Kobe Bryant Called ‘This Generation’s Michael Jordan’ By Jamal Crawford Reviewed by Momizat on . Over the weekend, Kobe Bryant was in Seattle where he hit a home run during Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game. While the five-time champion did not part Over the weekend, Kobe Bryant was in Seattle where he hit a home run during Richard Sherman's celebrity softball game. While the five-time champion did not part Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Called ‘This Generation’s Michael Jordan’ By Jamal Crawford

Over the weekend, Kobe Bryant was in Seattle where he hit a home run during Richard Sherman’s celebrity softball game. While the five-time champion did not participate at the Jamal Crawford Summer Pro Am, he did make an appearance.

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Before walking onto the court, the Clippers guard took a few minutes to introduce Kobe where he called him “this generation’s Michael Jordan.” Here is the video via Instagram:

Since Bryant entered the league, he has been compared to perhaps the greatest player ever. With his career winding down, Kobe is looking for another championship which would obviously tie him with Jordan’s six rings. After two consecutive season-ending injuries, the five-time champion hopes to finish his career on a high note.
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  • Kb24

    If kobe wins 7th he belongs to mt.rushmore,if he wins 6th top5-8 gretest to ever play,

    • Jim213

      Disagree, 4th-5th if he wins another ring and at most ends up 2nd in the all time scoring list.

      • wendymwenzel

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      • Shawn Kemp’s Cocaine Problem

        Top 10 is tough…IMO he deserves it regardless…
        No matter what, he’ll go down as the 2nd greatest 2guard ever behind Jordan.

    • williemack

      Jordan played less seasons and skipped two years from the nab so if Jordan had eight rings plus 9000 more points we wouldn’t be having this convo. Jordan was unmatched…

      • http://www.maxxsocial.com xolinoln

        Jordan didn’t play against a bunch of Jordan clones. Also, Kobe was forced to sit the bench by Del Harris in his first 2 and half years… even though he was clearly ready to start after a couple of months. He probably lost 3k points to that fact alone. Finally, if MJ hadn’t taken that time off, who’s to say he wouldn’t have retired 2 years earlier… or taken time off… or gotten hurt. Too much speculation.

      • vdogg

        kobe is also playing against far better athletes than jordan faced.

    • Kevin

      The Lakers are picked to be towards the bottom of the NBA by experts.

      NY POST:This team took a beating. They wanted James and Anthony. They got Nick Young, Jeremy Lin and Jordan Hill – while losing Gasol. Right about now, Kobe Bryant is willing to let John Calipari draft him for the Nets 18 years ago.

      Quote:NBA com Bulls Sam Smith: It’s their worst ever free agency as they courted just about everyone and for the first time ever no one wanted to be in L.A. Kobe’s going to be out of control watching this with Jeremy Lin, Carlos Boozer, Julius Randle and Nick Young. Big money to keep Jordan Hill? Steve Nash hobbling. Though Pau Gasol taking about a third less than what the Lakers offered to go to Chicago is one of the biggest free agent upsets ever.

      Quote:Zach Lowe (Grantland):Los Angeles Lakers: The Lin trade was a nice predatory move, but it’s unclear why they decided to toss so much money at Hill and Young instead of going hard for a young talent like Thomas, Stephenson, Lowry, or any number of restricted free agents. The Lakers are just filling the roster with short-term contracts until they land a star, and they couldn’t get any big names to bite this time around. If they don’t land Love next summer, who is the next realistic target?The bright side: They have a shot at being bad enough to keep next year’s first-round draft pick, which they owe to Phoenix if it falls outside the top five.


    Actually, Kobe Bryant is this generation’s Kobe Bryant players like Durant, Paul George, Westbrook, Carmelo etc have all taken moves from Kobe, and as i look at this new generation nobody plays like MJ i am seeing a lot more Kobe with the foot work and these guys shooting ability.

    also MJ took moves from David Thompson, Jerry West, Dr.J, Elgin Baylor and added them to his game, Kobe Bryant is a gym rat who has mastered all of the moves and does them better then any other player so never compare MJ to Kobe please it’s like comparing grapes to a watermelon and Kobe is the watermelon.

    • Kobe

      So a watermelon is better than grapes…

    • Santos Howard

      Wayner I’m so infatuated with you right now a true Kobe fan that sees what I see I feel exactly the way you feel about Kobe’s game great observation

    • Sky

      Well said best fundamental accomplished player. That’s also while when slowed by age and injuries he can play as a super star he can stay away from injuries.

    • paytc


      While I agree there is no need to compare two great players. There is no need to step down to the level of haters who like to separate great from great. What everyone needs to do is separate good from great. Both MJ and Kobe are basketball greats. Enough said.

      Now here is a toast to Kobe returning to the top where he and the Lakers belong.

