Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says Oscar Robertson Better Than Jordan, LeBron Reviewed by Momizat on . On Thursday morning, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went on ESPN's The Herd with Colin Cowherd to promote his new children's book, Sasquatch in the Paint. Among the topics On Thursday morning, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went on ESPN's The Herd with Colin Cowherd to promote his new children's book, Sasquatch in the Paint. Among the topics Rating:
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says Oscar Robertson Better Than Jordan, LeBron

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KareemOn Thursday morning, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went on ESPN’s The Herd with Colin Cowherd to promote his new children’s book, Sasquatch in the Paint. Among the topics Abdul-Jabbar discussed were the sky hook and how today’s centers fail to utilize it, UCLA and his old coach John Wooden and the topic of Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

Abdul-Jabbar has never been one to shy away from his opinions, and had a rather unique perspective on the greatest to ever play.

“LeBron is awesome, MJ was awesome — but I think Oscar Robinson would have kicked them both in the behind, said Abdul-Jabbar when asked about James and Jordan. “Absolutely. Oscar was awesome. He had brains. [...] He had all the skills.

“He could rebound and box out guys four and six inches taller than him. He was ruggedly built. He had fluid, quickness, and just understood the game. No flair, he just got the job done every night. Who’s going to average double figures in points, assists and rebounds?”

The majority of the basketball-watching world considers Jordan the greatest basketball player of all time and James is one of the best the NBA currently has to offer, but Robinson was the only ball player to average a triple-double over the course of a season.

Abdul-Jabbar also spoke about the Lakers, and specifically, Kobe Bryant. Jabbar doesn’t believe that Bryant will be the same player after he returns, and shares why.

“I think this is a rebuilding year for them. Kobe’s hurt, he had a devastating injury, I don’t know how soon he’s going to be able to come back,” began the Lakers Hall of Fame center. “I hope he doesn’t come back too soon, it’ll just set him back further. I don’t know if he’s going to be the same player when he comes back. That’s a tough one to come back from. He might not have the explosive vertical and quickness abilities to the same degree.”

It’s not a secret that an Achilles injury is one of the more difficult injuries to come back from and return at a similar level of play. It’s been done before with soccer star David Beckham, and the Lakers are hoping Bryant can replicate that success.

Don’t forget to check out our interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

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  • Straight Cash Homey

    Kareem knows since he played with Oscar Robertson.But my list is different.

    My top 10 Best NBA Players Ever Are Like This
    1.Michael Jordan
    2.Oscar Robertson
    3.LeBron James
    4.Larry Bird
    5.Julius Erving
    6.Bill Russell
    7.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    8.Magic Johnson
    9.Tim Duncan
    10.Hakeem Olajuwon

    • Paytc

      I don’t like comparing or ranking greatness in a list but…..
      I do think you left out Elgin Baylor,Kobe Btyant(who should be considered after retirement as should Lebron and Tim Duncan,Kevin Durant etc…),Jerry West,Wilt Chamberlin,Clyde Frasier,Connie Hawkins,James Worthy,George “Iceman ” Gervin,Alvin Hayes,Isiah Thomas,Shaq,John Havicek,Karl Malone,Earl Monroe,Dave Bing,Bob Cousy,and several more I may have left out.

      And I respect but do not agree with your ranking order of the players you selected.

      That is why I don’t like comparing players. I would have to take my time to compile a list with so many things to consider.

      • Paytc

        But Oscar Robinson “Mr. Triple double” before they kept track of doubles…

        Yes he was one of the top players for sure.

        • Paytc

          By the way,since everyone especially targeted celebrities are considered innocent until proven guilty ….. and all charges against Kobe were dropped?

          I think bringing up things that happen outside of basketball should not be included IMO?

          It might be more appropriate to mention the positive global impact Kobe has made on the NBA,Nike,U.S.Olympics,Kobe Brand, etc… instead of looking for negatives that were found to be frivolous at best.

          We would be here forever if we started bringing in religious beliefs,privileged economic childhoods,etc… off court considerations.

          • Straight Cash Homey

            No i was talking about Shaq and Kobe having issues off the court that led to on the court as in Shaq was traded and also Kobe has pushed others out the door.Also Phil Jackson talked shit about Kobe in his first book.Kobe has been known to be selfish and also a few other things but ultimately that’s what makes him great.

