Joel Embiid Predicts Kobe Bryant’s MVP Ranking In Two Years

Joel Embiid Predicts Kobe Bryant’s MVP Ranking In Two Years


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One of the most entertaining professional athletes on Twitter over the past few months has been Joel Embiid. Hands down. No contest.

The seven-footer won’t get a chance to showcase his skills in Philadelphia anytime soon, but he’s been as active as can be on the Twittersphere for a player set to miss most or all of his rookie season.

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Embiid’s latest antics on Twitter have him dubbing himself the favorite to win the NBA MVP award in a couple of years. Embiid has yet to play a minute in the NBA, but he’s shoo-in for MVP in his opinion:

Most people will see a few things wrong with Embiid’s rankings. Obviously, he’s doing it for fun and it shouldn’t be taken seriously in any way, but let’s break it down regardless.

First of all, where is Kevin Durant?

Durant is coming off the best season of his career beating out LeBron for MVP honors in convincing fashion. No disrespect to the Twitter guru, but come on, Embiid! Durant didn’t even make the list?

Second, Los Angeles Lakers fans will love it, but the rest of the world won’t. Kobe Bryant is third in the MVP rankings behind LeBron, and of course, Embiid.

At 38, it’s doubtful Kobe is competing with LeBron and the social media master as the league’s most valuable player. Even Kobe would agree if he’s still playing or trying to build his own empire with Kobe Inc. A case could be made for the ridiculousness of Chris Bosh at number four, too.

Regardless of Embiid’s misguided prediction, the former Jayhawk isn’t sulking in the corner after being passed over in the draft or landing with arguably the worst team in the league. Embiid continues to be hilarious on Twitter and a must-follow for any NBA fan.

From tweets to Kim Kardashian and Rihanna trying to land a date to recruiting LeBron James to the 76ers, the 20-year-old has become a social media superstar in only a matter of months.

Hopefully he continues to entertain us while trying to work his way back on the court.

Get well soon, big fella!


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  • Okaaay

    Embiid killing the Twitter game! LMAOOOO! His tweets are hilarious!

  • Zach

    Too funny! Not sure what’s more outrageous, Embiid winning, Kobe as high as #3 or Bosh at #4! Kobe in two years won’t even be playing, and if he is the Lakers are just pushing back contending for one more year.

    • tailormade2

      the hater strikes again

    • Leonel CuffyoChick Pierre

      Lakers Haters / Kobe haters never cease to amaze me lmao , i want some of what u smoking

      • Zach

        It is good, but regardless of your state of mind, we all know Kobe won’t be in the MVP running in two years, let alone this year. If stating facts makes me a hater, so be it.

        • richard

          first off, it is not a fact… the games hasn’t started yet… secondly, no one knows Kobe won’t be running for MVP in two years…

    • Laker truth

      Are you like a bucks fan?
      Or just a realistic Lakers fan ?


    He’s an annoying attention whore.

    • Zach

      Don’t cry little guy…need a hankie..???

      • DKWTTY

        Kill yourself.

  • Kb24


    HOWS DAT 4 u?

  • Derek Clark

    Joel Embiid on Twitter = Lance Stephenson on the court in the playoffs

  • Ebony Ivory

    Slow day eh? It was mentioned not to take it seriously but yet break it down as the author sees something wrong in it? Looking for durant? Did it ever cross his mind that the number one rank could be durant (replaced with his own picture). Slow day it is..

  • Duhi

    Bosh. with

    • Duhi



    ESPN says Kobe is not even one of top 10 shooting guards. But Lakerfanss wanna make him the League MVP. LoL!