  • LakerSpartan117

    Respect. Kobe has done it all, mastered moves from so many legends before him with his relentless work ethic and pure talent. He will to me, always be a top 5 player of all time. The second greatest SG of all time, and belongs on mt. rushmore of the greatest basketball players of all time. He is legend…

  • lakerfan

    I don’t think of Kobe as a god but if he wins his sixth and surpasses Michael in most points.. to me… he is the greatest Shooting guard of all time.

  • saz

    michael jordan had a better career, he’s the better NBA player. i do personally believe kobe is a better basketball player

    • Santos Howard

      Yes Saz Kobe is a more skilled player than MJ in my opinion great point about MJ being a better NBA player everytime I’ve had this argument in the barbershop I could never explicate why MJ could win in certain scenarios where Kobe couldn’t the structure if the game is more suited for MJ’s game & legacy

  • 16 of em

    Closest to mj by far…mike even said Kobe is closer than bron ..cuz mamba takes all his moves…kobe walks makes the same faces and share the same footwork…oh and he has played against mj as well..food for thought

    • robert

      Jordan’s generation of basketball players is a little to weak that’s why he is the best player out there. Compare to Kobe’s generation of basketball players, I don’t think M.J will win 6 rings if he plays on the same era kobe plays

      • 16 of em

        No mj no Kobe. ..mj played in a hard nose era where everyone wanted to win..the game has softened up…now players just want the pay and camera..low integrity…the leagues refs believe in flopping when millions of ppl seen the obvious call
        ..there is a reason kobe made sure the first person you saw on his recent comeback video was mj..and trust me mj understands

        • 16 of em

          And kobe gets to six somehow..thanks Phil for the blueprints

        • cj

          no dr j no mj.

        • GOAT

          Jordan never faced double and tripled team defense like kobe either not even close

          • ghost

            Jordan regulary faced double and triple team defense. Educate yourself.

          • James

            No he didn’t.

          • ghost

            Of course he did, have you ever watched any game from 90s? Because it’s quite obvious now you say about things that you have completely no idea.

          • http://www.maxxsocial.com xolinoln

            he did not. Driving into the paint where there are 3 defenders is not like being defended by 3 people on the perimeter. The zone was illegal back then. Watch MJ’s last game as a Bull against the Jazz. You will see him 1on1 with defenders all day.

          • ghost

            That fact that zone was illegal doesn’t mean they don’t play zone, because they sometimes do. And overall zone was treated like no good defensive play to stop superstars what many players was talking about. And show me when Kobe was defended regulary by 3 people on perimeter? And how does it change fact that teams defend by whole teams?

      • truth24

        You don’t no crap about basketball. Defense was more physical in those days contrary to today’s game. You must have never balled before in your life. Hush yo mouth cause you don’t know shit.

        • cj

          defense’s are better in todays nba then they were in mjs era. mj was the lbj of his time. he was 2 in’s taller then the average sg and stronger. the was faster and a more athletic then most sf’s. in to days nba were defense is better and all players are more athletic he would strugel to still be as good as he looked. kobe is the better shooter he has had to shoot over taller players like tmac and artest that could stay with him. hes had to deal with zones and triple teams that were illegal in jordans times.

          jordan also had 6 new teams added to the league during his title runs handing him free wins. hell his 72 win season had 4 new teams added that season mj played in a watered down league that was lacking any other super team to compeat with the super team that the bulls had.

          mj is a great player but he is overrated in the over all picture.

      • Santos Howard

        Good point however not a good argument this I why they were much tougher players in MJ’s era than now this era these guys are more skilled players there not made of the stuff those guys were made with they were men back then they came into the league much more maturer than this generation

      • ghost

        You’re windy man, show any proves to nonsense that these players were weak or don’t say things you have no idea.

      • tee

        I disagree. Jordan had to deal with the bad boys pistons, Hakeem was playing in his prime, David Robinson, Charles Barkley, Magic, and many more. Don’t forget the rules was way different back then it is now. I will admit today’s basketball is all about atlethicism

        • DJ

          Spurs played in the West, Robinson never played Bulls in the Finals.

          Jordan beat the Pistons in the ECF but they were also at the end of thier run, they start the run in 86 so four years into alot of thing change. If your just a modern casual viewer compare Wade now to 4 years ago? Or dearly departed Pau? That’s a long time in basketball and you know have Michael Jordan maturing as a player (7 years in the league) and also getting a coach, as well as having Pippen mature (4 years in the league) and being an amazing defender the Pistons on the back end of their run were no match at that point and weren’t even competitive after their loss in 91 ECF. Finished 5th in the East the follow year and then sub .500 the next.

          Jordan AND Pippen did beat Magic AND Worthy but again the same case for the Lakers as the Pistons, they were at the end of their run. The Lakers (I’m tearing up at the moment) got swept by the Pistons in 89, shocked by the Suns in 90, Magic/Worthy step up with one last push in the playoffs make it to the Finals but again go against an MJ entering his prime and a Pippen just starting to show what he’s got (4th year). The Lakers fall to 8th in the West in 92, and again in 93, first round exits. So last two paragraphs are the Bulls 1st championship season.