            He is a scorer and he has top qualities that people look for in a great player.But no problem i actually have George Mikan and Jerry West along with Elgin Baylor and James Worthy as part of my top 50 also Pistol Pete,Gail Goodrich,Dwayne Wade,Chris Mullin,Reggie Miller,David Robinson,Patrick Ewing,Moses Malone,Dirk,Clyde Drexler,Scottie Pippen,Dominique Wilkins,Karl Malone,Rick Barry,Icemaen George Gervin would be in my top 50 which i will not unveil today since i want to just relax and discuss the upcoming season for the Lakers.

            Yes Kobe is not a favorite of mine and i actually don’t really like this version of him as he is making $30 million dollars and injured along with going for additional surgery overseas today.

            But he did contribute to the Lakers over the years and i am a Lakers fan since before Serena Winter was born lol ha ha ha ha so i tolerate everything that happens good and bad,it’s about the team nothing else.Lists like this are just for fun.It is my opinion.Hey Go Lakers Ya’ll!

          • Paytc

            Hey I don’t think there is a person who ever has and most likely never will be loved and liked by all. There are people believe it or not that will find reason to hate or dislike both you and I too. Kobe is not without faults. Who is?

            It’s fair for you to feel the way you do. And fair for us t respectfully disagree!

            Go Lakers~

          • Straight Cash Homie

            Well said.I respectfully disagree with you on certain aspects of discussion.But we are both Lakers fans and we respect eachother.

          • Paytc

            I got bigtime respect for you and all Laker fans !
            We’re all just on here serving different perspectives. I am learning from a lot of you. Keep it coming !

            Go Lakers!

          • Paytc

            Shaq and Kobe’s issues were not just Kobe alone. Wh do you think had the biggest ego Kobe or “superman”? And I personally don’t think to fondly of Phil Jackson writing books that point out negatives or compare what was probably the two greatest players he’s ever coached. All just to sale a book? Some things are better kept to yourself.And in all fairness our legal system allows a person to be cross examined when bringing damaging claims against another. I’d like to hear both sides. Not to mention PJ and no other coach is always right. If you were to talk with many of the past players Phil coached, you’d most likely get a variety of opinions on how good a coach he was.

            I know he along with the great players he’s coached have won 11 NBA championships but a myriad of things had to be in place besides just coaching. He was one of the smartest coaches,but not perfect or without faults himself.

      • Straight Cash Homey

        I considered all players in many different facets and yes it is nearly impossible to come to a right conclusion on any list of all time greats.Whether it be Basketball or Baseball or Football or Hockey major debates and argument will arise from a top 10 list.Many will love my list and many more will hate it.

        That comes with the territory and i am ready to debate in friendly manner but at the same time who the hell can argue my top 10 and say those guys are not worthy of their status look those names up and google them please Lakers fam those guys are legends and have made the Hall Of Fame and won multiple NBA championships and Collegiate Titles!

        I left out thousands of players and i felt these players were best suited for my top 10.Make you’re arguments for you’re top 10 and i will respect you’re opinion of course.Lets have fun and enjoy what Kareem has put out there for us to debate and discuss.Certainly my list was just my opine nothing else.Enjoy the debate at hand.

        • Paytc

          Straight Cash Homey,

          i did say I respect both your opinion, and your list. It is not easy to compile one that’s why I never have sat down to create my own list.

          That said, if you are going to put your list in numbered order, I would suggest thinking over carefully before you put Magic and Kareem below Lebron or any other active players. They should not be permitted into a list until retirement IMO. I also think those two Magic and Kareem’s impact on the game was second to none.

          Kareem was 88-2 at UCLA with 3 National championships. Then went on to earn multiple NBA MVP’s,6 NBA titles,He’s the leagues all time scoring leader,and the only one to really compete with Wilt Chamberlain. Although he did not play till 9 years into Wilt’s career. Kareem “the man” was… and is also big outside of basketball. Best ever big man IMO and top 4 all time player perhaps higher I need time to consider.

          Magic was the 1st 6-9 point guard. He revolutionized the position.
          Magic was on track to be the all time leader in assist. He brought so much flare to the NBA it had not seen anything like it or since. Magic played every position on the floor. He did whatever he wanted to out there. Magic won the NCAA college basket ball National championship and followed it up the next year with an NBA championship. I think he was also the finals MVP.Top 3 player IMO perhaps higher I would need time to consider.

