Jordan Hill Receives DNP-CD in Loss to Magic Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers once again fell below .500 due to a disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. The team did not play well and there is no The Los Angeles Lakers once again fell below .500 due to a disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. The team did not play well and there is no Rating:
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Jordan Hill Receives DNP-CD in Loss to Magic

The Los Angeles Lakers once again fell below .500 due to a disappointing loss to the Orlando Magic at Staples Center. The team did not play well and there is no excuse for losing to a team like the Magic, a squad that will likely miss the playoffs.

Several times this season, the Lakers lost to sub-par teams and have been very inconsistent. There has never been a point this season when the Lakers put together a long stretch of solid play. The energy and determination is lacking most of the time and the players cannot seem to get it together.

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Some players, like Jordan Hill, give it their all every night, but for some reason the coaching staff does not give them the minutes they deserve. Hill has played extremely well this season, but he did not play a single minute in tonight’s game versus the Magic. To make matters worse, Hill only played three minutes in the Lakers’ rout of the Denver Nuggets.

Under Mike Brown’s system, Hill always got off the bench and was one of the best players in the Lakers’ second unit. However, with Mike D’Antoni now running the sideline, Hill has not been seeing a lot of minutes. Hill played for D’Antoni while with the New York Knicks and even then his minutes were very inconsistent.

The Lakers’ big men are currently struggling so it is surprising to see a talented center sitting on the bench. Although Hill is not as skillful as Pau Gasol or Dwight Howard, he gives it his all every time he is on the court. The Lakers are currently lacking energy, but Jordan Hill is someone who can bring that instantly off the bench.



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  • Jeff

    He doesnt play because he cant shoot. In this system, he needs to be able to shoot. He wont be with the team much longer.

    • Arnold

      The Lakers would be stupid to trade him after signing him to a 3 year deal this off season. D’Antoni is an idiot for not using him. He might not be able to shoot as well from mid range, but he hustles and does things that don’t appear on the stat sheet. We need Jordan Hill. He’s an anchor on our bench.

      • trolol4life

        Agree with you! Also, I remember when Gasol barely joined the Lakers he was so good and we had no offense that was based off a point-guard. For the Coach to say that we are waiting on Nash for things to get better is just plain stupid! Gasol plays a lot better when Dwight isn’t playing center and we all know this!

        • Arnold

          Agreed!! He needs to cater to Pau. Pau is a 2-time world champ, the best player to ever come out of Spain, and has an array of offensive moves. If D’Antoni tries to trade Pau for Josh Smith or Ryan Anderson, we’re not going to win a championship. He needs to mix his pick and roll offense with some basic aspects of the triangle to include guys like Pau, Jordan Hill and MWP. Have a consistent post scorer is more vital then on-again-off-again three point shooting. Get it together D’Antoni bc if Nash comes back and you’re still losing games, you’re gonna get the AX.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maher.a.jaoudeh Maher Abou Jaoudeh

      when they trade pau for a starting PF that can shoot! hill will be the C of the second unit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/KinDiesel Akinde Olagundoye

    Mike D’Antoni is proving that he was not the right man for the job. His fast paced offense is not suited for older players with so much talent. It’s basketball common sense. Older players play slower but use their skills more than athleticism. They score efficiently to help get their defense set so they’re not always defending in transition. They do not jack up threes as soon as they get down court. It tires the players out to run up court for a quick three and then be running right back on defense. Then when teams start hack-a-dwight, he takes out Pau? Ridiculous. Let Dwight get us in the bonus, then take HIM out! Pau Gasol deserves to play at the 5 when it’s closing time. He can make free throws. And he’s pretty good down low…

  • Just a Laker Fan

    Ok, really guys GIVE D’ANTONI a break and yes caps were needed. But look really he will get things done. I don’t know why Jordan was benched that is questionable but really stop with the D’Antoni is the wrong guy look at his wins so far.

    • keekilza

      Im sorry but it shows he is the wrong guy our team is too old for his play and he has proven that for every team he has been on. N as a basketball player myself I would never want a quiter as a coach..aka..Knicks …Has nothing to do with the lost tonight he is just not fit..if not Phil Lakers need a mentally strong coach to coach guys in hollywood more of pop mentality D’atoni is a loser and has a losing mind set

    • keekilza

      Look the game tonight was lost due to bad coaching point blank…you don’t play Hill but you play ebanks lol dwight was not dominant on defense at all not great on offense the opponents go to hack a dwight and as a coach dantoini sits on the bench with his mr potatoe head mustache on and just look with his hands together…Is that what you call a good coach ..wow….9 for 21 take him out try something else if it is not working any coach know that in da bonus put someone in to drive to the gold like hill and can possibly get his own rebound and pau great free throw shooter the game was already slowed down what was his point and reasoning as a coach Bernie did way better than him by just letting them play off talent

      • Terrence

        I seriously doubt Hill playing would have improved their defense that much. He’s not 20 points worth of defense and that’s just for the fourth quarter. The team is not playing team defense consistently. They weren’t playing good defense under Brown and their still not doing it. They need some practices dedicated solely to defense.

