Jordan Threatens Carolina Player to Take Off Kobe Shoes

Jordan Threatens Carolina Player to Take Off Kobe Shoes


We all know that Michael Jordan is a very proud man and is fighting right now to retain the title of Greatest of All Time, so it doesn’t really surprise me that when he met up with the current North Carolina team, he is fighting to make sure his own school wears his own Jordan brand shoes after seeing one of the players sporting Kobe Bryant shoes.

Of course this was all in good fun, but you can definitely feel Jordan’s competitive spirit:

“Next time I see you wearing those Kobe Bryant’s, I’m gonna take it right off. I don’t care if your feet kill you, you’re gonna wear them Jordan’s.”

Jordan knew the cameras were rolling, so he pulled out his patented PR savvy as well:

“But if you keep winning, you can wear’em.”

Gotta love how Jordan still represents his school and told them that if they make the Final Four, he’ll hook them up with everything, including the Jordan XI Cool Greys, which are some of the hardest shoes to find out there!

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