          The impact these two had on the game was un real !

          I think only Dr.J,Oscar Robinson,and perhaps Elgin Baylor had the type of impact these two had. It was Elgin Baylor who impacted Dr. J and Dr. J was the 1st player to float from the top of the key and dunk. That influenced the game of MJ the guy at the top of your list.

          Kobe is in the lead by far on any active players IMO but I would wait till he retires to give he the respect he deserves.

          Perhaps one day I will take the time out to compile and rank my list?

          But until then that’s my two cents on the subject.

          Get back healthy Kobe,Pau,Nash,Hill and lets make a run at it.

          Go Lakers!

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Well i respect you’re opinion and you make some interesting points.I have some issues with Kobe over some off the court stuff he was involved in and also some on the court stuff,but i will not allow it to get in the way i view him as a player.He certainly does have a case to be in the conversation.I am also not a big fan of Kobe Bryant as i am more of a Lakers fan more than anything else.

            Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is my favorite player then Magic Johnson is my second favorite player after that it’s some old timers you might know like Connie Hawkins and Jamal Wilkes.Come man it’s LeBron James 4 time MVP and 2 times finals MVP defending Back to back champion along with being the youngest player ever to reach 20,000 points the man is a walking triple double and hate his guts or not,LBJ is great man and i have got to pay respect to a dude i watched before he entered the NBA.He accomplished all this before age 29.Seriously he is incredible and he is deserving.

            Anyways i never left anyone off on purpose and i actually realize Shaq and Kobe also Wilt are not on the list neither is Bob Cousy or Hondo.It is a list of 10 not 50.Had it been a top 50 guess what most the names you mentioned would be on my list of course.Thanks and if any other names come up let me know.:-)

    • Daryl Peek

      WOW! No Kobe or Wilt?!? LeBron #3? LBJ is not in the top ten yet, IMO.

    • Daryl Peek

      My list:

      1. Jordan
      2. Kareem
      3. Wilt
      4. Bill Russell
      5. Magic
      6. Kobe
      7. The Big O
      8. Jerry West
      9. Bird
      10. Shaq

    • Pek pek

      Lebron 3 ? haha

      • Straight Cash Homey

        LeBron James Achievements Before Age 29 Verified Certified Top 3!

        Awards and accomplishments[edit]

        James (center) celebrates during the Heat’s 2012 championship parade.


        Cited from Basketball Reference’s LeBron James page unless noted otherwise.[2]

        2× NBA champion: 2012, 2013

        2× NBA Finals MVP: 2012, 2013

        4 × NBA Most Valuable Player: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013

        NBA Rookie of the Year: 2004

        NBA scoring champion: 2008

        2× NBA All-Star Game MVP: 2006, 2008

        9× NBA All-Star: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

        9× All-NBA:

        First Team: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

        Second Team: 2005, 2007

        5× NBA All-Defensive:

        First Team: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

        NBA All-Rookie First Team: 2004

        25× NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Month

        43× NBA Eastern Conference Player of the Week

        6× NBA Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month

        United States National Team[edit]

        Cited from USA Basketball’s LeBron James page unless noted otherwise.[3]

        3× Olympic medalist:

        Gold: 2008, 2012

        Bronze: 2004

        2× FIBA Americas Championship medalist:

        Gold: 2007

        Bronze: 2006

        USA Basketball Male Athlete of the Year: 2012[4]

        High school[edit]

        Cited from the NBA’s LeBron James prospect profile page unless noted otherwise.[5]

        National champion: 2003

        3× State champion: 2000, 2001, 2003

        2× Gatorade National Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

        2× USA Today High School Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

        3× Ohio Mr. Basketball: 2001, 2002, 2003

        3× USA Today All-USA First Team: 2001, 2002, 2003

        2× PARADE High School Player of the Year: 2002, 2003

        Naismith Prep Player of the Year: 2003[6]

        McDonald’s National Player of the Year: 2003[7]

        McDonald’s High School All-American: 2003[8]

        McDonald’s All-American Game MVP: 2003

        EA Sports Roundball Classic MVP: 2003[9]

        Jordan Capital Classic MVP: 2003[9]


        Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year: 2012[10]

        Sporting News Athlete of the Year: 2012[11]

        Sporting News NBA MVP: 2006[12]

        Sporting News Rookie of the Year: 2004[13]

