Kevin Love Rumors: All-Star Forward Favoring Lakers, Knicks In 2015

Kevin Love Rumors: All-Star Forward Favoring Lakers, Knicks In 2015


At 14-23 and eight-and-a-half games behind eighth seeded Dallas, there isn’t much to look forward to this season for the Los Angeles Lakers. The news got worse today as forwards Pau Gasol and Xavier Henry both missed practice as they prepare to play 10 of their next 13 games away from Staples Center.

In recent weeks, Gasol’s name has been dragged through countless trade rumors and decisions about whether or not the Lakers will engage in their rebuilding plan earlier than expected are being discussed. On that note, according to Sam Smith of, Timberwolves forward Kevin Love has his eyes on a bigger market in 2015:

Love, in the top four this season in scoring and rebounding, is said to be favoring the Lakers or the Knicks in free agency in 2015 when both will have money for perhaps two free agents

Love is arguably the premier power forward in the NBA right now and a report from last week suggested people around the NBA know that he’s looking to leave for LA when his contract expires. For as bad as the Lakers season has been, the Timberwolves have disappointed this season and the UCLA product vented his frustrations after a recent loss.

For the Knicks, forward Carmelo Anthony is set to become a free agent at the end of this season and his name has also been connected to the Lakers for most of the season. Regardless, Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak spoke to reporter Mike Trudell recently and said the team might be in a better position to offer a max deal in 2015.

With all the rumors that Love will bolt Minnesota after his contract expires, there are some suggesting Timberwolves president of basketball operations Flip Saunders trade the 25-year-old forward. While that scenario doesn’t seem likely, the Lakers will be a logical destination for Love if he becomes a free agent after the 2014-15 season.


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  • Jack

    One of the exact reasons the lakers shouldn’t have thrown such a gigantic contract Kobe’s way. Flexibility for a historic franchise like the Lakers can be a dangerous thing for the rest of the league if used right.

    • AntRodrigues

      Even though they gave Kobe that contract… they STILL have enough cap space for Love and maybe another big name….

      • Dragon7s

        Or Love and a couple of smaller but good names 😉

    • Rob

      Lakers have never worried about the cap. That’s why the Time Warner contract is worth $3 billion. That is $150 million every year for 20 years. Not worried about the Lakers.

      • Jack

        Cool stories..Butttt the lakers have to resign players to fill out the roster since half of the roster is on 1 year deals, AND add big names. The money for all that while helplessly hoping free agents will sign(& probably for cheaper than elsewhere) will be tough, it’s the reality, especially while they’re losing. And if they keep losing like this season and having horrible ratings or not meeting expectations, that time warner deal won’t be extended when its up. Meaning they cant start paying through the luxury tax with time warner money that will not continue to be there over the years as luxury tax penalties increase. And unfortunately it is up to the Buss family on how to put the money to use, not the fans.

        • Rob

          one thing for sure is that the Lakers family is intent on making sure Jerry Buss’s legacy continues. They all have a desire to win. We don’t know what Jim will do yet and can’t speculate. One thing is for sure, the Lakers will not be bad and without a championship for 20 years. Not even 10. They will be fine. As far as the free agents are concerned, with the money we had we got talent for beyond that money. Every free agent we have took less to come here for the most part. The Lakers have never ceased to be the Lakers, one of the top three destinations in the NBA (most likely the top spot) in all of the years they have been here. They have had losing seasons in between championships like every team. They aren’t going to keep every player. They will resign henry and young I think. maybe both of the Jordans and blake if he continues to tear it up when he comes back. With all of their team healthy and without MDA (please oh please God without MDA) they will again draw players with the big money.

        • Royale

          lol funny how there’s concern for the time warner deal not being extended a few years into a twenty year deal. 2-0. Almost as funny as the lakers struggling for the next decade+

      • TUXEDO MA$K

        there’s a little thing called “cap space”

        • Rob

          The whole idea is that they don’t worry about the cap as long as they believe they are putting a team on the floor that they believe can win championships. I have been watching it for 38 years and it isn’t going to change any time soon

          • Jack

            *deep sigh. They cant just decide to go over the luxury cap and keep spending for a championship team anymore even if they chose too. But I hope ur right. But my point is they still would of been better off working out a smaller deal with Kobe, no sane laker fan can argue that.

          • Rob

            I hear you there Jack. I would have come to him with maybe 10-15 mil per year. He has made over 330 mil in his career. Just wasn’t a smart move. It could draw big names in though. If people see that when you win multiple championships and do great things for the organization you will be taken care of then they could be drawn in. At the same time they did kind of tie their hands to stay within a reasonable amount over the cap if they get big names and good players

          • Dragon7s

            I’ve lost the link now but one writer laid out a realistic plan that showed that the contract for Kobe won’t hinder the Lakers rebuilding plans.
            I wish people did their research before simply assuming that the contract is ‘too big’ and that Kobe should have taken less.

