Kobe Bryant Believes Lakers Turnaround Starts With Jim And Jeanie Buss

Kobe Bryant Believes Lakers Turnaround Starts With Jim And Jeanie Buss


Following the announcement that Kobe Bryant would miss the rest of the season, the five-time NBA champion talked to the media on Wednesday and had some interesting things to say.

Kobe talked about a number of different topics from Phil Jackson, wanting to be a contender next season, and the relationship between Jeanie and Jim Buss.

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As for Jackson, the writing appears to be on the wall that he’s headed to the New York Knicks, but the superstar let it be known that things need to be figured out in the front office according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Obviously, Kobe isn’t happy with the current state of the Lakers franchise and the direction it is headed in. Although Kobe has had a lot of faith in the decisions made by the Buss family in the past, the superstar signed a two-year, $48.5 million contract extension with the team in hopes of winning a sixth ring.

Apparently, the patience of the superstar guard has worn thin during this long recovery process from both the Achilles and knee injuries.

Head coach Mike D’Antoni’s future also seems to hang in the balance with the team attempting to turn it around. Rumors have started to circulate about D’Antoni being on his way out this summer, but everything appears to be speculation at this point in time with no telling what the true intentions of the team are moving forward.

It’ll be interesting to see how the Buss family and Mitch Kupchak react to Kobe’s comments.
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  • Marty Susman

    Unreal, Jim Buss gives him $48,000,000 for what he has done, not for what he will do & now he is talking about Jim Buss.

    • Bobby Dewayne

      there was nothing negative in that statement… he is absolutely right in his thinking. the franchise executes its mission from top down and the pressure is not on the players right now, it’s on management to put a contending team together… then up to the coaching staff to put those pieces together and implement offensive and (god please) defensive philosophy… the players just need to compete and perform at a high level…. but first thing is first, right?

      • Marty Susman

        HE FRONT OFFICE… Weather it was Dr. Buss bringing in Malone & Peyton, baby Buss bringing in Nash & paying Kobe $48,000,000 before he could even walk, getting ZERO for Drew, D12 & now Gasol or bringing in a high school coach this front office has shown it is by far and away in very deep shit. I have zero clue who is running the office but one thing i can tell you is whom ever it is needs to be walking the streets looking for a job. I have been following the Lakers since they arrived here in L.A. I have seen a lot go bad a tin’s of great, BUT NEVER EVER HAVE I SEEN SOMETHING AS HORRIBLE AS IT IS TODAY.. We all like to think that everyone has a k=job, do it or leave, ok guys, your actions have shown that today, the Lakers are in the worst mess in their history. They have already traded their 2015 first round pick to the Sun’s who are laughing at us so losing next year is only good for the Sun’s. I think maybe we should think about the Buss family SELLING THE TEAM TO A GROUP HEADED BY MAGIC JOHNSON….

        • Mark George

          Now, I do LOVE this line of conversation….
          And agree 100% …

          • fakerstolakers

            Who brought in Nash? And Blake?

        • J24

          First off, way to stay positive (sarcasm). Second, you must have missed 2005-07 season, because they went through some pretty shitty times up until 2008 when they acquired Gasol. And that was during Dr. Buss’s reign, so hey stop with all the negativity. Every team goes through there ups and downs you just gotta stick with your team no matter what, even if its there lowest they’ve ever been at. Patience is a virtue.

          • fakerstolakers

            Since when do you have to stick with one team. If you are served a bad meal consistently at the same eatery, are you going to stick with it.

            It is all business.

            Being a fan to any team, you are choosing to “consume” that brand/team, but, if you are no longer happy with that brand/team, no one has to stick with it.

            I watched the 49ers when Montana was playing, since he left, they are nothing. Am I suppose to wait a life time?

          • martian37

            Bad times don’t mean dragging franchise threw the mud because you don’t want to try coach some defense apparently you don’t watch basketball or any sport for that matter defense wins championships period great defense beats any offense

      • fakerstolakers

        It was negative. “Start from the top”. He is an employee. Be an employee and take lead from the top.

    • Badeng

      Kobe be may actually be concerned about the reputation of the franchise. $48M seems small compared to the money he brought in, being the face of the Lakers for so many years. And because he wants to retire a Laker, imagine being remembered as the face of the now lousy Lakers. Don’t think that sits well with a person who also values his legacy.

      • Tina Moran

        I agree! It would have been really hard to swallow that awful 48-point loss to the Clippers while staring at Championship Banners and Jerseys on the rafters. If this trend goes on, TW sports will just play old clips of the Lakers’ former glory.

    • RiccUso23

      They didn’t pay him to shut up…they rewarded him for his play on the court everytime he laced it up…You can’t disagree that people come to watch Kobe, that’s the benefits that Jim gets…! Common Sense goes along way you know??!!

    • Enrique

      Jim Buss has made over 520, million on Kobe on merchandise alone over the last 10 years and will make more the next 2 years. He has also brought him 5 championships, another two trips and countless other awards. He doesn’t owe Jim anything. Having said that, Kobe didn’t say anything negative. ALL change starts at the top, the ones who ultimately call the shots. Who do you think the changes start with???? The janitor?

      • Marty Susman

        You are correct EXCEPT Kobe is an employee, not an owner and Jim Bass sadly is an owner….You are also correct I wish Jim would either retire & get the hell out of the way or sell the team to Magic and a bunch of X Lakers…..