        Sports Illustrated NBA All-Decade First Team: 2000–2009[14]

        4× Best NBA Player ESPY Award: 2007, 2009, 2012, 2013[15][16][17]

        2× Best Male Athlete ESPY Award: 2012, 2013[17]

        Best Breakthrough Athlete ESPY Award: 2004[18]

        2× Best Championship Performance ESPY Award: 2012, 2013[17]

        6× BET Sportsman of the Year: 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2013[19][20][21][22][23]

        NBA achievements[edit]

        Cited from James’ NBA biography page unless cited otherwise.[24]

        One of five players in NBA history to win 4 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards.[25]

        Includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain

        One of ten players in NBA history to win 2 NBA Finals MVP Awards.[26]

        Includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kobe Bryant, Willis Reed, and Tim Duncan

        One of three players in NBA history to win NBA MVP and Finals MVP in the same season twice.[27]

        Includes Larry Bird and Michael Jordan

        One of three players in NBA history to win NBA MVP and win NBA championship in two consecutive seasons.[28]

        Includes Bill Russell and Michael Jordan

        One of two players in NBA history to win 4 NBA Most Valuable Player Awards in a span of 5 years.[24]

        Includes Bill Russell.

        One of five players in NBA history to win consecutive Finals MVP Awards.[26]

        Includes Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Kobe Bryant.

        One of seven players in NBA history to score 20,000 points in 8 seasons.[24]

        Includes Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Alex English, Karl Malone, Dominique Wilkins.

        One of four players in NBA history to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists in their rookie season.[24]

        Includes Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Tyreke Evans.

        One of five players in NBA history to average over 25 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in a season (achieved this six times).[24]

        Includes Oscar Robertson (also achieved this six times), John Havlicek (achieved this twice), Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan.

        One of three players in NBA history to average at least 30 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists in a season.[24]

        Includes Oscar Robertson (achieved this five times) and Michael Jordan.

        One of four players in NBA history to average at least 31 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in a season.[24]

        Includes Oscar Robertson (achieved this twice), Jerry West, and Michael Jordan.

        One of two players in NBA history to average at least 27 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for six consecutive seasons.[24]

        Behind Oscar Robertson, who achieved this eight consecutive times.

        Only player in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in a season for at least seven seasons.[24]

        Oscar Robertson, achieved this six times in his career.

        One of four players in NBA history to average at least 25 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists for their career.[24]

        Includes Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, and Michael Jordan.

        Only player in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds and 500 assists in a season for at least seven seasons.[24]

        Only player in NBA history to average at least 26 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists for their career.[24]

        Only player in NBA history to post at least 2000 points, 500 rebounds, 500 assists and 100 steals in four straight seasons.[24]

        Only player in NBA history to post 30+ points and shoot over 60% for six consecutive games.

        One of three players in NBA history to average at least 30 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in a postseason series.[29]

        Includes Oscar Robertson and Larry Bird.

        Only player in NBA history to average at least 25 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists in an NBA finals series.[30]

        Accomplished twice, in 2012 and 2013.

        One of three players in NBA history to record a triple-double in their playoff debut.[24]

        Includes Johnny McCarthy and Magic Johnson.

        One of five players in NBA history to record a triple-double in finals clinching game.

        Includes Magic Johnson (twice, 1982 and 1985), Larry Bird (1986), James Worthy (1988), and Tim Duncan (2003).

        One of two players in NBA history to win the NBA Player of the Month Award four times for two consecutive seasons.[31]

        Tied with Kevin Garnett, who achieved the same in the 2003-04 NBA Season.

        One of four players in NBA history to lead their team in all five major statistical categories (total points, rebounds, assists, blocks and steals) in a season (2008–09 season).[32]

        Includes Dave Cowens (1977–78), Scottie Pippen (1994–95) and Kevin Garnett (2002–03).

        1st player in NBA History to receive 2.5 million NBA All-Star votes on 3 separate occasions.

        1st player in NBA History to score at least 40 points in the first road playoff game with 41 points at the Washington Wizards on April 28, 2006.

        1st forward in NBA history to average more than 8.0 assists per game (2009–2010).

        2nd place all-time for consecutive 20-point games to start a playoff career with 19.[33]

        Behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s 27 consecutive games

        Most consecutive points scored for a team in a playoff game with 25 straight points at the Detroit Pistons on May 31, 2007.[34]

        One of two players in NBA history to win Regular Season MVP, Finals MVP, an NBA Championship and an Olympic Gold Medal in the same year.