          For the Finals. In 92, Jordan beat Drexler. 93, It’s Barkley. 96, is Payton. 97/98, Stockton/Malone. The East has no team close to them in 92, Ewing/Jackson Knicks are the closest. In 93 it’s still only the Knicks who are close, 96 they get a young Shaq/Penny in Orl (who they sweep)and then Shaq comes to the LA the following year ending there run, so in 96/97 the Bulls run all over the East and only play a real series until the Finals. In 98, Reggie/Marc Jackson give the Bulls a 7 game series, and then they get the Jazz. Would have been nice for the league to see how the Rockets/Spurs/Lakers would have gone against the Bulls had Jordan/Pippen stayed.

  • BrownMamba24

    When people argue that kobe copied Michael I disagree. He didn’t so much copy but he mastered the moves. Also kobe is the greatest pure scorer I have ever seen. Micheal might have been overall better. But he hasn’t hit as tough as shots(game winners and shut ridiculous shots in general) as kobe.
    Michael- greatest legacy
    Kobe- best one on one player and scorer.

    • 16 of em

      Mj said himself kobe is the closest to me bcuz he steals all my moves…no mj no kobe

      • http://www.maxxsocial.com xolinoln

        Just because Jordan said it don’t make it true. Jordan didn’t cross over or drive the ball with the same style as Kobe and people of the iverson generation. By the way Kobe made 2500 more 3pts than jordan attempted.

        • 16 of em

          we all know kobe has the better three..and yes if MJ SAID IT I THINK THATS THE ANSWER WOULD GO WITH…mj then kobe…like mike if icould be like mike, u know the song

    • 16 of em

      Even walks like home.u see it..the extreme exhaustion then down on the other end scoresv10 straight i think he chose 24 bcuz he figuredt that he would surpass 23 before it was all said and done. .like mike if i could be like mike..#kobe has pair and pairs of jordans in his closet

  • BrownMamba24

    Even mj recognizes. When he listed last year who he would have beat one on one he listed a bunch of people that included kobe and Lebron. He said he’d beat Lebron but he wasn’t sure on kobe.

  • ghost

    Kobe is overrated, he has career from at most top 15 all-time. People who compare him to MJ are no idea what they are talking about, or just compare them because they’ve got similiar style, physical aspects etc. And 6th 7th 10th ring change here nothing, rings are almost useless in players comparing.

    • truth24

      You on the wrong site bitch, already top ten. Got to win title’s to be a legend fool. Check the statistics given you’re blind as a bat. Although, he has everyone beat when it comes to toughness or something you lack being balls..

      • ghost

        I’m on right site, it’s Laker side. Title says nothing about players value, Horry is better than Kobe by titles. I know perfectly his stats, they are top 20 ever.
        And don’t be kiddin me about this myth with toughness, he’s been out of the game for 15 months.

        • cj

          its a mix’s of stats and rings. horrys stats show him to be a role player wile as you your self have said kobes stats show he is a top 20 player all time. once you get to these all time greats rings do matter. jordan has 6 rings and is 6-0 in the finals. vkobe has 5 rings and is 5-2 in the finals. these stats matter. these stats are what splits top 10 greats like kobe, mj, magic, bird, and kareem with top 20/30 all time greats like lbj, barkly, wade pippen………..

          rings matter when comparing greats not when compering greats to roll players.

          • ghost

            Of course you are right, but rings are only an addition, because they are too much dependent on your luck, team and circumstances. And in these winning rings you must
            mainly look how valuable was player and what was his impact on these rings(what people do comparing Horry to Kobe, but ignore comparing Kobe to other stars). Kobe could be the most lucky superstar ever and for most of his rings was not even the greatest players on his team. That’s why he can’t be by any way comparable to MJ rings, which was won in much more dominating style. And that’s why we should mainly assess players by their impact, and individual value than only rings which are very little reliable. And i hope you were joking with top20/30 lbj, he was that 5 years ago, now he is quite easily top 10.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I get it that you didn’t watch the 2000-2002 Ship seasons… or were biased when watching… Talking about imprint on the game? Kobe was the one who closed out those games! It wasn’t Shaq. Shaq said it himself, he couldn’t have won, without Kobe. He couldn’t get it playing alongside Anferne. When Kobe’s game matured, it was three-peat for LA. That’s game imprint!.

          • ghost

            Of course Kobe was very important, but it doesn’t change fact that Shaq dominated much more. And Lakers three-peated when Phil came and learned Kobe how not to shoot airballs in most important season moments.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            “When not to shoot airballs???” It’s called maturation dude! Every one goes through it… I get it that Phil came… but not until Kobe became Kobe, we were not getting any rings… that’s having imprint… Shaq can be dominant all day, but when it came to the game that matters most, specially in the waning moments, he was at the bench, or played second option to Kobe. Go watch the tapes again, if you know what I mean.

