Kendall Marshall Says ‘No Positive’ To Take From Loss To Clippers

Kendall Marshall Says ‘No Positive’ To Take From Loss To Clippers


Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
Following the worst loss of the season, and the worst loss in recent memory, to the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday night, newcomer Kendall Marshall talked to the media in the locker room and attempted to explain the collapse.

Marshall had arguably the best performance of all the Lakers on Friday night with 16 points and 10 assists, but was unable to help the team compete against a clearly better all-around Clippers squad. The UNC product said the following about the loss to the division rivals on TWCSportsNet via Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:

In the season opener on Oct. 29, the Lakers shocked the Clippers on their home floor by upsetting the team that was considered a legitimate NBA title contender. Unfortunately, so many injuries have occurred since the season opener that this Lakers team can barely put enough healthy players on the floor on a nightly basis.

With Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jordan Farmar, Xavier Henry and Steve Blake all on the shelf, the Lakers aren’t putting the team on the floor that was intended. Although the Lakers will be getting Bryant and Nash back after the upcoming road trip, the team will still have to shoulder the load in the meantime.
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  • Lakers Got Rings

    Take your lumps and beatdowns Kendall Marshall and if you are still in a Purple And Gold uniform on the night we hold our 17th trophy you have done good.

  • Hung

    I am really loving the way Kendall Marshall has played on offense for the Lakers.Kendall must work on defense and be more aggressive on defense.Other than that Kendall has been awesome for the Lakers.The losses are not his fault the Lakers were losing without him and this dates back to last season.Welcome to the Lakers family hopefully Kendall stays on the Lakers for 10+ more years.

  • Tar Heels Thriller

    Kendall Marshall is playing just fine,he scored 16 points and had 10 assists tonight.Only 2 turnovers and he did to fight until the end.Lakers are in full rebuild mode right now and they are going to lose games it’s naturally part of the rebuilding process.

    It will be a great idea to stick with these young players and allow them to take their beatings and go through growing pains.OKC Thunder sucked in the first few years of kevin Durant but after getting Russell Westbrook and James Harden,Serge Ibaka,Kendrick Perkins they became legit contenders.

    Gotta lose at first when a team is so young and inexperienced it’s only natural in the NBA.Lakers will be very dangerous and one of the best teams in the NBA in a couple years once these players develop completely and gain much needed experience.Also adding Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker will speed up the rebuild process a million times faster.Kendall Marshall is playing awesome just incredible.

  • Bart

    Lakers need to play with more effort and tank at the same time.Work hard.

  • kobe24

    Im no km hater love his game play but

    This is why you dont say stupid crap like “guarantee win” i dont care if he was joking, he has to keep those comments too himself. Guaranteed win loool lakers got blown out (although km did play well)

    • Nick the Quick

      lol so true! i mean no offense to him, but who does he think he is!

    • Dragon7s

      The Clippers’ energy wasn’t fueled by KM’s remark as much as it was payback against a depleted Lakers’s roster for the loss earlier in the season.

      While it wasn’t fun watching the Lakers get beaten up so badly, the Clippers attitude will come back to haunt them assuming next time they play each other, the Lakers’ injuries are behind them.
      I don’t see Kobe taking that beatdown lightly.

  • Showtime

    Atleast he didn’t pull a Bynum and say it would be easy

  • Dragon7s

    Although he wouldn’t say it, he was the lone bright spot in the game last night.
    How he garnered 10 assists while the top 3 scorers shot 26% is nothing short of remarkable.

    • kobe24

      Yeah, think of how many damn assist he could be racking with decent shooters, love his game although I think MDA might be placing too many minutes on him. Hes averaging about 38 minutes these past games never a good thing.

  • Harley Knoxx

    I love this kid’s attitude. Like Kobe he hates to lose.