        Includes Michael Jordan (1992).

        Three-Point field goals made, NBA All-Star Game, career: 23, Feb 17, 2013 [35]

        1st player in NBA History with at least 1 triple-double in 3 consecutive NBA Finals.

        Youngest player records[edit]

        James owns numerous NBA “youngest player” records. He is the youngest1

        To be selected #1 overall draft pick (18 years of age).[24]

        To be named NBA Rookie of the Year (19 years of age).[24]

        To record a triple-double (20 years, 20 days).[24]

        Recorded 27 points, 11 rebounds, and 10 assists on January 19, 2005 vs. Portland Trail Blazers.

        To record a triple-double in the playoffs. (21 years, 113 days).[24]

        Recorded 32 points, 11 rebounds, and 11 assists on April 22, 2006 vs. Washington Wizards.

        To score 30 points in a game (18 years, 334 days).[24]

        Recorded 33 points on November 29, 2003 vs. Memphis Grizzlies

        To score 40 points in a game (19 years, 88 days).[24]

        Recorded 41 points on March 27, 2004 vs. New Jersey Nets.

        To score 2,000 points in a season (2004–05).[24]

        To average at least 30 points per game in the NBA.

        To be awarded All-NBA honors (2004–05).[24]

        To be named to the All-NBA first team (21 years, 138 days).[24]

        To win an All-Star Game MVP (21 years, 55 days).[24]

        To lead the league in All-Star voting (22 years, 26 days).[24]

        To score 2,000 points in seven consecutive seasons (26 years of age).[24]

        To win Most Valuable Player award four times (28 years of age).[24]

        To reach:[24]

        Every point milestone from 1,000 to 21,000[36][37][38]

        Notes: 1 Beginning in 2006 the NBA introduced age requirement restrictions. Prospective high school players must now wait a year before entering the NBA, making these records more difficult to break.

        Cleveland Cavaliers franchise records[edit]

        Regular season[edit]


        Minutes played, career: 22,108[39]

        Minutes played, season: 3,388 (2004–05)[40]


        Points, career: 21,081

        Highest average, points per game, career: 27.8 (15,251/548)

        Points, season: 2,478 (2005–06)[40]

        Highest average, points per game, season: 31.4 (2,478/79) (2005–06)[40]

        Points, game: 56, at Toronto Raptors, March 20, 2005[41]

        Points, half: 35, first half, vs. New York Knicks, February 6, 2010

        Points, quarter: 24, three times

        24, fourth quarter, at Toronto Raptors, January 6, 2008

        24, first quarter, at Chicago Bulls, April 11, 2008

        24, third quarter, at Milwaukee Bucks, February 20, 2009

        Games scoring 50 or more points, career: 8[42]

        Games scoring 50 or more points, season: 3 (2008–09)[42]

        Games scoring 40 or more points, career: 42[42]

        Games scoring 40 or more points, season: 10 (2005–06)[42]

        Field goals[edit]

        Field goals made, career: 7559

        Field goals made, season: 875 (2005–06)[40]

        Field goal attempts, career: 15411

        Field goal attempts, season: 1823 (2005–06)[40]

        Field goal attempts, game: 36, at Toronto Raptors, March 20, 2005[41]

        Tied with Mike Mitchell (at Houston Rockets, February 8, 1980, and at New Jersey Nets, February 18, 1981)

        Three-point field goals[edit]

        Three-point field goals made, game: 8, at Milwaukee Bucks, February 20, 2009

        Tied with Danny Ferry (vs. Charlotte Hornets, February 13, 1996) and Wesley Person (at Philadelphia 76ers, February 17, 1998)

        Three-point field goals made, quarter: 5, twice[41]

        5, second quarter, vs. Milwaukee Bucks, April 9, 2005

        5, third quarter, at Milwaukee Bucks, February 20, 2009

        5, first quarter, vs. Los Angeles Clippers, January 31, 2010

        Tied with Mark Price, Steve Kerr and Wesley Person

        Three-point field goal attempts, career: 2,344

        Three-point field goal attempts, game: 13, three times[41]