          • ghost

            As I said Shaq played very well in 4th quarters so it’s not true. There were moments games, series when Kobe looked even better but, i said it about 5 times already, how does it change fact that Shaq was much more impactful player in whole series, seasons, playoffs? Kobe became Kobe when Phil came and intended him. And about defense – yeah, young Kobe was a beast in man2man defense, problem it was more than 10 years ago. Since that time his defense has been strongly overvalue.

          • cj

            during the second title with shaq not only did shaq admit kobe was better but during the true nba finals( the wcf) kobe out played shaq hard. shaq was lucky to play vs weak centers in the nba finals because any time there was a team with the bigs to slow him down like the kings or the spurs it became kobe who lead the team

          • ghost

            But Shaq played better overall in the whole playoffs, seasons, and years. All stats prove that. And Kobe played vs weak defenders too, it changes nothing.

          • cj

            kobe played vs great players in the finals. shaq never did. kobes playoff stats are as good if not better then shaqs in 01 and 02

          • ghost

            Really? Versus what great defenders played Bryant in the finals?

            2001: Shaq 30-15-3 28.7 PER, Kobe 29-7-6 25 PER

            2002: Shaq 28-13-3 28.3 PER, Kobe 27-6-5 20.5 PER

            Stats Shaq were better in 2001 and much better in 2002.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            really…. the last time I looked, Kobe made a personal request to guard Rondo, when Phil has already thrown everything he had to stop Rondo in the finals or 2010 and in 2008. After that, Rondo was basically handcuffed.

          • ghost

            Cause Kobe could play well man2man defense especially in 2010, but problem is that he doesn’t care about defense almost every time.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            I am confused by your reasoning… you clearly does not believe in what you say… “Kobe doesn’t care about defense almost every time?” What the……! His defense is overrated???… come on… you can’t be called a stopper on defense if you don’t know how to defend, or your defense is not elite…. you seldom find a player that carries a team offensively and at the same time be the defensive stopper…

            a lot of people say LBJ has better defense than Kobe… but last time I looked, no one gets MVP awards on Kobe… and Lebron just allowed Kwahi to hoist the finals MVP award.

            Get your facts straight and remove those biases, it seems to have clouded your judgement.

          • ghost

            You’re confused, because you never analyze Bryant defense and his real impact on that side of the court. Bryant’s been lazy team defender for about last 10 years and it’s obvious for every person who was watching and analyzing Laker games. He doesn’t help, doesn’t play on rotations, forgives defending his players. Few times in an year someone realize him that he doesn’t play defense and that he’ve got 1-2 good games but that’s all. There were multum arctiles about his defense in last years, the fact that his fans don’t wanna see it, doesn’t change he doesn’t care about playing defense. So you don’t see the main point here – Bryant COULD play defense and knew how to defend for most of the time, but because he prefer so much offense, he was usually ignoring that side of the court.

          • cj

            no hes not lebron has failed in 3 out if 5 of his finals. he also failed to lead the cavs to two finals in 09 and 10 when he lost to the magic and choked to the celts in the ecfs. lebrons stats are top 10 all time but because of he performances he gets his legacy reduced just like barkly.

          • ghost

            You’ve probably slept in last few years. LeBron already led team to 2 titles in great style, he almost always played well in PO especially in last 3 years. He was clutch in PO as no one ever, he has top 5 stats and peak ever, 6 MVPs combined. It’s easily career from top 10. Kobe choked in PO too, even more often than James, he has led team with Nash, Howard and Gasol to 9th seed, he had much worse stats. Don’t blame youself, you can’t find by any way 20-30 players who are higher than LeBron and got better career, it’s just hating/trolling.

          • cj

            that howard nash pau team was an 8th seed. pau was hurt nash played in 20ish games and howard sucked. kobe put up lebrons prime number at 27-6-6 that season.

            lebron has never lead a team to the title. lebron and wade have. lebron has never lead a team to a title.

            lebron has 5 mvps not 6

            magic, kobe, mj, bird, duncan, wilt, kareem, shaq, dr j, malone, the big o, hakeem, west, russel. there are the players off the top of my head that i would put ahead of lebron.

          • ghost

            They were on 8th seed, but they won without Kobe 2 final games, and if I good remember they were 9th before that. Kobe’s 27-6-6 are lebrons prime? lol, he has higher averages, don’t touch even prime. And Kobe played still well in offense but he was cancer in defense which was one of the main reason why Lakers failed so
            strong. LeBron has 6 MVPS – 4 regular season + 2 finals. “lebron has never lead a team to the title” hahaha, so Bryant didn’t lead team ever to title the more. Wade was joke comparing to LBJ, who played in that time better basketball than Kobe ever in playoffs. Stats prove that.
            dr j is a joke, in NBA he was second fiddle player, malone? Regular cancer in playoffs, worse both in RS and PO, 1/3 MVPs what LeBron have. Kobe – much worse stats, half of
            mvps, worse prime peak. I can say that about West and Big O also.

