Kevin Love Believes Minnesota Has ‘Better Foundation’ Than Lakers

Kevin Love Believes Minnesota Has ‘Better Foundation’ Than Lakers


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On Tuesday, it was reported that the Los Angeles Lakers were trying to assemble a package to acquire prospective 2015 free agent Kevin Love by Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. While most believe that Love wants to return to Los Angeles, the Timberwolves All-Star made some comments about the Lakers recently.

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In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, Love believes the Timberwolves currently have the better team and better foundation:

“People think it’s so far-fetched that I would stay in Minnesota,” he says. “And I’m not s——- on the Lakers, but we have the better team, the better foundation. I’m having fun.”

While the Timberwolves have a better record than the Lakers right now, Minnesota was built to be a playoff team and they are currently six games out of the eighth seed. Earlier this season, Love was visibly frustrated with his teammates’ efforts and it fueled further speculation that he wanted out of Minnesota.

Although the Timberwolves have the better team and foundation, it is simply because Love is on their team right now. While the Lakers are trying to acquire him by Thursday’s deadline, a more realistic option is next summer when Love is set to become a free agent.

With a lottery pick in this year’s highly anticipated 2014 NBA Draft and ample cap room, the Lakers’ front office can quickly turn this team into a championship contender again.

Drafted by Minnesota in 2008, Love is averaging 25.8 points and 13.2 rebounds in his sixth season. The current Timberwolves forward becomes an unrestricted free agent in 2015.

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  • Elden Campbell

    Down the road his statement would change to something like this, “Did i say I was having fun in Minnesota!?!?! Because I’m having a blast being back at home and winning NBA titles!”

    • Jim213

      Love is right that currently they look better and like mentioned before FO is the main problem here (not necessarily the coach or players who can be replaced) it’s the ineptness of FO. Can they at least get a deal or two done before the trade deadline?

  • Lucas

    Small correction: Love is not an Unrestricted FA in 2015.

    He has a player option with the Wolves that he can either accept (becoming a UFA only in ’16) or decline, scenario in which he would be a UFA in the summer of 2015

  • Jay Brodes

    hopefully he says i will come to la la land if datoni goes…i am all over that!

  • meep

    Wolves have a better record but doesn’t mean anything if they are on the same boat as the lakers a non playoff team


    They have the better foundation ya, we forfeited this season as soon as Dwight left. KLove is just saying what he has to say. What’s he gonna say? “i hate it here but im stuck here for 2 yrs, and my negative opinion is gonna force MIN to trade me to a place I hate worse?” no, of course he’ll ride it out.

    Lakers are gonna get a good draft pick (one who is basically ready to play in the NBA already), they’ll still have Kobe, and theyll have the cap space for KLove and another decent (not max) player. Lakers will be back in the convo in 2-3 years. Let’s just sit back and laugh that most franchises take 5-10 years to do this and it’s taking us 2-3.

    Dantoni wont be coach forever and even though people say no one wants to sign with the Lakers….cmon, look outside. U really think it’s difficult to convince players to come live out here?

    • Sergito Arriaga

      Kobe will be retired in 2 years thats if he doesn’t retire next summer because it hasn’t looked so great ever since he came back from his achilles surgery.. So we will have 24.5M off the books in summer of 2016.

  • Chris Demouchet

    Kevin Love was drafted by the Memphis Grizzlies not Minnesota

  • Swaggy Rambo

    Well fuck him. When the Lakers reload and he’s stuck with the shitty Timberwolves he won’t feel that way. I don’t want ANYONE on the Lakers who doesn’t want to be a Laker. Of course he plays for another team right now but I didn’t like that statement. He’s also a LIAR. He knows damn well he isn’t having fun, he is always VISIBLY frustrated with his team and team-mates.

  • Steel Bill Moreland

    Wolfs will be sitting at home watching the playoffs on T V just like the LAKERS.But if Love sings with the Lakers , Kobe comes back,and of course fire D’Antoni,the Lakers will go far,next year.

  • roseducanna

    Befor MELO now LOVE don’t want to come LAKERS because LAKERS still have coach MDA and KOBE.