          • Rob

            I never actually said the contract for Kobe would hinder the Lakers rebuilding process. If you look at my post at the beginning I am stating that the Lakers will do what they need to win a championship. What I said was that the amount that they are going to end up spending over the cap to do what they want is going to be larger than it needed to be. I know the numbers and the cap. The cap next year will be right around 70mil. that means that the Lakers will have under 50 mil to sign who they want after they pay one player. The average max contract of a superstar is going to be around 20-25 mil. that means if they get one more superstar they will be left with less than 30 million to go around to another 10-13 players. that is with only one other superstar and zero strong role players with mid range exceptions. By the way, don’t forget the other contract that is significant on the books for 9 mil in Nash. that leaves the Lakers with however much they decide to spend in luxury tax. You shouldn’t assume that people don’t know what they are talking about because you read an article about someone else’s research. Do your own. Either way, GO LAKERS

          • Dragon7s

            Ermmm… response was in reply to Jack.

          • Jonathan Ly

            Jeanie, Jim, and Mitch are concerned about the luxury tax, even with big names.

            The new tax structure starts at 1.50 per dollar instead of a dollar for dollar, and progresses up quickly. The repeater tax, which the Lakers are now set to be stuck with, starts at a minimum of 2.50 per dollar, and jumps up even higher.

            They won’t, and most likely can’t, spend that kind of money any more. Contracts in the NBA are about to get a lot shorter, with a lot more team options and early terminations.

            Even an organization like the Lakers can’t pay more than the 2nd level of the repeater tax on an annual basis. Just to go $9,999,999 over the luxury tax threshold will cost the Lakers, as a repeater tax payer, $26.25 Million in taxes.

            No team is ever going to absorb multiple years of repeater tax, the Lakers are going to have to be financially careful for the next 5 years, to avoid as many luxury tax years as possible, with all these old years haunting the team.

    • Whiskey Rye Bread

      With the lakers being under the cap this year, it breaks the terrible CBA chain tax. This way if they decide to go over the cap again it wont be quite as bad.

      • Dom

        Lol Lakers aren’t under the cap, &are still in lux tax, what crack are u smoking or what planet u on?

        • kobe24

          They aren’t yet but if they trade Pau Gasol they will be 😉

    • RD

      Just stop the Kobe hatin already man. Kobe earns his keep through merchandise and ticket sales. The Lakers have more than enough money to pay for another 2 big contracts. I don’t understand why people are complaining when the the franchise is okay with this. Damn!

  • Albert L.

    Trade KLove for half of the current Lakers roster? I actually don’t mind.

  • RickWalia

    No im glad lakers gave Kobe the contract he was given.

    • Jack

      To bury his face in his hands on the bench? Im sure you are.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Lakers might not get Kevin Love but if they do congrats.SMH speculation rampant.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Why do people love fake trade or free agent gossip???Sorry i don’t get it lol.:-)

  • sign’emLAKERF.O.

    melo, love, bynum , irving,
    lakers need to focus on players who can rebound and play defense everynight.

  • Rilhn d

    PG Kyle Lowry,Marshall Plan,Farmar
    SG Kobe,Swaggy P
    SF Carmelo,Wes
    PF Love,Hill,Kelly
    C Embiid,Sacre

    • Lakerf

      Like this lineup :)

  • Alex K Tatiracanal

    As long as Mike D’Antoni is the coach I don’t know if it really matters what players the Lakers get.

    He’s reluctant to change his system, regardless of who the players are. I understand that to a point, but one thing a coach has to do is put players in the best position to succeed.

    I don’t see the Lakers getting rid of most of their players to fit what D’Antoni wants.

    I actually like Tom Thibodeau as a coach. Regardless of the Bulls record, they play hard and they play DEFENSE. Something D’Antoni doesn’t seem to stress.

    So if the Lakers happen to get Kevin Love, but D’Antoni is the coach, I can see Love putting up big numbers, but I don’t see him growing as a player.

    • RD

      I share your pain!. It will be a waste to get KLove and not fire this coach is totally as clueless as Jim Buss. Bring back.Bernie Bickerstaff!

  • Jeron Teng

    carmelo and kobe in the Lakers yo!

  • Timo Chen

    Haven’t put a ton of thought into this, but is it worth exploring a trade to Minnesota now? Gasol/Nash + this year’s first round pick for Love