Jordan Hill Frustrated With Lack Of Playing Time Under D’Antoni

Jordan Hill Frustrated With Lack Of Playing Time Under D’Antoni


If there’s anyone in the Lakers that hasn’t been getting as much burn under Laker head coach Mike D’Antoni, it’s Jordan Hill. D’Antoni has favored Antawn Jamison over Hill due to Jamison’s ability to spread the floor with his shooting.

Hill has played 45 total minutes in the last six Laker games. He even got a DNP against Orlando, when they lost at home in stunning fashion. This isn’t the first time Hill has had trouble getting playing time under D’Antoni; he’s had this problem when they were both in New York.

Hill expressed his frustrations to HoopsWorld.

Hill on the other hand played just 10 minutes a game during his 24-game stint in New York with D’Antoni and had seen his minutes decrease since D’Antoni took over for Mike Brown. “It’s frustrating, but things get better,” Hill said before the game. By the end of it, they had for him individually.

Hill posted up nine points, nine rebounds and three blocks in 14 minutes off the bench. With a solid understanding of what his new coach wants from him, he’s hoping to regain his spot in the rotation for good.

“In this system they want me to space the floor more,” Hill said. “I’m just like the guy that stays at the block and offensive rebound. I just try to focus mainly on that, but I just got to change it up a little bit and do what I have to do.”

With Pau Gasol out indefinitely due to knee problems, Hill will be getting some playing time as Dwight Howard’s main back-up at the center position. As Hill mentioned, his strength is staying on the block and getting the offensive rebound. As an energy guy, I would think D’Antoni would use him to help fire up the rest of his teammates as the Lakers have looked listless at times.

The Lakers look to get back to their winning ways when they face the New Orleans Hornets later on tonight.

  • Sti1lmatic

    Keep the frustration to yourself or you’re gonna find yourself playing for the “Pelicans”.

  • Bojuka Ryu

    i really don’t think that we will see the likes of Pau Gasol in a Lakers uniform any longer. I think that the trade for anderson will come through! This will really, really spread the floor and when Nash returns, it will be awesome! Lakers fan, please be patient and just let the staff do their thing!! Rome wasn’t built in a day!!!

  • Mel

    and he should. Hill worked hard last year thats why he have job right now. he deserves playing time.

  • jeff

    Kick D’Antoni out! Let Bernie Bicker staff take over!!!

  • dennis

    Get Phil back to coach Lakers Mr. Buss

  • plx

    I agree with bojuka. And to the fans that are saying don’t trade pau gasol are stupid this team needs to change for the future if dwight stays wicu probly not because kobe shoots the bay a lot and howard don’t get that many touches he only had 9 shot attempts that ain’t going to get things done. This team is too slow.