    • Daryl Peek

      Why would Love have a problem with D’Antoni when he’s the type of coach who promotes his style of play as a stretch PF?


        Nuff said!

      • gm jack

        MDA will never win. There will always be a “Popivich”, somewhere that wins NBA rings.

  • DVP

    I think wolves should really think about a trade for Pau, I mean him and Ruby have played for years together and might be a good one2 punch, maybe try and get Mark and BAM killer team

  • $20509373

    He’s not exactly wrong. Jim Buss making decisions, Mike D’Antoni coaching, and we just invested $48.5 million on the broken shadow of Kobe Bryant. No wonder no one wants to come here. This team needs to be overhauled from top to bottom. We need a real Director of Basketball Operations (someone like Phil or Jerry West), a real coach (Byron Scott, Nate McMillan, or David Fizdale), and a new star player (through the draft or free agency).

    • Frank_A

      Couldn’t have said it any better

    • gm jack

      Just last summer this town was money. If they kept Howard, traded Gasol, bring in Melo.

      This team would have been fun to watch, may not win.



      Trade Nash and Blake for Deng.

      Bench: Kaman, Hill, Young.

      This team would have pushed into the second or third round.

    • Chrmngblly

      Should we give Nash an extension?

  • ra

    K Love is right about the Lakers. There is actually ‘little or no’ foundation at this point. There was a foundation up to a year ago, and that’s when Dr. Buss left. The current management is just a small shadow of Dr. Buss, and is having a hard time living up to that. Some people here were saying, give Jimmy a chance.

    Unless it was his intention to just stock the Lakers with players who he knows will not bring a championship to LA, thus increasing the chances of a high draft pick, this experiment with ‘fantasy basketball’ is a failure. The Lakers ‘culture’ is floundering, and the FO is barely holding on to the shadow of the former Lakers by keeping Kobe, who is the only ‘reminder’ that the Lakers were once great.

    The Lakers are not the ‘friendly’ organization they used to be. Other than ‘being in LA’, and having access to media channels and big market venues that you wouldn’t have in other cities, there are few other reasons to be here for basketball. The FO doesn’t give ‘warm fuzzies’ to potential players. That’s what players need — i.e., players who might want to come here. They need to know that ‘everything will be ok if you come here’. They need to see the strength of a foundation, but it is suffering now.

    If we are going to ‘give Jimmy a chance’, then we are in for a few years of suffering. And, unfortunately for him (and therefore, us as fans), the Lakers brand will suffer. There will be fewer games televised – less revenue.

    These ‘intangibles’ are much more important than people think.

    Something needs to change. For example, the Lakers need a coach who ‘attracts’ players. They need a ‘face of the front office’ that is friendly and accessible, whether it’s the GM, or the representative owners.

    The Lakers need something that isn’t here now. And they need it soon.

    Let’s see what happens in July.

    • Daryl Peek

      Of course they are a small shadow compared to Dr. Buss and West. West is the NBA Logo, Dr. Buss is arguably the greatest owner in sports history. No one can be expected to live up to that legendary legacy. Especially just one year later. Any Lakers fans without patience’s are doing a disservice to the memory of Dr. Buss.

      • Chrmngblly

        Damn, Peek… A disservice to Dr. Buss memory you say? Why do you make statements like that? It is not as though Jim Buss has not grown up at the great man’s knee and had the last 30+ years to learn the business.

        I think you are correct about JB being weak, though. While no one expects the son to equal the father, Laker’s fans don’t expect Jimbo to be such a dufus, either. How do you let D12 walk for free? How do you let Nash stay for $10M? Then there is our parade of overlapping coaches.

        JB must be the laughingstock of all the owners. How many chances and years should we give him before we tell him we are pissed?

        • Daryl Peek

          D12 had all the power and given the initial commitment coupled with him not flat out saying he was not gonna stay til the meeting at the end of the season it would be stupid to not try and keep him. Even trading to other teams was difficult as his salary creates the same problem as Pau’s does in trying to match coupled with not taking back bad contracts that eat into the goal of cap flexibility going forward. This is how and why you let him and if necessary Gasol walk.

