Joel Meyers Out as Lakers Television Broadcast Analyst

Joel Meyers Out as Lakers Television Broadcast Analyst


According to several sources close to the Lakers it appears that television broadcast analyst Joel Meyers will not have his contract renewed with the Los Angeles Lakers. Meyers has been with the Lakers since Paul Sunderland moved from radio to television following the departure of the legendary Chick Hearn.

Meyers has been teamed with Stu Lantz to create the Lakers play by play team, but it appears the team will be broken up at the end of the season. According to the source all the Lakers broadcast analysts will see their contract expire at the end of the season, but only some of them will be back. It appears that Meyers will not be back with the team in 2012.

Rumor has it that Los Angeles radio play by play analyst Spero Dedes will get the job. Dedes is one of the most popular up and coming broadcasters in the game, and has done the Lakers radio broadcasts for the past several seasons. Whether or not Dedes is given the job is yet to be seen, but many of the people familiar with the situation believe the job will eventually belong to Dedes.

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  • SirJ

    Get rid of Laker hater Stu Lantz…. He needs to coach since he ALWAYS knows what the Lakers should have done… After the play of course. He is forever critical…. Just call the game Stu… If we are “stuck” with you. Jerry Buss please get rid of him…!!!!!

    • Luckaja

      Stu Lantz is horrible, all he does is correct his partner and play Monday morning quarterback the whole game. Stu is lucky he had Chick, the only reason why he still has a job.

      • Rindy

        Are you kidding? Stu Lantz must have more than 6 eyes. He doesn’t miss a trick. He & former Joel Meyers complimented each other SO well. It never ceases to amaze me, how much Stu knows about basketball.  When the team watches the video from the night before & DOESN’T listen to what Stu says,
         they’re CRAZY !

        • Rindy

          I’m not replying to myself…I just want to make it clear==We HAVE to have JOEL MEYERS back w/ Stu. They’re like America & apple pie.
           P L E A S E, PLEASE< PLEASE VOTE for Joel on this web site. We
          CAN'T lose Joel !!!  I'm literally sick to my stomach not listening to him w/ Stu. VOTE=VOTE=VOTE before it's too late.

  • David

    Stu Lantz is a legendary Laker commentator and former player. He knows the game of basketball well which allows him to analyze it. Of course, he comments after the play has ended. He’s a commentator, not a forecaster. He deserves your respect.

  • Alaball

    you’re kidding right?  we NEED to have joel meyers back?  c’mon!  i agree with the comments on here about stu lantz commenting after the fact.  when chick was around, he was literally a sidekick.  now he’s more outspoken and too biased.  as for joel, the guy was calling dodger game way back and he totally used to kill any enthusiasm for the game.  we’re spoiled in LA between play-by-play royalty such as vin scully, bob miller and the late, great chick hearn.  if you’ve ever heard any of these three, they call a fair game, provide great insight and really engage the viewer/listener because they have a great feel for the sport and the personalities within them.  never really got that from joel and with stu feeling like he needs to take charge, it really just waters down the telecast. 

    • Rindy Ca

      Not only does Stu call the play the SECOND he sees it, he SUGGESTS what they could have done in the next SECOND.  I stand by Joel w/ Stu all the way.  And yes, I’ve heard of the other 3.  Vince Scully can call a game that 3 commentators couldn’t.

  • Will

    get rid of Stu and Joel they both such ! you have to turn the sound off to enjoy the game