Jim Buss Says Jeanie ‘Has The Ultimate Say’ In Decisions Reviewed by Momizat on . Ever since the untimely death of the great Dr. Jerry Buss last February, there have been questions over who is truly in charge of the Lakers organization. Basic Ever since the untimely death of the great Dr. Jerry Buss last February, there have been questions over who is truly in charge of the Lakers organization. Basic Rating:
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Jim Buss Says Jeanie ‘Has The Ultimate Say’ In Decisions

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jimbussEver since the untimely death of the great Dr. Jerry Buss last February, there have been questions over who is truly in charge of the Lakers organization. Basic knowledge is that Jim Buss is in charge of basketball operations, while Jeanie runs the business side.

In an interview with Fox Sports Radio 570 AM, Jim Buss spoke about the decision making process that goes on within the Lakers, and whether or not their system works:

Jeanie would have probably the ultimate say [...] the system has worked for years. Jeanie has been running the business side for years and years and it has been working.

Buss spoke at length about how long he has been making decisions for the Lakers, and the long process that goes into it. Even before Jerry Buss’ passing, Jim was very prominent within the organization and very involved in all basketball decisions.

Most assume that Jeanie has the most respect amongst their NBA peers and Jim conceding that Jeannie has the final say in major Laker decisions that cross the basketball and business operations, shows his status within the organization. Buss also added that he has the final say in basketball decisions, but rarely does it come down to one person’s say.

In the end, the Buss family has a system that has been working and until it is proven it won’t work, it will continue on.


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Corey is currently a full-time staff writer for Lakers Nation. He is a passionate follower of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Cowboys and can usually be seen arguing the merits of Kobe Bryant or cursing the decisions of Jerry Jones. He is also a former producer and associate producer for Sirius XM Sports Radio. Follow him on twitter @TheeCoreyH

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  • The Rock

    Jim Buss is doing a fine job so far.His first year as head man in charge he loses Dwight Howard,MWP,Earl Clark,Jamison plus lesser players in return he get Nick Young,Chris Kaman,Wesley Johnson,Jordan Farmar,Xavier Henry.

    It’s the big picture that i am pointing out he has what it takes to make the right decisions it’s in his bloodlines to be a championship owner and the city of LA is not embracing him for obvious reasons he is following in the footsteps of his legendary father Jerry Buss plus he never rehired Phil Jackson and the Lakers let popular players Derek Fisher,Lamar Odom,Andrew Bynum all go for a bag of chips and 3 Spalding balls.

    Yeah just give it some patience and Jim Buss will prove his haters wrong.People always think they are smarter than Jim Buss,well in that case then who the hell would you have gotten this off season given the restrictions the Lakers are now under.Being over the salary cap and still landing Young,Johnson,Farmar,Caveman,Henry is pretty damn good if you know basketball like i do.I support Jim Buss forever he ain’t going nowhere.Go Lakers Go!

    • Daryl Peek

      Dr. Buss, Jimmy and Mitch settled for trying to win now with Phil. The cost of that was the immediate future. The last three years has been pay day. We are now back on a Jerry west like track. One that includes grooming youth again. MWP, Clark, Jamison, Barnes, Shannon Brown, Ariza, ETC… were all cap causalities of the triangle win now philosophy. Howard was just not comfortable with Kobe.

      Jerry Buss was done with Phil also. Everything changes! Nothing lasts forever. It’s time to move on from Phil. It was a great run. Leave it at that like Dr. Buss did when Showtime was over. All this we want Phil, revisionism is hindering the future. No one is bigger than the Lakers brand. This is what Dr. Buss understood and showed through humility and being willing to let go when change was inevitable. Many Lakers fans need to get on board…

      • http://www.facebook.com/eddie.lazaro123 Eddie Lazaro

        Nicely put Daryl, Go Lakers!