        13, vs. Milwaukee Bucks, April 9, 2005

        13, vs. New York Knicks, April 14, 2005

        13, at New York Knicks, March 5, 2008

        Tied with Dan Majerle (vs. Seattle SuperSonics, March 5, 1996 (2 OT))

        Free throws[edit]

        Free throws made, season: 601 (2005–06)[40]

        Free throws made, game: 24, at Miami Heat, March 12, 2006[41]

        Free throws made, half: 16, second half, at Miami Heat, March 12, 2006[41]

        Free throw attempts, career: 6,617

        Free throw attempts, season: 814 (2005–06)[40]


        Steals, career: 1323


        Turnovers, career: 2525

        Turnovers, half: 9, second half, at New Orleans Hornets, March 28, 2005[41]


        Triple-doubles, career:36

        Triple-doubles, season: 7 (2007–08, 2008–09)

        • Paytc

          You won the longest post ever award ! :-) LOL……

          Glad to see you are big enough to amend your list . As I said, much time and consideration should go into such a list.

          Be on the lookout for my new book. I just may include my top 25 in it ? But not sure I would place any numbered order to it. Too many things to consider without being able to capture timeframes and circumstances to make things more easily comparable.

          • Straight Cash Homey

            Well thank god their is copy and paste because my fellow Lakers blogger that was exactly what i did is copy and paste that long long long achievement list of LBJ.LeBron is hated but i am over his Hummer incident back in his young days.A shady booster gave him a free Hummer.I will buy you’re top 25 book when you have it published and for sale.:-)

          • Paytc

            Thanks, :-) that is very humbling to me. I can not tell you enough how much I’d appreciate that ! So much time and consideration is going into it.

          • Paytc

            Straight cash Homey send your contact email to me at paythekidsfirst@gmail.com That way I can keep you posted on the official book release. Or let you purchase an advanced copy. Much appreciated !

        • Daryl Peek

          Until LeBron statistically (rings too) surpasses all-time greats like Kareem, Wilt, Russell, Magic, West, Kobe, The Big O, Bird, Shaq, Hakeem, Duncan, ETC… He cannot bet ahead of them, IMO. LBJ can be project to surpass them but he’s not there yet, big picture.

          Kobe is in there because he has the rings and the stats. 5 rings and 31, 000 points cannot be excluded.

          • Hugh Phillips

            Bravo Daryl!!!

    • LakerBoy

      Stay off the molly son, here it is :

    • Joe

      You forgot Jerry West.

    • Jay

      YOU SLEEEEEEEEEEEEP Lebron at 3? without Kobe on your list? Go home you’re drunk

    • Arjun Kahlon

      How can you put Lebron above Bird, Russell, Jabbar, Johsnon, Duncan, Kobe, Hakeem, Shaq? People are so caught up a the moment with Lebron, it’s absolutely disgusting.

      • Hugh Phillips

        Yeah,Lebron is NOWHERE near those guys at this point. People are caught up on the here and now. He is nowhere near Kobe at his peak. Kobe showed the difference in competitiveness when he swatted Bron twice in the all-star game,swarming him all the way down the court. Lebron,like he does when punked,offered NOTHING in return. Lebron is a hall of famer but when you talk best ever,he is not even top 20 at this point….people need to understand the NBA has a LONG,STORIED history,not just since 2011. Kids…jeez.

        • Paytc

          Exactly. It’s just an opinion. Use your own minds. Remember what P.E. said “Don’t believe the hype” ! I will say this the Homey Straight cash got a big response from us :-)

    • Arjun Kahlon

      And I also love how everyone ignores the fact that Lebron joined a stacked team and single handedly lost them the Finals in 2011. Almost did it again in Game 6 with those unclutch turnovers and brick threes had it not been for a miracle from Allen and two lucky offensive boards. He’s an overglorified stat-padder on a stacked team in a weak conference.

      • Joseph Apohen

        The Heat did not win it. Pops lost it which is strange for being the best coach in the NBA.

        • Eddie Lazaro

          Lost in Transitions, CHOKED!

        • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

          I will not go as far to say Pop lost it…. the team just lost steam after that game 6 loss. I give credit to the Heat for sticking it out and weathering the SPurs run in the defining game 6 fourth quarter…. and that is how championship drama unfolds…. every championship series is a unique story.

          • Paytc

            Richard ,
            While I agree with you for the most part….. I thought Pop’s decision to get away from Duncan who dominated in the 1st half was questionable. He also had a questionable line up in down the stretch in a close out game?

