Kobe Bryant Calls Jurgen Klinsmann’s Comments On His Contract ‘Comical’

Kobe Bryant Calls Jurgen Klinsmann’s Comments On His Contract ‘Comical’


In a classic response from Kobe Bryant, the future Hall of Famer disagreed with Jurgen Klinsmann’s comments about his recent lucrative contract extension with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe spoke with ESPN during his visit to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup.

The U.S. National Team is coming off an impressive win over Ghana in the World Cup improving their chances of advancing out of the Group stage. Kobe has taken in the sights in Brazil while making an appearance at a few World Cup games thus far, but he wasn’t in attendance for Team USA’s victory on Monday.

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Although Kobe has let it be known that he’s rooting for USA in the tournament, along with Brazil, Italy and Spain, the five-time NBA champion wasn’t a big fan of U.S. Coach Klinsmann taking a shot at the contract extension the Lakers star signed back in November of 2013.

Klinsmann recently received a lot of criticism for not adding star forward Landon Donovan to Team USA’s roster. The German coach used Kobe’s $48.5 million contract extension as an example of why he didn’t add Donovan to the roster. Klinsmann claimed that the Lakers rewarded Kobe for what he has done rather than what he will do. He didn’t want to do the same with Donovan claiming there were other players more deserving of a roster spot this time around.
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  • TheRealTrueLakersFan

    Kobe not taking a paycut is comical. Cry baby Kobe knows he’ll finish with 5 rings and will still throw the FO under the bus for giving him that contract.


      its funny you pick that name and bash on kobe. kobe haters nowadays are like the new nba fans theyre bandwagons just like you. tho its also funny how you put on so much effort watching and even commenting on this when you hate kobe bryant. Lastly, go fuck yourself.

      • TheRealTrueLakersFan

        It’s cute that you like your own comment. It’s funny that you’re talking to me about bandwagon fans when the only player you know is Kobe. Hey kid, without Google-ing, do you happen to know any other Lakers player besides Kobe? Go eat a dick…

    • Matthew Benedict

      I agree that he could have taken the pay cut.. But your hate for kobe has no place on a lakers site. Take that shit somewhere else and change that fake ass name of yours

      • TheRealTrueLakersFan

        I’ll change it once you get Kobe’s nuts out of your mouth.

        • Diggi

          like your mouth wasn’t on his when we won those 5 titles. GTFO

          • TheRealTrueLakersFan

            Sorry I think yours was on Shaq’s for the first 3, then Kobe for the last 2.

          • TOPDUELIST

            your a bitch ill slap the shit outa you fake ass fan

          • TheRealTrueLakersFan

            You’re a tough little kid aren’t you? Maybe if you learn how to spell, you can get out of your parents house and get a real job!

          • Matt

            Dude, what the fuck is your problem? Why are you on a Lakers site trying to bash Kobe and other fans?… Real true Laker fan my ass. You are a pathetic piece of shit.

          • truelakersfanmyass

            HAHA yes

        • Matthew Benedict

          Typical response from a hating keyboard warrior.. Going on a LAKER site and pretending like youre an actual fan while trying to troll every comment thats on here thats in defense of kobe.. I wish i was as tough as you. Im done here

          • Magic Bryant

            Well said!!

          • TheRealTrueLakersFan

            My job here is complete…

      • Jefferson Santos

        You better hide your GF, Kobe will steal her away from your lame ass!

        • Matthew Benedict

          Wtf is wrong with you.. no ones insulting you and you have to go out of your way to say shit like that. Totally irrelevant to the conversation. Like i said. You people are keyboard warriors

    • LakersFAntoo

      He took what they offered him .. He didn’t negotiate anything .. at least that was reported on ESPN

  • Magic Bryant

    Thefakephonylakerfan, haha who cares how much kobe is making u chumps aint paying him out ur pockets and if ur a laker fan and dont like the move u need to let it go we are the Lakers not the mavs not the heat, not the spurs, the lakers, it doesnt matter if kobe takes 30 mil or 15 mil because not too many stars wanna to play with him anyway. I was laker fan in the showtime era, the vanexel era and now. It doesnt bother me if we go ringless for the next decade because spike lee cant say he witnessed his team win 10 chips in his lifetime can he? but I can. Suck the cap space dry kobe u deserve it