          • cj

            and if ur going to go on one hand and say kobe is not top ten then hand it to james who is a proven choker you need help

        • Truth B Told

          Get a grip un-informed…..Kobe like MJ was main component of the team…..Horry may have 7 rings but they came as a result of being a role player with Main Stars such as Kobe, Duncan and Hakeem and Shaq.You do not hear people putting Horry in the top 5 or 10 GOAT.Fact.

          • ghost

            No, he was the main only in 2 rings and even if he was important in three-peat it’s still definiately far far away to style of domination what MJ showed in his 6 rings.

          • Truth B Told

            MJ and Kobe are and was closers……As good as Shaq was…. in those close games the BALL was in Kobe or MJ hands to close out them games…..Shaq as with Howard are liabilities late in close games…..You may have to remove them because teams began the fouling process……There’s a difference between hearing and listening……Kobe in their 1st champ run took over the game while Shaq had fouled out and shut down Reggie Miller.So read with understanding.

          • ghost

            It’s not true, because Shaq was very valuable player in last quarters and play really well. And it doesn’t change fact that Shaq in a whole season and playoffs every single year was overall more valuable player on both ends court.
            And about Russell you are wrong too, many people compares him to MJ, because how dominating defense force he was and what, because of that, he accomplished.
            It’s right that entertainment is reason why so many people overvalue Bryant so strong.
            And you must be joking with Kobe defense, he was mainly offensive player and it’s obvious, his defense was usually negative to the team and he stopped playing defense many years ago.

          • Truth B Told

            You hear but you don, t listen…..For your own sake go back and review those championship run with Kobe and Shaq and see who Phil had closing them games out……..Even Fish and Horry said Kobe could easily been name map in some of their champ. runs.Also pull up how many time Kobe was All Defensive 1st Team.

          • ghost

            I saw that many times, Kobe was closing some games but it didn’t change anything in fact that Shaq as a whole played better and had much more impact on a team. And
            don’t be kidding me with All-Defensive, it’s popularity contest, Bryant didn’t deserve even half of awards what he was given.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            Obviously, you never watch the three peat as well as the b-2-b championship years…. Kobe was a beast on defense, he defended the best player of the opposing teams… go ask Miller and Iverson. Shaq was always a liability down the stretch. Can’t believe I am even responding to this.


        • Truth B Told

          Bill Russell has 11…but no one compares him to MJ as the GOAT……Besides being great players ..MJ and Kobe also brings entertainment values …..Not to mention they played defense as well as offense.

    • cj

      you could look at any all time great and make an argument they are overrated if you wanted to. its not that hard.

    • tee

      Get out of here. You’re not welcome

  • Truth B Told

    There’s only one MJ……Kobe is the closest thing to MJ that we have seen ….Even MJ acknowledges it……..Kobe uses a lot of MJ moves……..Along with MJ killer instincts……So Jamal ‘ statement is fact.

  • caner

    lakers get=dion waiters,bennett,wiggins,

    cavaliers get=kobe bryant and a draft pick

    lakers line-up





    c=hill/ed davis

    cveleland cavaliers rosrer


    sg=kobe bryant

    sf=lebron james



    makes sense!!

    • Steve

      Kobe is in a 2 year deal with the lakers still. Plus he would never leave L.A.

    • Okaaay

      No, it doesn’t.

  • Kobe Is My Favorite

    Seriously if Kobe wins a ring carrying this awful Lakers roster to championship next season he automatically becomes the greatest player of all time.This roster at best is projected to be a bottom 5 team in the NBA.Yes i am a Lakers fan in fact i am reading my 1988-1989 Lakers Media Guide currently.So yeah i love my Lakers but the experts and Las Vegas say we won’t be a good team next season.Actually the NBA official website did a power ranking starting us out way towards the bottom at 25 just yesterday.Well Kobe has shut the haters up before,i remember in 2010 almost everyone was saying the young fast athletic Thunder were going to upset the Lakers in the first round that never happened as Kobe took the Lakers to the championship and we beat the Celtics in game 7.Kobe is coming off injuries and a long lay off so the odds at his age are stacked way against him.

  • Kobe Slams Haters

    Jamal knows his shit.

  • Conner

    No matter what anyone says i personally had a great time watching Kobe Bryant play the last 18 years.His prime years were incredible and his latter years were spectacular.He is the best ever in my book as of course he is my fave so i am being honest about how amazing i think he is.But others like different players more it’s preference not substance that is the way it is.

  • John

    Michael Jordan had a much better FO than Kobe as the Bulls management always surrounded Michael Jordan with the perfect supporting casts and coaching system.

    The Lakers FO has surrounded Kobe with misfits and castoffs the majority of the time he has been a Laker also they have changed his coach 3 times in the last 4 years.

