Kobe Bryant Believes Carmelo Anthony’s Decision Will Help Pau Gasol Reviewed by Momizat on . Please enable Javascript to watch this video The NBA free agency continues to take place as reports of Carmelo Anthony nearing a decision surfaced Wednesday. Wh Please enable Javascript to watch this video The NBA free agency continues to take place as reports of Carmelo Anthony nearing a decision surfaced Wednesday. Wh Rating: 0
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Kobe Bryant Believes Carmelo Anthony’s Decision Will Help Pau Gasol

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The NBA free agency continues to take place as reports of Carmelo Anthony nearing a decision surfaced Wednesday. While, he is believed to be nearing a return to the New York Knicks, Anthony’s agent has made it clear there has been no decision yet between the Knicks and Lakers.

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Another free agent contemplating their future is Pau Gasol. While addressing the media before his annual camp at UCSB, Kobe Bryant chimed in on his thoughts about the decisions of both Anthony and Gasol. Gasol’s choice could be aided by the one Anthony chooses, according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

Gasol will be entering his 14th year in the NBA after spending the six and half season with the Lakers. While the Lakers would like to bring Gasol back, he has been considering playing for the Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs, or Oklahoma City Thunder next season as he seeks another opportunity to gain an NBA title.

Of course, everything could change should Anthony come to Los Angeles. The addition of Anthony to the lineup is likely to improve Gasol’s chances of returning to the Lakers. Even if Anthony decides to remain in New York, Gasol’s picture will become clearer. In that scenario, Gasol re-signing with the Lakers might need be on option, but shouldn’t be ruled out due to his close friendship with Bryant.

Regardless, once Anthony figures out where he wants to play, other dominoes will begin to fall, including Gasol and his future.
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  • Jason Smith

    Melo isn’t coming to the lakers, and Pau is Gone… Can you say the baby bye bye

    • WestCoast323

      Can you say no one gives a Fuc’k about your Predictions..

      • Jason Smith

        @disqus_JQcxq8dthX:disqus you need to chill young fella.. whats real is real… no need to use to foul language… so people take this stuff way to serious smdh

        • celinadlittle

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        • mike Jones

          shut your faggot ass up

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    If Melo resigns with NY, Pau is gone.. either in a sign and trade with NY… Phil would love to have him to kick start the triangle offense. But the question is, who would the Knicks offer for Pau in a sign and trade?

    • Brandon A. Benitez

      I think Cleanthony Early would be tight maybe a draft pick or two also. What do you think, you think they’d go for it?

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        I would live Shumpert to be included in a sign and trade. HAving just the rookie is too little, not to mention we will have 3 rookies on our team… that is not good. We should go for a young vet… Shumpert can really help us.

    • Al Haldie

      How do you have a sign and trade if u don’t have PAU signed that’s why they call it FA … he is free to do what he wants.Daaaaaaa

      • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

        that is why it is called sign and trade… a team signs a player and trade him to a team in which they have prior agreement with.. usually teams without cap space… e.g, NYK…. as oppose to signing that player out right… NYK cannot do that with Pau, they are over the cap, unless Pau takes the mini-mid level, which is unlikely, it is going to be a sign and trade.

  • Lakers Fan

    If melo don’t come to LA, Pau is gone. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the Spurs. That unselfish play meets Pau’s playing style, and he would fit right in. Seeing how limited we are at the center position, we need Pau back. I haven’t been a fan of his play the last couple of years, but we are limited when it comes to that position. If Melo signs with us, that will solidify Pau’s return.

    • karasoon4

      I don’t think Pau is ready yet to accept coming off the bench for the Spurs (unless they plan on messing with their rotation and starting him alongside Duncan). Either way, for some reason I just don’t see him meshing well on the Spurs. I’m not going to be surprised at all to see him with the Knicks or Bulls.

      • jim2

        Pau will be most comfortable with the Knicks.


    If we lose out on Melo and he stays in New york he the one who takes the lost.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      I wouldn’t say that is so… everything is about vision… Phil is a visionary… he will turn that franchise around… if Melo sees that, that is not a loss.

    • Spade

      It’s clear Phil has a plan and the Knicks will have a boat load of money next summer. They actually have a plan unlike us.

      • T E A

        Win and win now that’s the plan

        • Spade

          Unfortunately that plan is an impossibility. We’re in rebuild mode now.

    • Jason Smith

      Wayner actually the lakers take the lost, because no one will really wanna sign with them… and the lakers aren’t gonna spend the money to get other top notch players… Mitch and jim want to sign raw talent for cheap, and that’s not gonna happen


    We are all waiting for Melo and Lebron. Once these two divas make up their minds then we can all move on and get a team assembled. Something needs to happen by tomorrow.

    • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

      They are free agents… that’s what free agency is for – giving a player a chance to decide for himself where he should play and when he should decide is his and his alone. But I agree with you… when this two signs, the ball will be rolling quickly.