  • TanginanyomgaBulag

    Whether one agrees with Klinsmann or not, he has a damn good point. It doesn’t help Kobe’s cause that the last 2 NBA title winning teams had superstars who took below, and in the Spurs case, way way below market value and it worked. It’s a new NBA era with the new CBA, and the Lakers seem to reject the idea of thinking outside the box and adapting to the new landscape. They keep dwelling on living with what worked in the past. Oh, and arguing “Well, you wouldn’t turn it down if your boss gave you a huge payday.” isn’t an apt comparison. A desk job v.s. a professional sports job?

    The Laker FO knew that giving him that extension will severely limit their flexibility the next 2 years, but Kobe is smart and he knows that too. Yet, he’s out putting the FO on blast saying they should spend and there shouldn’t be any rebuildin etc.. like he’s unaware of the cap ramifications of his deal before he signed it. Both the FO and Kobe made their beds with this 2 year extension, now the should both willingly jump in and make the most out of it.

    • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

      Actually Kobe is correct, it’s better for the franchise if they pay him well still. It makes attracting stars easier since they know they’re in good hands. Think of it like this, if you’re looking for a job after being valedictorian for a good school and your choice includes a company with a great legacy that treats its tenured employees well vs an average company that just kicks its seasoned employees to the side, which one would you choose? It gives potential candidates a sense of security and confidence that their franchise has their back. Also, don’t bring up the whole new era of CB and all that. Heat only take pay cuts to create a super team of 3 all stars and the only one on the Spurs that truly took a paycut is Duncan, and he’s a 38 year old who puts up 15/10. Parker makes 12.5mil and that’s a fair amount given his skills. He thrives off his system, not the other way around. He’s not a franchise player and outside the Spurs he’d be an above average PG not winning a title without a top 10 player doing the heavy lifting. Manu makes 7.5 mil mostly being a sixth man.

      • Gene

        Sorry, but Tony Parker is not a mere “system player”. That’s ridiculous. That guy even makes CP3 look bad-the widely regarded best PG in the game-in their head to hea matchups the last few seasons.

        • http://www.twitch.tv/thattuneguy Tune

          So how much is Tony Parker worth and would you want him on your favorite team’s roster being paid that much?

    • PurpnGold

      First of all, do you understand about state tax? Lebron, Wade, and Bosh didn’t actually take a pay cut since Florida doesn’t take their money like the state tax of cali so they still got their money.

      Secondly, there is more than enough cap space to sign a max and role players 😉

    • Jezzz50

      The made an emotional decision with that extension and I think it will bite them in the ass. Jeanie said it herself, that they want to ensure Kobe gets a “farewell tour”. Good grief. Yeah, that also esured a “farewell to the playoffs/legit title contention” for the next two years tour for the franhise.

    • Kbreezy

      Basketball is a business and paying Kobe makes good business since. If someone can make you and additional $100 million then it only makes since to pay him 50 million. Everyone is looking at this too personally. Think strictly business and you’ll understand why they paid him. Owners care about profits far more than they care about championships.

  • zonzillaz

    Pay Kobe…the Buss family have made 100’s of millions of dollars off of him..every year! gtfoh!

  • Kbreezy

    What others don’t understand is Kobe’s value to the team far exceeds his $25 Million/year contract. Even a mediocre Kobe draws far more in revenue for the team via ticket sales, merchandise sales, and playoff game revenue. In addition, who knows what lies ahead but how can you pay a player but based on his past performance? Who would pay someone on what they promise to do with no past performance to evaluate. Kobe is still one of the top five number 2s in the league and he makes the team far more than the amount he’s being paid. Jeannie and Jim Buss may not know basketball but they do know money and they know a happy Kobe will continue to swell their coffers.