Kevin Durant Gives ‘Strong Endorsement’ Of Fisher To Carmelo Anthony Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="160"] As Carmelo Anthony continues to mull over his decision on where to play next season, questions about his different options persist. O [new_royalslider id="160"] As Carmelo Anthony continues to mull over his decision on where to play next season, questions about his different options persist. O Rating: 0
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Kevin Durant Gives ‘Strong Endorsement’ Of Fisher To Carmelo Anthony

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As Carmelo Anthony continues to mull over his decision on where to play next season, questions about his different options persist. One of the biggest questions about remaining in New York is first-time head coach Derek Fisher.

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Fisher was hired by Phil Jackson and will become the second player in the last two seasons to become a head coach right after retiring from playing. Many wonder what kind of coach he will be, but reigning MVP Kevin Durant apparently backed Fisher to Carmelo Anthony according to Yahoo! Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski:

Fisher has long been one of the most respected players in NBA circles. Winning five championships in Los Angeles with the Lakers, and serving as President of the NBA Players Association.

Fisher spent his last two seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder with Durant. If Anthony was really worried about the possibility of playing for Fisher, Durant’s word could help him feel more comfortable.

Anthony has been courted by a number of teams, but at this point is reportedly deciding between the Knicks and the Lakers. With such a major decision, every little bit of advice matters, so Durant endorsing Fisher could be the turning point.

The Lakers are currently awaiting the decision of Anthony before they chase other free agents. Securing Anthony would likely allow Pau Gasol to return and give the Lakers a solid core to build around.
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  • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

    Durant: “Please don’t come to the West and help the Lakers become competitive again. It’s hard enough for me as it is.”

    But it’s okay, Kevin; you can team up with him in LA in two years or force a trade after next season.

    • Kobe Gagnon


    • LakersOverEverything

      That’s exactly what I was thinking lol. He doesn’t want those Lakers problems

    • Vince

      Well said! Durant scared!

  • Seis Nueve

    Keep your ass out of free agency Durant. Mind your damn business.

  • 3339

    seems like everyone is working out in LA. you guys like it so much then come play here.

    • Tune

      Most athletes have homes in LA and LA has nice facilities too.

  • David

    I’m a fan of Durant but he’s been hating ever since spurs won the ship and kwahi lenonard won finals mvp. He’s just afraid melo and kobe would challenge the west.


    Durant has a history of talking out of the wrong pie hole… He desperately wants to win a Chip in OKC for his own Personal Legacy… He knows and fears the Lakers will be a major obstacle for his quest, if Melo and/or others join forces with Kobe in L.A., consequently spewing his capricious nonsense, again, & Again, & AGAIN!

    • Al Haldie

      You meen that Durant should not think or speak his mind on what is going on in the NBA – but you can say any thing you want..something is not right here . I think you are missing one of the HOLE you spoke of…

      • mamba venom

        Go away okc fan

  • LAK3R4LIF3

    Kevin Durant Gives “Strong Indication” that he’s scared of kobe+melo combination.

    • Tune

      OKC whole thing is WB and KD chucking the ball to victory, I think Kobe and Melo can outchuck them.It’d be funny seeing the matchup. All 4 of them drop 40 points with it coming down to the bench.

      • LAK3R4LIF3

        And it’ll be funnier to see which side you’ll be rooting for…..when the game is on the line.

  • Zimmeredge

    Fisher said to the media that his pitch to melo was “we will better than last year” whoa. How great is that? That’s the way to convince your superstar. Haha shut up durant. Players in okc also said Fisher had great speeches but you dont win titles with small words.

    • Al Haldie

      Ya FISHER has 5 rings….

      • Deezyisme

        Being a coach and being a player, is a completely different ball game.

        • independentbynature

          Not as different as you might think for point guards.

          • Deezyisme

            Lol c’mon dude. You can’t compare a point guard to a coach of an entire team.

      • comrade24

        and Kobe Bryant’s not in New York to help him get another one.

        • independentbynature

          Phil is…….

    • Tune

      Except he does have the championship experience running one of the best playbooks in NBA as well as being a underling for Phil much like Erik under Pat.

    • independentbynature

      I’m checking to see if you did your homework or if the dog ate it.Did you read the Cavs,Nyets,Celtics trade?It is the scenario I told you about earlier.They dumped salary to the Nyets and Celtics to make room for LeBron.They even gave up the 1st Rd. sweetener just like I told you.You kept insisting that they would have to take back equal salaries.So,I hope you learned something about the salary cap.This is a lesson,young man.Not an I told you so.LOL.


    Why would Carmelo listen to the advice of KD? Fisher has never coached and I’d like to believe Melo is much smarter than that.

    • Al Haldie

      And MELO has never got a RING – Maybe he should listen to those that have played 18 yrs and five rings…

      • Deezyisme

        Like he said Fisher never coached. 5 rings doesn’t automatically equal the greatest coach in history.

  • comrade24

    New York Daily News Reporting that Melo will resign with New York
    barring last minute change. will let everyone know tomorrow. Seems like
    we’re out. Unless He can play with Lebron he’s going back to New York.
    This sucks! We better get started with Plan B before it’s too late.

    • http://people.ign.com/ltsjoemama ltsJoeMama

      Lance Stephenson is a nice back up plan.
      I think Kobe could teach him a lot.

  • melo to lakers

    reason he’s endorsing fisher is for them to get a good shot at Pau Gasol coz if Melo signs with Lakers, Pau will do the same………trying to be sneaky mr duran

  • wangkon936

    Real smart by Kevin Durant. Doing what he can to get Carmelo to stay in the East so he doesn’t have to face him in the conference or for most of the playoffs. Real smart Mr. Durant.

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