Kent Bazemore Believes Team Shouldn’t Be Ok With Moral Victories

Kent Bazemore Believes Team Shouldn’t Be Ok With Moral Victories


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When a team has been as decimated by injuries the way the Lakers have, it becomes easy to make excuses for their poor performances.

After another loss by more than 20 points, this time to the Oklahoma City Thunder, many fans were fine, remembering that the Lakers already upset the Thunder this past Sunday.

Kent Bazemore does not think the same way, however, and spoke on Time Warner Cable SportsNet about not being a fan of moral victories for this Lakers team:

With both Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash out for the remainder of the season, it would be easy for the team to give up, so it’s good to hear Bazemore saying things like this. Even with the roster depleted, there is no excuse for not giving an all-out effort and that is something that can not waver.

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The Lakers do not have the talent to keep up with the elite teams of the NBA, but they do have some impressive wins this season over teams like the Thunder, Los Angeles Clippers, and Golden State Warriors.

If the Lakers plan on upsetting a few more teams before the season ends, their effort and focus can not afford to drop, even a little bit.

With guys like Bazemore keeping a mindset like this, it seems unlikely that the Lakers will go down without a fight.
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  • truth24

    Bazemore you need to go to d league and develop your game more if you really want to stay a laker but still I just don’t see you as the future. Your lucky your even getting playing time here cuz honestly you’ll be back to the bench on any other team that’s the dawn truth. Lol as long as Kobe is still here your not gonna get the ball man and I wouldn’t count on you anyway. That’s just how it is your young and lack experience. Check back in 3 more years.

    • Chris Lilly

      who said anything about bazemore being the future??? The guy is a rookie. Give him a break. All he wants is to be a laker. He doin pretty good. No one expects him to drop 40. He’ll be back on the bench next year which is fine. He does add some athleticism to our wing

      • calling out

        I totally agree.

      • truth24

        Sad laker fans have lowered their standards. I’ve seen better players in the past. I don’t see any growth in this kid just like golden state saw that’s practically why we got him for cheap along with the steve blake trade which i say was a mistake. Lakers can do way better then this guy come on weaklings!

    • calling out

      said no Laker fan ever…

    • oogster

      Lakers would be better off If every player gave the effort Bazemore did.
      He has nothing to prove in “D” League. He can play and he is proving
      it every night. Warriors made a mistake in not playing him more.

  • dparker626

    I for one am glad he has high standards and isn’t interested in accepting mediocrity

  • Sylvia Ross

    When moral victories start showing up in the record books then I will be okay, right now only wins show up in the books. I’m glad you have a winning attitude but you have the wrong coach to be talking about moral victories. Your coach has an excuse for every thing. Hope he won’t be back next year.

  • hookedonnews

    Not sure what he is talking about because I don’t believe anyone saw a moral victory in that loss. The earlier win against the Thunder was a real win, not a moral victory. That being said, this team is going to have a difficult time beating good teams with this roster. That’s not an excuse. It’s a fact.