          Nash, come on man. The only way to move him is trade and after last season and this year what other team agrees to that? When we got him it was a very good move considering his 11-12 performance, which he missed 0 games to injury and was a top 5 PG.

          The Brown firing was premature it seems but they wanted to do it in the off-season but decided to give him a chance given D’Antoni was injured coupled with Kobe and Brown selling them on the Princeton idea. MDA was the choice way before Phil. Phil was a reactionary thought given the team still had a few of the triangle parts. When Phil played the part time coach card and FO power request the decision was easy.

          Again, we saw all of this same stuff done in 92-94… Randy Pfund hired over a much better Mike Dunleavy who was only one season removed from leading the Lakers to the 91 finals against the Bulls. Pfund’s in season firing coupled with interim Bertka then Magic, who quit on the then sorry state of back to back losing season affairs.

          Buss and West also had a failed trade attempt back then as they tried to trade James Worthy for Charles Barkley in 91-92. James suffered a season ending injury that year and was never the same as a player. Much like the CP3 trade nix the team spiraled downward thereafter.

          As bad as things were back then there was still patience’s in the fan base and some fun Lakers basketball as Del Harris kicked off the grooming of the next crop of Laker greats to become a dynasty. Patience’s by all paid off.

          Dynasty building takes time and again patience’s needed from all! 88-2000 was the championship drought and it was a helluva ride I wouldn’t change anything about. Everything happens for a reason. Jimmy and Mitch are gonna be just fine if the young Buss clan can get on the same page and block out all the outside white noise.

          And I’m not just talking Jeanie and Jimmy on the same page. There are other young Buss siblings that want to sell the team. This is a much more turbulent time than many realize.

          So yes! All of the dissent from Lakers Nation in not showing the same patience’s of the 90’s less than one year after DR. Buss’s passing is a disservice and disgraceful as I see it from long tenured Lakers fans. This is not the first rough patch and will not be the last. Hunker down and support your team, that’s all.

          GO LAKERS

          • Chrmngblly

            Do you know what playing poker and “the art of the deal” have in common? They both are about the look in the other fellow’s eye and whether you believe him when he raises his bet or when he gives you his word on a business deal. And neither one of them is about either the cards in your hand or the words coming out of a person’s mouth.

            You saying all that bullshit tells me you are clueless about what really makes the world go around. Jerry Buss knew. Magic knows. But Peek, you don’t.

          • Daryl Peek

            Whatever man. You can talk all the shit you want but the proof is in the pudding and I’m fully aware of all the slight of hand about Dr. Buss. So miss me with that CHILD PLEASE BS!

            Dr. Buss needed the the steady hand of Jerry West as the voice of reason in many of his gambling ways nature. The world does not revolve on the bluff alone. Dr. Buss made many a mistake over the years and so has Magic. NO ONES PERFECT.

            West saved Buss from blowing Showtime up when he wanted to trade Worthy for Roy Tarpley in 1986. Dr. Buss often couldn’t pay lower level Laker employees properly due to over paying players coupled with other foolish business ventures.

            Again, no ones perfect so hunker down and support the team in this time of transition because you don’t have all the answers either.

          • Chrmngblly

            You are such a blowhard….and ‘Yes’, I do have all the answers…:-)

          • Daryl Peek

            LMAO SMH

    • Devon Murray

      Then Kevin Love is going to stay in Minn AND win a ring, right?? if your answer is no or you don’t know… than what is your point…?

  • quickster007

    The Lakers need to move on. I’d say go after Luong Deng at small forward. Don’t resign Pau and Nash. 28 millions will be off the books. Sign Deng to 11 millions a season. Check if Lamarcus Aldridge or Anthony Davis is available. I’d say go after Davis his cheaper. He is making almost 6 millions with the Pelicans. Aldridge is almost 12 millions. Go after Greg Monroe he is almost making 4 millions a season Draft Dante Exum to be the point guard. Take a shot in getting Klay Thompson to play the shooting guard. He is making 6 millions a season. 2016, when Kobe retires don’t resign. 24 millions will be off the books. In 2016, the starter Greg Monroe at center, Anthony Davis at power forward, Luol Deng at small forward, Klay Thompson at shooting guard, Dante Exum at point guard. Of course, new coach, Kurt Rambis with Phil Jackson in the front office.