            But ultimately he was a big part in them being in the championship so often and the players have to “STEP UP ” regardless to a coaching error.

            There will be times when your coach gets out coached by another coach. That’s when you the “player” have to ‘STEP UP” IMO

          • Joseph Apohen

            Duncan could have rebounded the ball if he was in the game and Allen would not have that lucky shot. Pops decision to sit him I think cost his team the championship. The Heat was fortunate to win the series. I am not a Spurs fan. I root for the purple and gold.

          • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

            However you slice it… I give credit to the winner… they could have folded… we can’t just throw one instance of a decision or a botch play to determine the whole outcome of a series. A turn over is not wholly an offensive person’s fault, you have to account for the defense of the opposing team/player, the magnitude of the pressure at hand, and the severity of fatigue each player on the floor is in, etc.

            There are no “could-haves, should-haves”… there are only wins and losses. That is the nature of the beast.

        • Paytc

          One of the best coaches. Not sure I’d say he is the best. But I have no problem with it if you think so. He does a good and consistant job,no excuses,and I like that.

          I take into account the players a coach has, and how long those players have played together. I don’t just base my opinion strictly off the number of championships a coach or player wins. There are always underlying reasons for success that I take into account. But most judge success by winning championships alone without taking era’s into account and other intangibles.

          • Joseph Apohen

            Winning championships is predicated on who the players are in a particular team and how they play together. Pops has a knack for bringing unheard of players and develop them. Examples: Parker, Genobili, Splitter and some other individuals whom I never heard of and yet they contribute to making the Spurs an excellent team. Pops may not be the best coach in the NBA, but he does an excellent job in having the Spurs contend for the championship year in and year out. I don’t think there is anyone else now
            who can match his record.

          • Paytc

            I can respect that ! And I agree with it for the most part.

      • Paytc

        With all due respect for Lebron who I think has been performing at a very high level.

        Arjun Kahlon you’re making some great points !

        That is the problem when the media starves for someone to label” great” they over hype players without taking everything into account.

        That said I think Lebron’s body of work is mounting. He is a superstar,and I have no problem with him being labeled great.

        But don’t get ridiculous and rank him higher than he deerves based on the easier route he selected.And think he is in the league with the greatest ever to play the game. No not quite there and based on his path not sure he will get there in my book?

        Go Lakers!

      • Hugh Phillips

        When Kobe swatted his sh** in the All star game..twice,Bron simply melted away,totally punked out! Kobe proved last season he could out “lebron” Lebron when he posted double figure assists at will. Kobe in his prime would punk Bron and chew him up and spit him out. Kobe/Jordan…competitiveness is what made them stand out above others and why Jordan has so much respect for Kobe!

        • Paytc

          Truth spoken. Need we have to say more? Not in my opinion.

          But I will add to it .Lebron is a superstar who’s playing at a high level. Just not quite the player to be placed in Jordan/Kobe level.

          IMO he has some more work to put in and based on the era and route chosen that still may not be enough.

          Kobe and Jordan reached their greatness in the initial team they were on. They were the type to let their body of work speak on their greatness.Both always look forward to taking the last shot. Lebron until recently always shyed away from looking to take the last shot. That’s my two cents on it.

    • Joseph Apohen

      Very difficult to judge who the top ten players are and Kobe should certainly be included. The man has phenomenal moves, good defender, rebounds well for his size, shoots well, and plays well at about every positon for a man of his size. Russell was a tremendous player and a great athlete. He was a world class high jumper at USF. However, the man did not possess the ability of a Jordan, Irving, or Kobe who can dribble, pass and shoot. That goes the same for Duncan and Hakeem who are too dimensional. I think greatness has to be defined by the athlete’s all around ability, and not by the number of rings he possesses. MJ, Kobe, Magic, Lebron, and Oscar were and are all around players. Those five I just mentioned also have the ability to dominate the game by being a point guard except maybe for Jordan whom I did not see play the point although I think he is capable of being one. Just being a great defender and rebounder I don’t think it defines greatness. What made Russell great was he was surrrounded by players who were also very good at their postions. Those players were instrumental in helping him win 11 championships. Lets not forget Wilt and Shaq who were also great defenders and rebounders. To me they’re greater than Duncan and Hakeem

      • Paytc

        Joseph Apohen,
        I agree with just about everything you said except Hakeem “the dream” was much better than your giving him credit.

