Jordan Hill Doesn’t Expect To Miss Time With Sprained Ankle Reviewed by Momizat on . The Los Angeles Lakers have dealt with a plethora of injuries this season, but the most recent one to Jordan Hill does not seem very serious. In the team's 106- The Los Angeles Lakers have dealt with a plethora of injuries this season, but the most recent one to Jordan Hill does not seem very serious. In the team's 106- Rating: 0
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Jordan Hill Doesn’t Expect To Miss Time With Sprained Ankle

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Jordan HillThe Los Angeles Lakers have dealt with a plethora of injuries this season, but the most recent one to Jordan Hill does not seem very serious.

In the team’s 106-102 victory over the Detroit Pistons, Hill left the game after spraining his left ankle. Hill played 13 minutes before suffering the injury and he remained on the sidelines for the remainder of the game. The Lakers did manage to beat the Pistons thanks to a fourth quarter run, but the team will need Hill moving forward.

After the game, Mike Trudell spoke to Hill and the big man said he does not expect to miss time with the injury.

Hill has been one of the most consistent players for the Lakers this season and he is someone the coaching staff can rely on. Detroit has a very talented front court and the Lakers surely missed having Hill out there to grab rebounds and score points. Nevertheless, the team found a way to win and should have Hill back in the lineup for the next game.

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  • Gregory Choa

    The (minor) ankle sprain notwithstanding, it seems as though Jordan Hill isn’t really built to play starters minutes and has appeared to be fatigued out there in these last couple of games in the wake of his breakthrough just last week. I wonder if ultimately he’s better suited coming off the bench and channelling his energies that way.

    I’m also wondering if D’Antoni is deliberately holding Kaman out until Kobe comes back and readying him to start alongside Pau when that happens. The lack of an interior presence defensively, both in the paint and at the rim, has been alarming to say the least. I wonder if the Lakers are ultimately better of starting a front court of Kaman, Gasol and Johnson, to go along with a back court of Kobe and Blake (Nash). This would give the second unit a core of Farmar, Meeks, Young, Williams & Hill…

    • nlruizjr

      MD, did not learn anything about where to position Gasol,he still has Gasol positioned at the corner to shoot mid-range shots, thus keeping him away from the rim preventing him from rebounding, put backs and blocks. I just don’t understand why MD would repeat the same mistake as last season, especially when last season was a disaster. Please FO, now is the time to fire MD and replace him with “B” and “Coop”. MD and KR know nothing about defense, it’s like the blind leading the blind !!!!!!

      It’s just pathetic to lose to the Wizzards, by leaving the paint open and not contesting any shots, Blowing a 27 point lead and just barely hanging on to beat the Nets and letting Detroit score 76 pts. in the paint and these aren’t good teams, if the Lakers would have been playing against a good team they would have lost them all, without a doubt. Gasol just disappears on defense, why isn’t MD playing kaman, Kaman will at least attempt to block a shot and is decent in the paint defensively. Just because Kaman voiced his opinion about MD’s system, is no reason to keep Kaman out, MD needs to learn to be thick skinned and think about the team first not about what Kaman feels about MD’s system. that just proves that MD just doesn’t belong coaching the lakers, with MD the Lakers will never win a title, you need a balanced team (score from the arc, mid-range and in the paint) MD is only concerned about scoring on the arc, How many teams have won a title just shooting from the 3, ZERO !!!!!!

      • savi

        One only fires a coach, if the team is losing! Have patience, The game of basketball is not one-dimensional. MDA must be aware of the shortcomings, and must be thinking of some way to overcome that. I like how the team is playing and everyone is stepping up is surprising. I am really looking forward to kobe settling into this system, more than anything, otherwise it’s all downhill from here.

        • Jim213

          Disagree, we know what Hill’s role as a starter is and given that he’s earned the opportunity to start he needs to improve on the offensive end which will come in time. Although, Gasol has played consistent defense, offensively and especially as the 2nd go to guy on the team has not delivered.

          Given that the PLAYERS themselves have expressed satisfaction in playing under the coach’s system along with starting to develop a better all around play IMO it’s highly unlikely that he’d be fired down the line unless things turn for the worse but not if they keep winning (exceed expectations)..

          The coach should be given credit for bringing in many of the 2nd unit players that also include a starter or two. He did the best with what was given to him (cap limits $$) as has managed to produce the #1 bench in the NBA. While other teams overspend or are doing less with more talent.

          Funny how the coach gets the blame FOR THE PLAYERS BAD GAMES which should mostly apply to rotations but not to their EFFORT. Some may doubt Hill but he;s the hustler of the team who’s managed to help out certain starters who haven’t lived up to their billing.

          But the rants won’t stop though he gets the credit as it remains to be seen if MANAGEMENT can attain the right pieces to increase the overall ability of this team given that they have better DEPTH today than last year.

  • LakersHeatBeef

    I am glad Jordan Hill is okay.

  • Lakers4Life

    Looks like this is a good time to fire Dumbtoni who doesn’t even play Kaman a few minutes per game. It’s not like he can’t play at all and he’s even dressed up to play. This is exactly how a stupid coach starts to get his players in bad condition and ultimately injured.

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