    • Jalvarado

      one we have nash till after this year and Anthony davis is going to be more expensive to more of like 14 or 15 mil each right now their low cuz both are still in the contracts they had signed as rookies and how do we get klay?!?! we probably gonna have to trade for someone. like dude we cant really change a front office hahaha thisss is just one huge dream that ill never happen

    • gm jack

      Rondo is looking for a home as well. You moves. Then, if Lakers are lucky a “Shaq” will come by on a good foundation.

      Rondo. @ PG

      And if Durant has not won, and if Lakers has a good foundation, he might come.

      To Attract any star, the foundation must be there.

  • Gregory Choa

    I am not bothered by Love’s statements (to GQ of all people) because his stance on the Lakers is completely subject to change this summer and next, when the landscape that is the Lakers roster figures to change drastically and most likely for the better.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Funny how this statement comes out 1 day before the trade deadline.Coincidence or not it is just weird timing tbh.Lakers are in rebuild mode and all these injuries also the coach MDA is not exactly the most popular coach on the planet and we are losing a ton of games this season.

    Of course Kevin Love is not exactly thrilled about becoming a Lakers player since the variables are different than in the past with us usually being a contender or even a championship team with Jerry Buss having final say on all basketball related matters,now things are much different without Jerry Buss and Phil Jackson and Jerry West this is new territory for us all.

    Eventually things will get better it all starts with our 2014 lottery pick that player will be our next franchise player whether it’s Wiggins,Jabari,Exum,Embiid this will very likely be the player that helps the Lakers get back to the top of the standings and be our future franchise player and this player will lead the way once Kobe is retired.Kevin Love will possibly change his stance on the Lakers once he sees the new lottery pick we get perform for a full season or two.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    Still early in the process,things change.

  • Fred Elliott Sr.

    There is no good anything in Minnesota. Cold most of the time and just because they play Beach Boy music at intermission don’t mean there is a beach anywhere near. Hey, stay and freeze buddy !

    • Patriot05

      MN has fresh air. Actually a great place to be in Spring thru Fall, unfortunately the NBA plays in the winter too.

  • hookedonnews

    Who is he kidding? There is no chance he’ll be in Minnesota in a couple of years.

  • Daryl Peek

    People need to keep in mind this recent interview was done over a month and a half ago. Things can change quickly

  • gm jack

    Love has a point. If love came to Los Angeles. It is a 3 to 5 years rebuilding process.

    If Love can be traded to Miami for Bosh, then, Love has a better chance to win 2 rings at least better than any team if he teams up with Lebron.

    If Love demands to go OKC to play with Durant, then, OKC has a shot.(then can package Westbrook with draft picks)

    Love is in his prime. He wants to win NOW. If he came to LA there is not grantee this team will be up and going.

    Lakers won in 88, then, 2000, 12 years.

    Then, Lakers won in 2002, then, 2009, 7 years.

    So, it takes time.

    I have been the Lakers fans since 1979, When, Magic was drafted. But, I have never seen darker days in Lakers Land.

    Will have to wait for a new KObe and Shaq.

    • jalvarado

      we have a lottery pick next year bro so its not darker we still have kobe hurt or not we still have him we have an amazing bench when healthy so we just need a few more pieces , I say get a lotto pick idc who then have kobe teach him probably do bad again next season and try for irving and love and make a big 3 with kobe being their mentor

      • jalvarado

        sorry I meant next draft

  • lalakersfans

    win 16 championships and then we can discuss the topic…

    • gm jack

      11, the other five were Minnesota’s

  • DEEkz

    He’s right though. Lakers look bad right now with Jim Buss at the head. And I’ll take Rick Adelman over Mike D’antoni any day.

  • Abdul

    He might be true about one thing, having a better legit foundation…

  • Patriot05

    Lakers have nothing to offer except a pick in a supposedly good draft. That’s not enough to get Love in a trade.