        The dream was a ferocious defender and who could guard or stop him on offense?
        He was decent from the foul line. He had a higher basketball iq than he is given credit for. The Dream was ridiculous! Like Kareem both under appreciated and under rated.

        • Joseph Apohen

          They might be underappreciated only because they don’t possess the skills of the players I mentioned. However, you are right. Hakeem was a fantastic player whether as a soccer goal keeper or keeper under the basket.

  • hookedonnews

    I agree that Oscar Robertson was a great player, but I don’t agree that he was better than Jordan. I don’t think LeBron can be brought into a discussion of top players at this point in his career. That’s a discussion that should take place in a few years. Personally, he’s not in my top 5, and I doubt he ever will be.

    • Paytc

      I think MJ ,excuse me I know MJ, is the most celebrated player in NBA history. He is one of the all time greatest but so is Oscar Robinson.

      It’s impossible to say one player is better than another when both are such great players .DIfferent set of circumstances. Different era and different challenges.

      No one can dispute the league put an enormous amount of stock into Jordan Mania and rightfully so, he was arguably the top player in his time.. The league cashed in on the Jordan mania as it helped substain the leagues popularity created by the Magic vs Bird rivalry and Lakers showtime.IMO They had to do something after the unexpected retirement of Magic.

      I agree with you hookedonnews about Lebron being just a little bit over hyped as well,but he is a great player. And I agree he and all active players should not be considered until retirement.

      • hookedonnews

        I agree that it’s hard to compare players from different eras. However, I don’t believe that Oscar Robertson was considered the best player ever even when he was playing. His numbers are certainly impressive, but Jordan seems to have that something extra. I would place Bill Russell ahead of Oscar Robertson personally. A lot of this is subjective. There have been so many great players in the NBA. Other than Kobe, there are few players today that I would place among the best ever, at least at this point.

        • Paytc

          Well with all due respect I believe Kareem shared the court with both Jordan and Oscar Robinson. If Kareem(arguably the greatest) serves up an opinion I will give it mad consideration.

          Bill Russell is not in the conversation on greatest. He has the most rings but thats a conversation on greatest teams not greatest player IMO.

          But you make a good point with things all being subjective.
          And we both agree active players should not be in the discussion of greatest until retirement.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    Kareem is entitled to his opinion having played wiht the big O. But let’s admit it… Robertson wasn’t even considered the best in his era. Wilt has something to say about that. MJ was considered the best of his era. Kobe is considered the best of his era, Magic and Larry were considered the best of their era. Lebron is already the best in this era – IMO this is already LJ’s era… Kobe’s era is already behind him. But that is not to say he isn’t great no more. He is still top 3 player today after 18 years in the league.

  • ra

    In terms of skill, here’s the real list. Keep in mind that it’s difficult to create a real ‘order’ of things (i.e., only one person in 1st, only one in 2nd, etc.), and so some people are tied for 1st, 2nd, etc. for obvious reasons

    1. Wilt / Kobe / Kareem
    2. Magic / Dr. J / MJ
    3. Pistol Pete / Jerry West
    4. Big O / Larry Bird
    5. Hakeem / Iverson

    Nobody remembers Pistol Pete? Extremely skilled baller. No rings. Leading scorer in college history. Look him up on YouTube, etc.

    (skill, folks … not necessarily rings, etc.).

    • Paytc


      Pistal Pete was quite the baller. Yes I remember how skillful he was and he would find a spot somewhere on my list. As I said, I would need time to sit down and really consider a myriad of things to form my list. I just thru out a few players off the top of my head. Iverson would also find a spot on my list Tiny Nate,Gary Payton,Hakeem “the dream” and more.

      I do like the fact you are smart enough to create shared spots because that is the direction my list would also follow. It is too difficult to accurately rank so call great players.

      There would need to be a separate list for most popular which someone like a Jordan would most likely end up at the top. But greatness is not always singled out by popularity.

      There is also a most skilled list etc…
      I will save how I calculate things for my book,and include my various picks based on a myriad of things.

      Go Lakers!

  • Eddie Lazaro

    I will put the top player of their era, then add them all together. Different game, and different rules, everyone have their choice, very unrealistic to compare.

  • http://www.haveslot.com/ richard

    And this is why we are called fans…. we talk much.

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