Kobe And Dwight Partnership: Unsteady At First, But Built To Last Reviewed by Momizat on . First of all, this will not be the last time the two yell at each other over a disagreement on the court. Secondly, I actually see this whole debacle as a good First of all, this will not be the last time the two yell at each other over a disagreement on the court. Secondly, I actually see this whole debacle as a good Rating:
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Kobe And Dwight Partnership: Unsteady At First, But Built To Last

First of all, this will not be the last time the two yell at each other over a disagreement on the court.

Secondly, I actually see this whole debacle as a good thing; a very good thing.

Bryant has all the qualifications in the world as an offensive player, and has earned several NBA All-Defensive First Team mentions (nine to be exact).

Howard, on the other hand, is a solid offensive force, but is still raw and lacks a polished post game and struggles at the free throw line. However, Howard is one of the greatest defenders of all time, and has earned three NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards.

Therefore, Bryant has the right to critique Howard on the offensive end, and even look him off if he feels that Howard won’t be able to make a solid move in the post–or if he feels that Howard will get fouled on an attempt that isn’t going to inevitably result in a dunk.

At the same time, Howard is one of few players who can critique Bryant on the defensive end. Where Bryant is an offensive juggernaut, Howard is a defensive beast. Howard has been the Lakers’ defensive anchor all season, and has pretty much called out anyone who’s missed a rotation–most visibly Pau Gasol on numerous occasions.

The most important thing here, though, is that Howard called out Kobe Bryant. Almost nobody calls out Kobe Bryant. Not teammates, and many times, not even coaches. The fact that Bryant boasts five championship rings gives him the right to tell anyone else with less rings what to do, and usually makes him immune from criticism among his teammates.

I can’t remember the last time anybody called out Bryant, to be quite honest. Maybe Derek Fisher might have pulled Bryant to the side or given him a suggestion, but I’ve never seen anybody point a finger and yell at Bryant the way Howard did.

Howard had the guts to call Bryant out about a mistake, and although Bryant initially scoffed back at him, he realized it was his mistake and likely appreciated the passion and commitment to defense and winning that Howard displayed. In that sense, Howard was doing the most respectful and humbling thing to Bryant–letting him know when he’s at fault and hurting the team.

According to Ding, this opened an avenue for open discussion, namely with Metta World Peace, who put it all into perspective:

“Dwight misses free throws. Sometimes Kobe shoots too much. I do things. The key is to stay together. Talk about it and stick together.”

That appears to be exactly what these Lakers–and especially these two superstars–are doing.

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  • Dr. Rasheed

    I want media to stay out of it. Let them figure out.

    Media is creating problem which will only result in negative for Lakers.
    Lakers organization need to play vital role in near future not to let media control and play with players mind.
    Lakers organization needs to make sure this doesn’t get out of control. They need to talk to players on how to respond to media when they are representing Lakers.

    Media is just looking for such situation to spice things up.

    If players are not going to communicate how are they going to move forward? (their way of communication might be awkward but it is a positive sign)

    Negative thing which I am afraid of in near future: Kobe’s ego and his approach towards Dwight may lead to Dwight moving away from Lakers. Dwight is talented and he wants championship more than money. Many people say Lakers can offer him more money then any other team. But can Lakers give him respect? Lakers organization may give him respect but what about the teammates like Kobe?
    Hoping that players instead of focusing on each other focus on their goal. Once players know their role in the team then everything will become easy.
    Dwight offense needs to increase. Dwight have to work more harder.
    If this year Dwight doesn’t win Championship, he will be out of here for sure…(He is trying to give everything to Lakers. Basketball is not individual game, it is a team game. So much talent and Kobe taking too many shots can destabilize whole team).

    Ball needs to spread evenly in Lakers because of so much talent. Kobe’s ego and attitude is not going to change. Lakers are going to loose chance of Championship.

    Taking too many shots and expecting players to give their 100% is just absurd. It happened before it will happen again. If Lakers don’t play team game they will not win games.
    Kobe isolates team instead of uniting them. (It is harsh comment but I am looking at a bigger picture. I am not looking at one game where is he is passing to teammates).

    If Kobe is going to take too many shots then why do you have other players like Dwight, Nash, Pau. Get rid of them and let Kobe play alone is Lakers and jack up shots. I cannot guarantee Lakers Championship with Kobe’s ego but I can guarantee he will definitely will MVP while Lakers keep losing games.

    Kobe still have change to fix Lakers issues before it is too late.

    • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

      Yeah I agree that Kobe shouldn’t be taking that many shots. And with a guy like Dwight who can dominate offensively too, he has to get more touches. As of now, I’m going to have to blame the coach. He doesn’t like posting up players–at all! Dwight and Pau are post-up players. Sure, they need some quick baskets in transition and semi-transition, but if you have guys who can consistently score down low, use them! D’Antoni said he wants to use Pau at the top of the key and the perimeter but wants the paint cleared out. That’s the exact spot where Pau is so deadly, so I don’t see the logic. He obviously wants it open so Nash can go in there and create, but Nash isn’t playing right now, so he needs to let Dwight do his thing down there and let Pau do it too once he returns. Kobe’s effective in the post too, but he’s being used as the point guard right now. The system just doesn’t look like a good fit right now, and is going to rely heavily upon Steve Nash. Hopefully when Nash gets back it fixes a lot, but hopefully he stays healthy too. As for the media needing to stay out of this, I agree. This article was meant to diffuse any notions of a feud that the media may have been reporting, and actually show that it’s simply a good sign of communication between the two.

      • Dr. Rasheed

        Why did the Lakers hired this incompetent coach then when he doesn’t like post up players? There is so much responsibility and pressure on Nash now because the coach was hired because of their past history. so much at stake.

        I totally agree with you on Pau. Taking him out of his game is bad idea. Did he not see Spain Vs U.S.A Olympic final game? lol logic, if this incompetent coach had logic we would be in this condition.

        I agree with you let Dwight do his thing until Nash return. Let Pau do his thing. Unfortunately, this coach is incompetent and doesn’t have intelligent staff around him to assist him when he makes mistakes.

        I actually admire and have really high respect for Dwight Howard now. If you look at his videos and how he is responding is amazing. He is so mature and balanced. Again, here also I think media try to make him look bad with dwightmare. He is such a smart player and intelligent man. Despite all the media, he says we are team, brotherhood and no one can break the bond from outside or from within. This is definitely a positive sign.

        • http://www.facebook.com/suki.thind.1 Suki Thind

          Exactly! He’s kept a level head and has said all the right things. I completely have even more respect for him as well. I think and hope things will get better, though. Kobe recently said D’Antoni will use Gasol in his “sweet spots” when he gets back after the two had a discussion. But just a few days before, he told the reporter that stuff about the paint being clear. Hopefully he adjusts, though.

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