      • DKWTTY

        I know I’m just so impatient lol. That’s part of the fun of being a fan and seeing what new players we get. It would be crazy if Melo does decide to come to LA.

        • jim2

          Mello is not coming to LA. By the time the Laker FO acts, the good FA’s will all be committed.

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Lots will happen tomorrow, since it is the first day teams can sign free agents and trade players.

  • Spade

    At this point the Melo’s decision is only gonna help Pau walk right out the front door.

    • DDub

      So Pau walks and they will servive, just like magic, skyhook, shaq and soon Kobe, and they still will servive, so if pau walk…good bye, nice for you to stop and enjoy the benefits of being a laker… Next.,. Hello Mr. Randle, put on that jersey.

  • Richard

    We Laker and Fans were very very fortunate to have Pau on our teams. We thank him for his loyalty, outstanding team play and overall contributions to the Laker organization. whether he decides to return to the Lakers or decides to move on. We respect his decision, being this may be his last chance in free agency and his desire to be on a championship contender. Whatever he decides we hope it’s the best for him and we wish him the best.

  • Austin

    We need Carmelo to come to us well hurry up alright.Lakers 24/7 KB+CM

    • vdogg

      who’s “CM”?

  • Jason Smith

    Its crazy how people say we ask if you are on the team or apart of the team!!! but you’re not… we live in a world where people get mad and upset at the truth!!! but ask yourself??? whether or not Melo signs with the Lakers, How does that benefit your life??? whether the lakers win a championship or not how does at benefit you and your life??? beside the fact that you get on here and disrespect one another, call one another names and disrespect the next person for their opinion… its cool to watch sporst and take it for what it is!!! and its cool to communicate your opinion in a respectful way.. but once you start cussing and disrespecting other its time to take a look at yourself and ask yourself why am I so mad over something that doesn’t really benefit me???

    • Al Haldie

      In other word you are just looking for BENEFITS for you–I look at it as fun to watch win or lose – its just a game-a fun game to watch…

      • Jason Smith

        Al Haldie read it again please, I’m not looking for it to benefit me in anyway form or fashion… its just basketball, so whether the Lakers win/lose it shouldn’t affect you as a person and your daily life is what I’m say… but what is important is living a life that Pleasing to God and not this world’s way of living… all this stuff is just a distraction to keep your focus on something that doesn’t really benefit your life. #real talk

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      I’ll tell you how it benefits my life. When May and June roll around, I can still watch basketball and care about the games I’m watching. You’re right, though. Some people take this stuff way too personally.

  • Lakers4Life

    Yep, Pau will leave if we don’t get LeBron or Melo. But all Lakers fans have their fingers crossed that LeBron and Melo will make a nice “surprise” announcement to join the Lakers which will benefit both of them, as well as the franchise. Go Lakers!

  • Jeremy Hill

    I also believe Melo is staying in NY, but we can still hope he comes to LA until that decision is final! Phil Jackson is a basketball genius and maybe not this coming season, but by next season he will have assembled a championship contending team in NY! The Lakers biggest mistake was hiring D’Antoni! They should have done whatever it took and went all out to get Phil Jackson back to the Lakers! This Decision will haunt the Lakers for years to come!

    • DDub

      People need to quit swinging on phil Jackson’s nuts, the Lakers called and offered the job, he didn’t take it so they moved on.As I remember, during his last year coaching the Lakers, he was asking Dr. Buss if he could allow Kurt Rambis to coach road games because he wasn’t physically able to do it.He has said many times he doesn’t think he could hold up, and if he really wanted to coach, then why didn’t he coach the Knicks? After all he is in charge? Its because he knows that he can’t make it thru a season. But his ego enjoys that people says oh the Lakers should have kept Phil. Well they called him before contacting D’antoni.He didn’t take it then . so why should they wait.they didn’t owe him anything. Its time to move on and get off his nuts.

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        I would vote this up 100 times if I could. You hit the nail squarely on the head here.

      • LakersOverEverything

        Well said, my man

    • vdogg

      it’s going to take jackson WAY more than just one year to assemble a championship contending team in NY.

  • quickster007

    if Carmelo sign with the Knicks. Phil Jackson would want Pau to sign with them. It’s similar to when Pau went to the Lakers. Kobe and Pau got two rings with Phil Jackson as the coach. Carmelo and Pau plus some pretty good role players they can go far in the East. If Miami remains the same, They will be third in the East. Miami, Indiana and the Knicks. If Lebron leaves Miami, the Knicks will be the second best team in the East behind Indiana. The Lakers will be stuck to either sign Greg Monroe or Luol Deng and will suck for another year. Kobe salary really messes up the Lakers. Oh well, there’s always 2016 when Kobe leaves.

    • vdogg

      NO WAY does pau to the knicks make them a top 4 team in the east. NO WAY. bulls and wizards are definitely better.

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