    The last two coaches were clueless their system was flawed and not productive and they both left with miserable results and Kobe still has no coach these were his prime years from 32 to 35 and one of the stupid coaches Mike D’Antoini overplayed Kobe causing him a possible career ending injury.This has been pathetic seeing Kobe have to carry scrubs and D-League players for years.Kobe is about to pass Michael Jordan for points scored in a career also Kobe played for the Lakers that’s much more pressure than playing for the Bulls.At the time the Bulls had never won a championship so MJ was playing with no pressure as he was on a non championship franchise at the time with no previous legends to try to out perform from a previous era.

    As for Kobe when he joined the Lakers they were already the 11 time champions and all the legends hung over his shoulder like Magic Johnson,Jerry West,Elgin,Kareem,Wilt,Worthy all those guys were legends and HOF players he had to prove he belonged.

    The LA fans and media are the harshest i have ever seen other than NY fans and media but Kobe dealt with it all and won 5 championship rings and has all these records and scored 81 points in a single game and is 27th in assists all time and has won MVP and 2 Finals MVP and 4 All Star Game MVP and a Slam Dunk Title and he has been his team winning % is #1 all time for regular season wins and he has never changed teams always a Laker the whole time.Kobe has a good argument as the best ever no matter how hard you want to hate.

    • ghost

      One of the most idiotic post i’ve read. Kobe fanboys don’t failed me, they are always mastery in mythologizing Bryant and change fact or try to justify by ridiculous statements why their idol was noticeable worse than a lot of other players. ROFL

      • Golteb

        A friend of mine was a Kobe hater, saying the same negative things you read from haters stalking this site. He was watching that game where Kobe tore his Achilles’ tendon and was actually jeering when Kobe went down. His jeers faded gradually as Kobe got up and made the two free throws. Days later when he found out the extent of Kobe’s injury, he called me and expressed concern over this. I said, “I thought you hated Kobe?” He said, “man, anyone who walks around and makes two free throws after an injury like that is ‘awesome’ in my book!” I guess we can argue all day about rings and accolades but no one can deny the heart of a champion.

        • ghost

          It’s good, I like Kobe too. It doesn’t change fact he is overvalue. And with this heart of a champion I have strong doubts looking at his contract.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            in fact, the opposite is true… a lot of people under value Kobe, and what he has accomplished, considering the challenges in his era…. get off your bias and see.

          • ghost

            I see his overrated, because he is not even top 10 player ever and some his uneducated fans try to say he is goat.

  • John

    Kobe Bryant Career highlights and awards5× NBA champion (2000–2002, 2009–2010)
    2× NBA Finals MVP (2009–2010)
    NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
    16× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2014)
    4× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2002, 2007, 2009,2011)
    11× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004, 2006–2013)
    2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001)
    2× All-NBA Third Team (1999, 2005)
    9× NBA All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004,2006–2011)
    3× NBA All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002,2012)
    NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1997)
    NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion (1997)
    2× NBA scoring champion (2006–2007)
    Los Angeles Lakers all-time leading scorer
    Naismith Prep Player of the Year (1996)

  • Gotham Knight

    Damn right, he is! I wish that fans would get over that 2 year 48 million dollar contract, that he signed. Kobe’s not afraid of LeBron, the Spurs, Clippers, or Thunder. He believes that with a young, athletic and hungry team, around him, The Lakers can whup anybody’s butt! That kind of leadership, is priceless.

  • josh101

    There’s only one kobe bryant and mj is the closest as kobe , kobe #1

  • Rolling stone

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  • nick

    Kobe has some of the greatest footwork ever but what you all failto realize is he only averages 40 percent shooting per game on around 23ppg over his career. Hard to deny those are awful numbers

    • vdogg

      untrue. it’s more like 45% and change and 25 points per game. look it up.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      exageration is the best form of lying.

  • Laker4life

    Kobe scored 53 points on mj

    • ghost

      No he didn’t. Educate yourself.

  • Bryant T. Jordan

    Kobe does NOT need another ring to get into the “top 8 all-time” … that is INSANE. He is already in the top 4 with Jordan, Russell and Kareem as far as “greatness” goes and in the top 4 as well in the “best player” category with Jordan, Kareem and Chamberlain … if he gets a 6th ring he’ll still be in the top 4 … if he gets a 7th ring he could shoot to #1 in the “greatness: category.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
    Bryant T. Jordan

    Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

    The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

    • ghost

      Kobe top 4? You’re kidding me, he has no arguments and was too poor to be ever in top 7 even.

      • Bryant T. Jordan

        That’s your personal opinion and one I do not agree with. Kobe is without a doubt the second most dominant perimeter player in NBA history behind only Jordan … that isn’t even up for debate. Therefore on a list of best individual talents I would indeed rank him in the top four with Jordan, Kareem and Chamberlain.

        When I speak of “greatness” I do so with the understanding that “team success” becomes part of the discussion, which is why I said he would still be top four, but this time with Bill Russell taking the place of Wilt Chamberlain.

        However, to say Kobe is not top 7 is just laughable as it would obviously mean you’re ranking someone like Larry Bird ahead of him which is absurd, Magic Johnson which is ridiculous seeing as even Magic himself said Kobe was the greatest Laker ever, and perhaps even a player like Oscar Robertson, which is laughable.

