Jordan Threatens Carolina Player to Take Off Kobe Shoes

Jordan Threatens Carolina Player to Take Off Kobe Shoes


We all know that Michael Jordan is a very proud man and is fighting right now to retain the title of Greatest of All Time, so it doesn’t really surprise me that when he met up with the current North Carolina team, he is fighting to make sure his own school wears his own Jordan brand shoes after seeing one of the players sporting Kobe Bryant shoes.

Of course this was all in good fun, but you can definitely feel Jordan’s competitive spirit:

“Next time I see you wearing those Kobe Bryant’s, I’m gonna take it right off. I don’t care if your feet kill you, you’re gonna wear them Jordan’s.”

Jordan knew the cameras were rolling, so he pulled out his patented PR savvy as well:

“But if you keep winning, you can wear’em.”

Gotta love how Jordan still represents his school and told them that if they make the Final Four, he’ll hook them up with everything, including the Jordan XI Cool Greys, which are some of the hardest shoes to find out there!

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  • Dustindresda

    Jordan brand or anything based on him is “status level” show! Hate his shoes, never seen a brand so widely over used and imitated ! Kobe earned his due like Jordan did, except his shoes are “game ready”! Whatever the fact or reasons, let the players wear what they feel comfortable and confident in, after all …”it’s gotta be the shoes!”. Right ?

  • Jmizzo

    i think its funny, jordan says that he doesn’t care how much they hurt his feet….lol

  • JDA

    Is it legal for him to give all of that stuff to NCAA players?

    • Omearica33

      Thats what i was thinking. I dont think that Legal. But since it’s Jordan prob nothing will be said

  • gon

    nahhhh…..JORDAN’s is an insecure with in terms of KOBE BRYANT……THE HIGH SCHOOL PHENOM….

  • Noey73

    This Is What I call a biased article, I wonder Why kobe changed his number to 24 and tries to mimic every move And gesture at The free-throw line. Not to mention wearing MJ’s bulls 23 jersey at an All Star Game hhmm I wonder Who hates/wanna be who? Gee, Let me think.

    • Hicksette65

      Who cares? Jordan is a grumpy, bitter old tool. He was the 90’s and Kobe is now. Deal with it, hater.

      • Noey73

        Dont be “naive”…so, You are telling me that if you owned the lakers You would let Your players wear I mean advertise The spurs’ jerseys? Give me a break, The NBA wants so desperate Another MJ before They go bankrupt so They Are getting on anybody, might as well be Kobey. Besides, Kobey Is playing against a bunch of nobodies, And lebron WILL KICK HIS ASS.

        • Oreardonfactor

          Jordan took so many of Dr. Js moves that he won the Slam Dump Award with the same exact move Dr J did umpteen number of years before. Jordan played against nobodies. There were a handful of players who could average 20 points in Jordan’s era. Now each team has at least 2. You have no idea what you are talking about. BTW, Kobe’s shoes are the best feeling baskeball shoes I have ever worn. The way the arch cradles and supports the heel in the pocket, crazy good.

          • Noey73

            Wow, you really sound like you know what You are talking about. You Are Calling Carl malone, robinson, Reggie Miller, barkley, mourning, magic Jonson etc.etc….q bunch of nobodies? You clearly follow basketball on Youtube a alot . How about go Back TO the projects, take Another hit And continue DAY-dreamimg about maybe someday You will meet Kobey And have a couple of cold ones together. losers .

          • Rac3344

            learn how to spell for christs sakes

          • Noey73

            Hurts..LOL..Is that all you’ve got..?

          • Noey73

            Hurts..LOL..Is that all you’ve got..?

  • Bkj5_1

    Haha I’m a legit Kobe fan but if MJ told me he’ll get me those “Cool Greys” AND whatever Jordan gear I wanted, I would take those VI’s off in a heartbeat lol. Kobe’s shoes aren’t going anywhere but those Jordans disappear from stores as soon as they are released! And no it’s not against NCAA rules because Jordan (Jordan Brand) is the UNC Men’s Basketball official supplier…

  • Birdman

    Who’s Kobe ? No one cares about a 1 MVP in 15 years 20 % shooting patented playoff choke artist that has won 0 playoff series without the best NBA big man carrying his patented playoff airballs

  • mjtwnty3


  • Noey73