      • fakerstolakers

        They both do not owe each other anything. They bartered. The deal is done. Case closed.

        When you are questioning your boss in the media, it can be considered negative.

        “keep it in the locker room”. It is not my problem.

        Kobe and the Buss, will have to work it out.

    • Mark George

      Dude, it’s an investment… I am QUITE SURE, Kobe has made a lot more for the Buss family than they have/are investing…. LMAO

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      Kobe’s statement has nothing to do about his contract… it has something to do with his competitive nature… all you see is the $$$$$ sign… in sports, those who are greats have always been on the side of competition not on the side of money, the money came as a compensation. But competitive nature always supercede money. That is if you understand a tad bit about competing. If not, then I am talking to a log.

      • MoneyCounts

        If Kobe wanted to compete, he would go to a team that can compete. He knew Lakers were not in a position to compete for his next two years. If Kobe did not know that, then, he does not get it.

        So he did go for the money.

        • Enrique

          When he chose to sign the deal they were expecting a healthy Nash, along with the rest of the players to be healthy and had Howard. We all know that they did not expect him to get injured and the whole thing blow up. If it had not, they would have been competitive. KOBE doesn’t get it??? Where have you been for the last 17 years. They went from 3 rings to missing the playoffs back to 2 rings and 2 more trips to finals. Why don’t you go follow Lebron, he is the one who chases different teams and teammates that can get him rings instead of making it happen with the team he is on.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I don’t get you all people.. you want the Lakers to be competitive and yet when Kobe speaks about it, you are all condemning him for it…. Magic spoke like that way back in the 80’s, Jordan did the same thing in the 90’s in Chicago. Kobe is a Laker, and this is his team. If you cannot accept it, then go root for someone else’s team. The Clippers still has empty seats.

      • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

        well said

      • Reality

        Magic and Jordan both retired when they were considered the top one or two player in the NBA (the first retirement)

        ESPN, “Kobe is no longer the franchise player”. So you have to concede to the reality sometimes.

      • martian37

        I with that kobe got the right to to speak maybe he should coach slash play has that been done before is it allowed?

    • Sylvia Ross

      Kobe, said nothing wrong. What does money have to do with saying how he feels. Do you think he should be a YES Man? I don’t think so. Those were his feelings and he expressed them. Kobe worked for that money. Fans, come to see him not jim buss. Kobe, is right on target.!!

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Of course it starts at the top with Jim Buss,he must save this franchise.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    It’s on Jim Buss to make the Lakers a champion again.He could either succeed or fail it’s up to him really.

    • J24

      There’s really nowhere to go from here, as we’ve literally reached the bottom of the western rankings. We’ll just have to be patient for next season to get back to that top and hopefully have the right pieces to compete for a championship!

  • Peter Griffin

    Fire Dantoni please. Kobe being out this long probably will allow him to play one more season past his current deal.

  • 3339

    all jimmy needs to do is put his ego aside and let Mitch and Jeanie work.

  • BlackJack Charles

    Kobe is yesterday’s news.

    • vdogg

      haha. you’ll see.

    • Jim213

      I and Stilomatic agree, stick to CHURROS

  • The Truth!

    Fire D’Antoni and make kobe head coach for the remainder of the season! Bring back Phil Jackson!! Sign Carmelo, Love and a couple of more adjustments and will win another championship! Jeanie buss tell Phil if he signs with the Knicks he won’t get no more of the goodies!!

    • Doug Mad

      No more goodies!!!! Hahaha.. Maybe that’s what been holding up the finalization of the Phil Knicks contract…. And those are some very nice goodies 2….

    • Kay Carter

      Carmelo=DO NOT SIGN

  • $20509373

    It starts with Jeanie Buss. How far is she willing to let her brother bury this team? We’re already at the bottom of the west. We’re already the laughing stock of the league. We’ve already conceded control of the city to the clippers. She even lost her fiancĂ© to another team. How far is she willing to let this go? If she won’t step in the madness will never end.

  • kayo

    It’s common knowledge that the Buss siblings have internal issues with each other it’s rare that a franchise is split between two people as owners and everything Kobe said makes sense Jim hired d’antoni while the offer was on the table to Phil Jennie was upset this move set the franchise back two years instead of going forward as the contender we have always been

  • Mack

    To Marty Susman,
    Jim Buss has ruined this once proud organization with his incompetence fueled by his arrogance. Kobe has given this organization his all and deserves the right to express his dismay and annoyance. I would think the same would be expressed by former Lakers if asked. There is no reason for the Lakers
    to be in this position. So, if you saying should Kobe should be thankful for the contract and not say anything about the present sate of affairs, I respectfully disagree.

    • Sylvia Ross

      Mack, I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Claudia Davis

    the buss family has got to get it together are the lakers are out. let get something done now

  • Claudia Davis

    the buss family dont care about the lakers there dad was the best but kids dont no how .

  • martian37

    I anyone going to have the right to speak up kobe should the late Jim buss was around the conversation wouldn’t exist lakers mgnt. Needs pull the cork out and fire the non defensive head coach that no one fells with I think it starts there look at the clips with doc no power houses jabari kobe gasol and Melo and Kevin love that’s a starting squad future lakers

  • martian37

    Auto correct didn’t help much but u can figure it out down with dantoni it’s over u gave brown 5 games this guy shredding the Lakers legacy come on mitch Jeannie someone Phil someone fire him plz