  • Dr. Rasheed Syed

    One forced missed 3pointer by MWP and then I saw HACK-a-Howard.
    HACK-a-Howard was psychologically painful to see as a Lakers fan.
    Imagine what the players/teammates have to deal with.

    Mike D’Antoni sitting Pau on the bench was most absurd thing I have ever seen. Even a teenager will tell you that was a blunder made by D’Antoni. I wonder what Chick Hearn would have thought about this nonsense in L.A management. Haven’t the Lakers management learned anything from past? Hack-a-Shaq? I wonder who should have been on bench Howard or Pau? Common sense which in not so common in Mike D’Anotni right now. How did he become coach of Lakers? Who made him Coach?

    If Lakers want to get rid of Pau…Get rid of him with dignity and don’t try to blame or make scapegoat of Pau who gave us Championships for crying out loud.

    I am having hard time understanding Kobe, he publicly supports Pau but at the same time there is an agenda behind.

    DO THE LAKERS, KOBE WANTS PAU GASOL OUT? Even though publicly it seems Kobe is favoring Pau (which I don’t buy it).
    Kobe is criticizing Pau to make adjustments but he doesn’t have guts to say the same to Dwight Howard (Weak Kobe, Double standards). Game was lost by HACK-A-HOWARD and benching one of the best player in the game Pau Gasol.

    Fire Mike D’Antoni! Whose order’s is Mike D’Antoni listening to or following. One of the high octane energy bench player Hill didn’t get to play, minutes are down? Why?
    Mike D’Antoni is Lakers coach or some agent who is helping other teams win?
    Only Anti-Lakers would make such decisions.

    Coming events cast their shadows before. I have said in earlier post, they are making Pau look like a bad guy when he is not.
    Lakers hired a useless coach who cannot utilize Hill and Pau.
    Fire HIM!!!

  • keekilza

    Yeah this is unheard of why would d’antoni do this Jordan Hill is a hustler Pau is an all around fundamental player and to sit on the bench as a coach and watch the game melt away before everyones eyes is dumb what coach does that with all the talent on da bench .You take dwight out put hill in take out jamison put in gasol win da game

  • keekilza

    This is what the Lakers organization get for letting egos get in the way of having the best coach ever in Phil oh they couldn’t let him have more control like Pat Riley did .That would have been too much to handle …I mean Buss is 100 yrs old brain washed by his ego tripping son ..pHIL BANGING HIS SISTER ALREADY ..Laker Drama will cost them a championship that should be this year ..This is Hollywood for ya

  • Lyle

    Phil Jackson. Come on man, give it a try, one more time. One more trip to Lalaland, one more adventure.

    Shaq = Dwight
    Kobe = Kobe
    Everybody else (MWP, JHill, AJamison, and Co.) = Robert Horry, Rick Fox, and Co.

    Just needs Phil Jackson. The last, final piece.

    • http://www.facebook.com/john.caygill John Caygill

      Phil did say at a recent interview if he would coach the Lakers again. “Slim to none” was his answer. Quoting Jim Carrey from Dumb and Dumber “That means there is still a chance”

  • keekilza

    I knew it was a bad decision to get D’Antoni to begin with Run and gunning a team not fit for that won’t work. Its frustrating to see this as a true Laker fan for years sometimes I wished they would just take personal calls lol cause it seem the gm front office is not watching what everybody else is watching …And Kobe always calls gasol out when he is struggling that’s the relationship they have but come on he is not sucking enough to be benched just retarded and Hill why? D antoni have never liked him they have never got along but who cares this man can ball dude

  • http://twitter.com/WtfBuddha Magic Johnson

    Bullshit Hill is one of our key player for our bench

  • KP

    D’Antoni has got it all wrong. I still don’t why Ebanks was in towards to beginning of the game instead of Hill. Hill is way more aggressive!

  • http://twitter.com/Alpha_Randy Random Randy

    they should of hired me as head coach.. lol

  • Marie

    Can’t really understand D’Antoni, i thought he is good? I just wish Phil Jackson took the job not him. Jordan HIlll have more energy than Pau.

  • Jefeloco

    The Lakers management spent $ over the off season to bolster their bench. #1 stated priority was to re-sign hill due to his consistent production off the bench in the playoffs last year. This is the league’s highest payroll..I’m not sure how long D’Antoni can continue to “slap the Lakers in the face” by continuing to under-utilize important talent that the team is essentially paying double for!

  • Jay Dayuday

    Jordan Hill Receives DNP-CD In Loss To Magic
    Where the hell is the WHY Hill receives DNP-CD? What a shame for an article. I’m a Jordan Hill fan because of his energy(which the Lakers lack right now,esp Pau and Dwight), but lately I’m not seeing his regular minutes. I hope Hill is not injured or something.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ray.mijares.5 Ray Mijares

    I’d like to call on D’Antoni to look at his bench and see that Jordan Hill is there!!! When teams are using the Hack a Dwight strategy take out Howard and put in Pau and Hill inside.

    Why don’t you give the guy (Hill) a break and you’ll be surprised that he can do a lot of things for the Lakers.

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