center, there was a lot of doubt shed on the Los Angeles Lakers and wheth Rating:
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Kobe Bryant Calls Lakers Doubters “Mentally Challenged”

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After a devastating loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Thursday night at the Staples Center, there was a lot of doubt shed on the Los Angeles Lakers and whether or not they’d be able to contend for an NBA title this season. Not only was the team’s title contention put into question, but the Lakers’ ability to compete with a team like the Thunder in the playoffs has also been perceived to be doubtful.

Shortly after the loss to the Thunder, Kobe was asked about the team’s NBA title hopes this season via Fran Blinebury of NBA.com:

“Anybody who counts us out is challenged,” Bryant said. “They’re mentally challenged. Am I happy with how we play every single night? Of course not. But I’m content with where we are overall and where I think we can go.

“Let them doubt all they want. That’s the way it always is. People talk and doubt and criticize all the way up until you win a championship, then it’s: ‘Oh, I knew it all the time.’ That’s just how it is.”

As expected, Kobe Bryant is standing up for his team through their current funk and claiming that there are no way the Lakers should be counted out come playoff time. It would be hard to argue that Kobe doesn’t have a point here as this team can be quite resilient when need be.

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Obviously, the first thing everyone thinks about is the collapse in the playoffs last season. With the eventual NBA champion Dallas Mavericks sweeping the Los Angeles Lakers when no one expected it, Lakers fans got extremely nervous about the future in Lakerland and for good reason.

Needless to say, when this team is firing on all cylinders and Kobe is back to MVP form, the Lakers are as tough to beat as any team in the league. Consistency has been a big problem this season, especially on the road, but come playoff time this team might be able to come together and make one more run at a NBA title in the Kobe Bryant era.

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6U2ZHU7AJD6E7HFK4SRW3ETZNI rigged4fun@yahoo.com

    It’s fine that Kobe finally backs his team, however whether he is trying to ignore a glaring problem in bench strength, or the erratic play of his bigs he is skirting a couple of more important issues. The first is his own lack of consistency. He no longer shoots high percentage shots, albeit it hasn’t stopped his quantity of shots, but he needs to recognize defenses and use his attraction to the opposition’s defenses to his benefit. I’m not talking shoot more, I’m talking getting more of his team involved. At present when he gets the ball, his teammates should buy a ticket because they stand and watch. Which brings me to a more important issue….the head coach.

    Is it me or does Sessions sit much too long? Is it me or when subs are in there’s no offensive punch out there for offense. Is it me or has the substitution pattern failed to keep leads? What I’m driving at I think Coach Brown needs some help. I also think Coach Brown needs to throttle back Kobe and get some movement support when Drew or Pau have the ball in the post. At this point the Lakers should require ticket sales to the bench players.

    One last question, why is Devin Ebanks benched for no apparent reason?

    • Karlo


      • sophia

        Mike Brown is in a job training that is why. He does not know how to use his players.

      • Betto

         I agree, not sure why Ebanks, G-Lock, J-Hill are benched and don’t play them, they got potential.   

  • sophia

    Coach was overcoached by the thunder coach.

     Byunum! play inside out. You holds the ball too long and force to shoot even if there is three four defenders. Byunum - look who is open and pass the ball “ball movement”.. Byunum and gasol  rebound more- big man and think like a man. 

    Coach!! He does not know how to use his players. He is in a job training.

  • Kristine Keenan

    Where is Number 0?

    • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

      0 isn’t a number.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KPEJBFJ53WLFZXXK2RNDMD657Q Daryl Vaughn

    I’m a die hard Lakers fan, but I’m also a realist. If anyone thinks this team is as talented and capable of winning a championship as the Thunder, then they must be smoking crack. This team still has serious issues with winning on the road and hasn’t proven that they can play championship caliber basketball on a consistent basis. If I’m wrong on this point, please point me to a specific stretch during this season when this team played championship level basketball. Furthermore, I question the depth of the team, as well as the necessary buy in to Mike Brown’s leadership. I’m not saying that it is impossible for the Lakers to win, but to act like serious issues aren’t’ present is just living in fantasy land.

    • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

      The Westbrook-Durant combo is all I fear against the Thunders. But come West FInals, OKC v LAL, experience will dominate skills and talents.

  • Smittytru

    Lakers need to get those Rookies out of the front office

  • Robs

    No doubt in the Lakers, but, come on, Lakers can’t win it all every year! Laker nation enjoys sharing with those in need….16 titles…enough said!!!! 

    • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

      But WE still BELIEVE Lakers will win it all this year. :-)


    I will never understand why Mike Brown is copying Phil Jackson’s decision of benching Kobe every 4th quarter as if its a must. When the Lakers are down at the beginning of the 4th, Kobe should always play. That’s his JOB and he’s more than capable. Mike Brown BE A LEADER recognize the talent you have and use it. Kobe has the ability to play tired and hurt like he’s done is whole career. If the Lakers don’t get it together soon, don’t expect Mike Brown to stick around much longer. There seems to be a rift between the coach and the team and if he doesn’t figure it out then SIYA WOULDN”T WANNA BE YA!!!!!!!

  • http://coachdesignz.wordpress.com/ Jay Dayuday

    If you doubt, you’re not a fan.

    6th ring is inevitable.


    Some people put a ton of relevance on the regular season… completely forgetting how the post season is played and prepared for in so many different ways. I sense where Bryant is coming from and concur with what he’s saying… but there is one major concern for me, having witnessed it on such a regular basis…

    …Gasol has to limit his softness to his shooting touch… He must bring a more committed and toughened effort with regards to his delicate play, on every other aspect to his game…

    …For every hoop Gasol contributes to the Lakers, he most definitely contributes that, if not more, to the opposition… for one, he seems to have very poor court vision whenever the ball is in the air, always last to properly set himself for a rebound; arms dangling down and either being out of position or getting knocked out of position with such a weak stance…

    …This act has become routine since last year’s playoff run and hasn’t changed ever since…
    I believe this to be the biggest obstacle for The Lakers Championship run.

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