      • nlruizjr

        I agree and if for some reason Kobe comes back and doesn’t want to cut his contract (30 mil.), then it’s time for the lakers to say “it’s been nice Kobe but your not the player you once were, so take it or leave it”, I would hope that Kobe would take a cut, what other team is going to give him top contract at his age and his injury. He can go to a contending team but we don’t know how this new team will panout or who they plan on pickup 2014-2015. I think Kobe will stay, there is no place like LA.

        • Daryl Peek

          There’s truth in that mayne but that’s a very slippery slope. Kobe is one who’s somewhat bigger than the Lakers brand right now. Imagine Dr. Buss telling Magic to kick rocks in 92 after the announcement? NO WAY!!

          Kobe’s season would have to be complete failure for that stance to be slightly acceptable. We all hope Kobe does the right thing in 2014. I would never bet against his return to greatness tho.

          • LakerTom

            straight knowledge in thus forum. I am a season ticket holder, so I’ve been to my fair share of games.
            this season was painful to watch. it shows the lakers front office is inept. their strategy and approach to building a team and valuing assets is archaic especially in this new salary cap era of the NBA. Knowing we can not possibly compete for a championship, mgmt should have traded our assets for draft picks so that we can rebuild quickly. The handling of the Howard situation is their biggest debacle of their tenure. If they knew that Howard was not coming back, they should have made some moves to sign him to the big contract and made a trade work for young assets or draft picks while maintaining cap space for 2014 free agency. They should trade Gasol for something while he is worth something and sit Kobe for this season to fully heal knowing this team was not going anywhere. Let the rookies and young guys get experience and confidence this season so that when Kobe and a few Star free agents come in 2014 the Lakers would have an even stronger team, stronger bench and hopefully a star rookie from hopefully drafting in the top 10 in a loaded draft. instead they think short term which cripples us by being a middle tiered team. hoping just spend a lot of money next year or the year after that? this laker mgmt team does not have the analytics to plan for short and long term goals. you think Jim Buss, Mitch Kupchak run models on analyze data like the young GMs of Oklahoma, San Antonio, etc. Outspending like previous Lakers mgmt will not work in this new paradigm.

          • Daryl Peek

            It’s not that simple.

            First, you can’t just sit Kobe. He has say in that along with team doctors. No way in hell the fan base and Time warner would be good with that!

            Second, you can’t just trade Howard. He has say because the other team has to be willing to take him the same way we did knowing he might just be a rental.

            Third we can only trade a player for players straight up with salaries that match coming back. The number of players with expiring contracts, that the team could trade for is a very limited source. Those with said type of players are not fools! They know they the Laker FO is desperate, and need to get under the luxury tax limit to avoid the repeat tax offenders more punitive status going forward. Thus other owners have the upper hand in negotiations with the Lakers. Luxury tax carryover from the triangle win now era is the reason we are stuck. Letting Howard was simply the best option.

            4th. Miami is spending. Riley is still on the Lakers old system. The Spurs have not won a championship since 2007. This new CBA is just that, new. The Lakers have grandfathered in contracts coupled with a bevy of circumstances (Stern mainly) that impeded forward reload championship/new CBA salary cap friendly thinking. Mitch and Buss were on it. They were forced to redo the plan. That is not an easy task given all against them in trying to win with Kobe and Phil.

            5th. They done a great job given all the aforementioned. Dr. Buss and Jerry West had their share of failures in championship building while grooming youth. West is the best talent evaluator in NBA history IMO, and by most professionals in the NBA. He was on the cutting edge of overseas talent scouting… see Vlade Divac. This so called new way is an unproven model when it comes to building a dynasty. OKC is not a dynasty. Golden St. isn’t either. The Spurs are the only team that can lay claim to that. Their dynasty goes as long as Duncan can maintain his high level of play. They have yet to find their next!

            We wont know what the full implications of this new CBA are til were about ten years into it, when it comes to building a dynasty. Thus the learning curb applies to everyone involved and traces of the previous model (the Laker way) will still be relevant… again see Riley in Miami with Lebron. Believe it or not, the Spurs adopted it for a while when they were winning their championships.

