John Calipari On Lakers Rumor: ‘I’m Not Even Going To Dignify That Stuff’ Reviewed by Momizat on . [new_royalslider id="169"] UPDATE (9:36 PM PT): In a one-on-one interview with ESPN, John Calipari says he'll absolutely be at Kentucky next season according to [new_royalslider id="169"] UPDATE (9:36 PM PT): In a one-on-one interview with ESPN, John Calipari says he'll absolutely be at Kentucky next season according to Rating: 0
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John Calipari On Lakers Rumor: ‘I’m Not Even Going To Dignify That Stuff’

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UPDATE (9:36 PM PT): In a one-on-one interview with ESPN, John Calipari says he’ll absolutely be at Kentucky next season according to Lakers Nation reporter Serena Winters:


John Calipari is one of the most successful college coaches of this generation. He has led the Kentucky Wildcats to three Final Four appearances in the last four years and one national championship.

He has also sent a number of players to the NBA including New Orleans Pelicans forward Anthony Davis, and Washington Wizards point guard John Wall.

There have been recent rumors about Calipari becoming the new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers next season. Calipari denied those rumors in a press conference on ESPN after his team’s loss in tonight’s national championship game:


Calipari denying these rumors should come as no surprise, especially in the immediate aftermath of a loss in a championship game. His focus right now is likely on consoling his young players after their season ended in disappointment.

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Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak also denied having any contact with Calipari about coaching the Lakers and despite rumors to the contrary, it is no guarantee that the Lakers will fire Mike D’Antoni after this season.

Calipari had a mostly underwhelming stint as head coach of the New Jersey Nets from 1996-1999 and many experts have always believed that he would want to redeem himself in the NBA at some point.

However, Calipari does have one of the most attractive jobs in all of college basketball, and he will never have to worry about job security if he was to stay at the University of Kentucky.

The lure of the NBA can be attractive to some however, and if the Lakers were to have a head coaching vacancy, Calipari would at least have to consider it.
VIDEO: Lakers Rumors – John Calipari To The Lakers? Are The Lakers Leaning Towards Parting Ways With Mike D’Antoni?

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  • Chuck

    Shit anyone is better than D’antoni

    • Jim213

      It is what it is. #rollwithit but who has the better record out of the two? (pun)

      • Sylvia Ross

        Jim213, I don’t know how you guys come up with this stuff but that is funny..

        • Jim213

          Just humor no disrespect to anyone but in tough times it lessens the frustrations.

    • Nick Finley

      Even as a U of L fan I agree.

  • Randle

    The source Rex Chapman but he is with Calipari agent William Wesley tonight.

    • Jim213

      Seen the pic on his twitter but we’ll see what develops.

  • Randle

    This rumor is gaining a lot of steam by the minute in Kentucky tonight.It’s true.

    • vdogg

      are you serious??

  • TheTruthKills

    Why would he leave Kentucky? Even with the loss to UConn he is the most powerful man in college basketball thanks to the one and done rule. Players line up to play for him and he assembles freshman dream teams almost yearly. Why would he want to give that up to work for Jim Buss? Literally Jim Buss.

    • Daryl Peek

      Cal recently came out against the proposed 20 year old NBA age limit that will likely become reality soon. He cited the possibility of more NCAA violations if you force these kids to stay another year when many want to make the jump straight out of HS to the NBA. Plus working for the Lakers is still a glamour coaching job, especially if you win.

      • TheTruthKills

        I know that he is against the age limit rule, but that doesn’t change my point. He’s still the most powerful man in college basketball. Top recruits line up to play with him. And while the Lakers job is still a glamour job, there’s still Jim Buss calling the shots. Cal basically calls his own shots at Kentucky. He has complete control. Why leave that?

        • Daryl Peek

          The challenge, being tired of the one and done rat race, ETC…

  • Andrew Hirigoyen

    That’s what Chip Kelly said before he signed with the Philly Eagles. If the check is big enough they go.

  • Grant

    Neither side really said no, just the typical denial but Ruth plenty of wiggle room. Cal has the attitude to deal with this market and the expectations given he faced tremendous scrutiny at UK. I just think he’s best off at College. I guess the Lakers are perhaps thinking of Anthony Davis down the road.

    • Grant

      *with plenty of wiggle room I mean

  • Godfrey Uche

    John Calipari or Kevin Ollie will be a whole lot better than MDA. Hiring a new coach now will be a sigh of relief.

  • Richard

    Will the best coach for the Lakers going forward, need proven success, experience, and expertise now to succeed and compete at the NBA level? Which coach should that be for the Lakers?

  • Sylvia Ross

    I’m hoping that if the Lakers are considering a new coach that they will think about ex-Laker players who have made an impact in the nba as coaches. Hopefully, Byron Scott who is very defensive minded will be given a chance at the job.

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