        Please list your 7 “greatest” players and 7 “best individual talents” so I can see just who it is you rank ahead of Kobe.

        Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
        Bryant T. Jordan

        Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book|

        The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

        • ghost

          I’m curious of you criterium in “Best individual players”. Your greatest ranking seems fine excluded Kobe, he has no stats, impact, achvievements, value to be 4, he is
          more like 11-12. In All-Time draft is really too hard to compare players from 60s to 90s to 10s, but Jordan had imo the greatest peak ever, 5th is definiately too low
          and Kobe prime is debatable top 20.

          “Kobe is without a doubt the second most dominant perimeter player in NBA history behind only Jordan … that isn’t even up for debate.”

          Of course he is not. When did he dominate more than Oscar, West or Magic? Even Wade at his peak was better, but he had always problems with injuries so his prime was relatively short. You should analyze some stats, and these players impact to their teams. Ring is poor argument, it’s too dependent on team and circumstances. So it can be view as addition, but not deciding factor. Kobe is about 11-12, most people put Larry and Magic ahead of him. How Kobe was better than these both?
          7 greatest: Jordan, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Russell, Shaq, Duncan.
          7 best similiar including LeBron, Hakeem somewhere

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            No SG guards ever gets MVP or surpases Kobe in his prime… that’s afact.. and his accomplishment speaks for itself…

          • ghost

            “No SG guards ever gets MVP or surpases Kobe in his prime… ”
            Oscar was MVP, West too, Wade too. In which way noone surpassed Kobe?

          • Bryant T. Jordan

            We will have to agree to disagree as I believe what you’re saying is absolutely ridiculous.

            By the time Kobe retires he will almost assuredly have more career regular season and playoff points, rebounds and assists than Jordan. His “stats” are fantastic. People who say they aren’t are the same people who fail to recognize the fact that Kobe’s first three years dramatically reduced his “per game averages” seeing as he was 18-20 years old and coming off the bench. Jordan on the other hand came into the league as a 21 year old and to instantly be “the man” on a horrible Bulls team, so of course his career “per game” stats will “look” better.

            It makes no sense to me that Jordanairre’s discredit Kobe simply because he was good enough to be drafted straight out of H.S. while Jordan was not. Kobe’s 3rd season in the NBA, a year he turned into a bonafide star coincides with Jordan’s junior year in college, a year he couldn’t lead his UNC Tarheels deep into the NCAA tourney at all …

            Anyways, in regards to Kobe being the second most dominant perimeter player in history ,… it’s not even debateable. Wade? That’s a joke. The guy isn’t even a top 3 SG in NBA history, come on. Kobe, West and Oscar were all far superior. Allen Iverson could also be said to be a superior player, though that is debateable. And, Clyde Drexler has a case as well, though personally I would rank Wade 4th behind Kobe, Oscar and West and slightly ahead of Iverson.

            As for West and Magic … even Magic himself said Kobe was the greatest Laker and Jerry West has said the same. If both former superstars rank Kobe ahead of themselves it is absurd that you would disagree with them, just absurd.

            As for Oscar Robertson …. comparing players from different eras is always difficult but I have no doubt Kobe was the far superior player, period, and he was also more accomplished in his own era than Oscar was in his, so, case closed imo.

            As for your seven greatest … ranking Shaq, Magic and Duncan ahead of Kobe is lunacy imo. Magic Johnson was NEVER “the man” on his team, not in the way that Kobe has been for a decade. He was “the leader” and the “floor general” but he was never the #1 offensive option and never even close to being the #1 defensive stopper. In fact, Kobe was thee defensive stopper for the Lakers starting in 99-2000 the year he and Shaq won their first title and remained their defensive stopper for most of his entire career. That is something even Michael Jordan never had to do in thee Bulls prime years as Pippen was the team’s best defender and the one who drew the opponent’s top perimeter threat night in and night out. In short, Magic may have been the best “leader” in the history of the NBA and was unquestionably the best point guard but he was nowhere near as “great”, let alone as “individually dominant” as Kobe Bryant, period.

            As for Shaq … I love Shaq but he’s not in Kobe’s class when it comes to career greatness. I would say that in his prime Shaq was the most dominant player in the history of the game. He was FAR MORE DOMINANT in his prime than Jordan could ever have dreamt of being and even more dominant than Chamberlain was in his prime as well. However, Shaq’s prime was relatively short and his career just doesn’t stack up to Kobe’s and I think even he would admit that at this point.

            As for Duncan … ugggh, come on. Tim Duncan and Bill Russell are very similar and should be mentioned together as far as I’m concerned. They were both wonderful individual players who were blessed to play their entire career on amazing teams and for amazing organizations, period. However, Chamberlain was a far superior player when compared to Russell and Kobe is a far superior player when compared to Duncan, period.