            No matter what the NBA does or try’s to do, you will never have NFL like parity til you eliminate guaranteed player contracts. The haves will always have the option to just simply pay the luxury tax in that environment… see Mikhail Dmitrievitch Prokhorov flexing in Jersey.

  • Jim213

    Dr. Buss wanted Jim to run basketball operations while Jeanie runs business operations ($$$). Although, she may have some say in basketball decisions let’s hope they both are on the same page down the line to make the right moves and acquisitions.

    • Daryl Peek

      Agreed Jim. It’s all about them finding THEIR way…

      • Jim213

        Blah.. blah.. this topic was brought up awhile back. Just checking out “inside the Lakers” in depth player review articles, good ones.

        • Daryl Peek

          Unfortunately these Lakers topics will be rehashed til another championship is won, or at least a really impressive deep playoff run.

  • independentbynature

    I couldn’t disagree more with The Rock and Daryl.When the Lakers traded for Nash,it’s undeniable that they were in a win now mode.Hiring D’Antoni was the wrong move at the wrong time.Jimmy dropped the ball by not hiring P.J.No mistake about it.Hiring Brown for a roster assembled for the triangle and again,in win now mode,was also a mistake.Brian Shaw was the obvious man for the job to keep continuity and provide the best chance at winning now.Jimmy dropped the ball.The Lakers had not decided to change the win now strategy until Howard left.Letting Odom and Fish go,was a financial decision and had nothing to do with anything else except the failed CP3 trade.I love the Lakers,but I’m with Magic.I don’t believe in Jimmy Buss.I’d love to be wrong,though.Only time will tell if Jimmy can learn from these obvious mistakes.

    • Daryl Peek

      The Lakers are always in win now mode. They are right now. Will it always come to fruition? NO. Just as Dr. Buss didn’t always win. Dr. Buss had been trying to move past the triangle since 2004. Things happened in 04-05 that forced him to rehire Phil reluctantly. When Phil walked in 10-11, that was it! Dr. Buss and Jimmy were done with Phil. The Brown hire was all about that. The CP3 deal was to usher in the new era. Stern happened. The FO was forced to reel in reaction again as it did in 05. Jimmy was the one who pondered Phil. Dr. Buss gave him words that helped Jimmy come to grips again with the sentiment to move on… “Don’t second guess yourself son. If you think D’antoni is the guy.” Keep in mind Dr. Buss liked the idea of MDA also.

      I would have liked to see Phil coach Howard (that’s the only reason Phil even considered coaching the team) but I believe it would have made no difference last season. The team injuries and bad blood between Kobe and Howard would not have been any different. Phil struggled to keep Kobe and Shaq together. Jerry West and Tex Winter were the peace keepers between Kobe and Shaq. Phil was the antagonist between them. Phil could not keep Bynum happy on the court with Kobe either. Bynum was talking about Kobe when he sarcastically said “I’m getting my Zen on” when he was acting out in 11-12. That had been brewing for years in Bynum. Bynum like Howard wanted his own shine. If Phil feature Howard over Kobe, Laker fans would have lost their minds! Kobe was not gonna be down with that no matter who was coaching. Nash might have been Steve Blake playing for Phil. Remember how bad Blake was in the triangle?

      I too liked B. Shaw. Unfortunately he represented the triangle in Dr. Buss’s and Jimmy’s eyes. Again, nothing Last forever. It’s just time to embrace change.

  • smugbill

    jim buss should run for office. he has the talk, talk, talk and never say anything ability down perfectly.

  • 3339

    Mike dantoni with the Lakers is like rich rod with michigan, an obviously wrong fit. If jeanie has the power that jim says she does, dantoni never gets hired. Dont give me that bs about dr buss wanting dantoni because the team needed to rebuild. He never wouldve done that and blew off last season. When you have a team built to win now, you dont care about the future. You live for the moment. When the lakers finally realize that dantoni sucks then they will move forward. Lakers are better than all these excuses. I really can’t believe people are buying into that future bs while basically putting this season in the refrigerator. We should be doing everything we can to help Kobe win #6 right now,, not experimenting with this dantoni bs.

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