Jordan Farmar Still Wants To Be A Laker Despite D’Antoni Resignation

Jordan Farmar Still Wants To Be A Laker Despite D’Antoni Resignation


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In a shocking turn of events, Mike D’Antoni decided to resign as Lakers head coach after the team refused to pick up his fourth year option.

While D’Antoni was not popular amongst many Lakers fans, there were a lot of players who enjoyed playing for him.

One of those was Jordan Farmar who enjoyed a career year this season under D’Antoni. Despite that, Farmar told the LA Daily News’ Mark Medina that he still wants to return to Los Angeles next year:

After going overseas for a year, Farmar returned to the Lakers and posted his second-highest scoring average of his career, while also posting career highs in rebounds and assists despite being hobbled by injuries.

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Farmar was one of a number of players who enjoyed excellent seasons under D’Antoni despite the team failing to maintain success when it came to victories. He has expressed numerous times his desire to return to Los Angeles.

Farmar also expressed his disappointment in the resignation to Medina, and supported D’Antoni despite him leaving:

Even though many questioned if D’Antoni had lost this Lakers team during the season, there were always a number of players who supported him, throughout all of the losses.

Farmar’s words in the midst of D’Antoni’s resignation is just another example of that.
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  • independentbynature

    Yeah,we know all the little guys loved Antoni and his 5 guard line ups.Who else would let Farmar play center?

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  • DumboWithEars

    Farmar you should keep your mouth shut if you want to come back to the Lakers

  • Jim213

    Disagree, with Farmar’s view of the coach not getting a fair shot. Two season’s is more than enough time IMO to show what you bring to the table even with injuries. But the good thing is that they have close to 2 months before (FA) to find the best possible coach to show consistency at the position.

  • huh

    lol DESPITE!

  • Will

    Omfg are u serious man I friggin quit smh

  • Pope Chuck Paul

    If you are a free agent and your name isn’t kobe or pau you need to be quiet about d’antoni leaving.just say “it was unfortunate and he was a great guy. i wanna come back to the lakers.”

    • Chrmngblly

      As one of MDAs harshest critics, I say thank God things worked out for the best. Still, he had many good qualities. That being said, Mike was never a good fit for the Lakers. That the FO hired him in the first place and then took two years and still couldn’t see that is a separate indictment against Jimmy Buss. How can we overcome this wannabe owner? The Lakers belong to the fans at least as much as they do to the Busses. Why don’t they sell out and get on with doing something suitable with their lives? If JB wants to be a bum, he should go be good at it.