            Tim Duncan is the greatest PF of all-time and no one can say differently without sounding stupid, so I am not downplaying his historic significance … he simply isn’t the individual talent that Kobe Bryant is and it’s not even debateable in my mind.

            Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
            Bryant T. Jordan

            Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book”

            The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

          • ghost

            “By the time Kobe retires he will almost assuredly have more career regular season and playoff points, rebounds and assists than Jordan” You say about total stats. And total stats are very poor argument in comparing players because they estimates mainly how long did he play, no how good he was at that aspects. So the important here are averages – and here Kobe is noticable worse in almost everything. And why do you ignore much more important advance stats?
            2) Jordan also lost his stats by playing in Wizards. So you probably also fail to recognize it.
            “It makes no sense to me that Jordanairre’s discredit Kobe simply because he was good enough to be drafted straight out of H.S. while Jordan was not.”
            You really believe that? Chose to join NBA depend on players decisions, and it’s huge difference between 80s and 90s in that aspect too. Earlier players were usually starting professional career in older age.
            And even when Kobe been 21 years old (Jordan rookie age) and he’ve got 3 years experience in NBA he had still worse stats than MJ in his rookie season.
            3) I’m talking about their value as a players, no career. And Wade at his peak was more dominant player than Kobe, overall as a career he is much lower but not in his
            prime. And Iverson is no debatable, he was strongly overrated, he can’t be compare to Wade. As a career I can agree, but you should also mention Gervin.
            “As for West and Magic … even Magic himself said Kobe was the greatest Laker and Jerry West has said the same. If both former superstars rank Kobe ahead of themselves it is absurd that you would disagree with them, just absurd.”
            That doesn’t mean anything for me, did you expect they would say “i was the greatest and noone can be comparing to me” or sth like that? Magic said many things, he is changing his opinion very often, is directed by popularity or repution, no by any analysis. West also said that MJ is the best, Kobe is the best, LeBron is the best etc. i’ve heard many colliding with each other things from their mouth. I can assure you that when Kobe ends career and his popularity gone they will say completely different things.
            “I have no doubt Kobe was the far superior player”
            But you do not have any reasonable stats or proves for that.
            4) Magic was never a man? He was leading the greatest offense in Lakers history or maybe even in NBA history for the whole 80s. He was the greatest player in 80s, won 6 MVPS combined and was best player in most of his 5 rings and 9 trips to the finals, been leader in few stats for many years. This all in only 12 years! Kobe after 18
            years has half of MVPs Magic have, worse averages and never was close to be as good offensive player as Magic who was driven all team offense. About defense, Kobe was greater defender, but not as much as some people think. In fact Kobe is extremely overrated in defense, for the most years he was negative defender what is visible in advance stats. You showed your opinion, but any stats or proves to this Bryant superiority?
            5) I don’t agree about Shaq. He was great great player since his rookie season, as sophmore he did 29-13 on 3 blocks. But he was overshadowed by MJ, that’s why some people think that Shaq started be well in 2000. Statistically since 1994 to 2003 about he was evey single year greater player than Kobe ever. He had much better prime and peak, and better longevity too. He was much better playoff performer too and much better stats from the whole career too (so you argument about short Shaq’s is wrong). Kobe is not even comparable to him.
            6) “Chamberlain was a far superior player when compared to Russell and Kobe is a far superior player when compared to Duncan, period.”
            Again you showed 0 proves. You say that Wilt and Kobe were superior than Russell and Kobe because you look only on offense and completely ignore defense. But Duncan was greater at his prime, greater playoff performer, top 5 defender ever, greater stats. Even he accomplished more 5 MVPs to Kobe 3, same rings but as a more important player to the team. I don’t care who was more individual talent but who was more impactful player, and it’s Duncan easily. And please, keep this argument about organization, Kobe is most lucky superstar ever in that aspect. He is playing for the biggest and most popular organization in basketball world since 17. No one had such a good conditions.

      • Bryant T. Jordan

        By the way, my top 7 lists would be as follows:


        1. Chamberlain

        2. Kareem

        3. Jordan

        4. Kobe

        5. Shaq

        6. LeBron

        7. Olajjuwon

        GREATEST PLAYERS OF ALL-TIME (incl. team success)

        1a. Jordan

        1b. Kareem

        3. Russell

        4. Kobe

        5. Chamberlain

        6. Magic

        7. Shaq
        And … just for fun, below is what I think a top 7 all-time NBA Draft would look like if every player was in their prime:
        ALL-TIME NBA DRAFT (All players in their prime):
        1. Chamberlain
        2. Shaq
        3. Kareem
        4. LeBron
        5. Jordan
        6. Kobe
        7. Olajuwon

        Thanks for taking the time to read this post,
        Bryant T. Jordan

        Author of “Saving the Lakers: A Be the General Manager Book|

        The book that PERFECTLY PREDICTED Julius Randle being drafted by the Lakers AND LeBron James returning to Cleveland MONTHS AGO!

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