Jim Boeheim Believes Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony Can Play Together

Jim Boeheim Believes Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony Can Play Together


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Heading into free agency, the Los Angeles Lakers did not have much of a chance to land Carmelo Anthony. However, after an impressive pitch meeting last Thursday, the franchise is considered to be the biggest threat to the New York Knicks. While the All-Star forward was expected to make his decision on Monday, everyone is patiently waiting to see what team he ultimately chooses.

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If the Lakers do sign Anthony this summer, there will be a lot of questions if he and Kobe Bryant can play together considering the similar play styles. According to Anthony’s college coach, Jim Boeheim, he believes the two stars can play together in an interview on The Herd with Colin Cowherd:

Unlike the numerous teams that Anthony met with last week, the Lakers already have the cap space to sign him to a max contract of four years, $97 million. Along with Kobe and Julius Randle, there is belief Pau Gasol will also quickly re-sign should the franchise be able to land Anthony.

With the entire league waiting for Anthony and LeBron James’ decision, Los Angeles does have numerous options if they are unsuccessful in their pursuit. While they have lost some players from last year’s roster, players like Greg Monroe, Lance Stephenson, and Trevor Ariza are still available in this free agency market.

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Lakers Kobe Bryant Plans To Recruit Carmelo Anthony

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  • Brandon A. Benitez

    Why must time move so slowly :( sick of waiting!

  • MikeHunt

    Well Mike Hunt believes you can stfu and stop talking about bs. Just wait for results than post something that is more meaningful.

    • MikeHuntsOre

      Away with you.

    • Jeff

      Or just don’t read what’s posted if you don’t think it has meaning to you?

      • jeffsuckaD


        • Jeff

          good one

  • JohnSmith00

    He also said Chicago would be the best fit for him, I just wish Carmelo would make up his damn mind already.

  • Bruce

    Seriously I’m sick and tired of hearing all the speculations on the Melo free agency crap, I need some actual facts!! Melo are you coming or not? yes or no? make your goddamn selection so we can move on and fill out our roster.

  • http://rantsofascorpio.wordpress.com/ Evan

    Yeah, now he’s stretching it out. Word was he’d have a decision after the weekend, then Monday was given. Here we are, heading into Wednesday, and no word. Thursday is when people can start actually signing contracts, so do we have to wait until then?

    I get it’s a big decision, but teams kind of need to know.

    • Badazztj12

      Exactly Lebron and Melo got every FA and all the GM’s waiting to see what they gonna do. Lebron need to make a decision for Melo can make it. He is basically waiting to see what Lebron gonna do if he goes to MIami. Even if he does go to Miami both cant get max deal. UNLESS Riley sign Melo first to max and get his team together then offer Lebron the max because they have his birdrights, but there hasn’t been any sources that they have got in contact with each other. Its just a big waste of time

      • lakers72

        while most teams are waiting… orlandos making big moves like signing channing frye to a 4 year 32 mil deal lol…

  • Bruce

    I’m pretty sure he still can’t make up his mind on Thursday, and damn if he can’t, we need to move on and start signing some other FAs and fill out the roster because the earth sure don’t revolve around him and Lebron when they think they are.

  • rival

    I’m sure melo already made up his mind, it’s just that the Lakers told him they’re going to announce it Thursday when they can start signing players

    • Bruce

      I hope you’re right

    • Jeff

      What on earth gives you that inclination??

      • rival

        Your an idiot bro

        • Jeff

          coming from the guy who can’t spell you’re right? still waiting for you to give an actual response.

          I think Carmelo is a possibility, but you’re making outrageous assumptions with nothing to back it up.

  • GOD CHRI$$$ ✞
  • Frank Padilla

    Melo is officially Kobe’s sidekick.

  • Cypressmurf

    What do you think Walt?

  • Badazztj12

    Wade and Lebron are skilled at getting into the paint and drawing fouls. Kobe and Melo are skilled shooters who can get up a shot whenever or wherever on the court. Why cant they play together? Ballhog? lol I say ballhog=put the team on your back Only in the 4th qtr (sometimes 3rd), when our team is having a bad night (most of every night). That’s when Kobe has to “ballhog”. Tried these haters who always call Kobe that, when they don’t even watch how our team plays every night. They just sit there watch Kobe ISO and don’t try to get open. What Kobe needs is a “SideKick”. Someone who is not as great as him but share some of his qualities(Melo)

  • rival

    In other news DAM Brazil got woooped!

    • OG RiceBone

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      They don’t accept rape*

      • Paul Pairazaman


  • LAL Winners Of 2010 Finals

    Hire Jim Boeheim as Lakers Head Coach!

  • Ireland

    Sign these guys Mitch it’s a must we get them so we can win more championships Adam Morrison,Jonathan Bender,Marcus Banks,Jermaine O’Neal,Kevin Garnett,Derek Fisher,Steve Blake,Luke Walton,Smush Parker,Kwame Brown,Sun Yue,Von Wafer DO IT MTCH!We need those players badly.

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      • Ireland

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        • karasoon4

          Wow, how old are both of your morons?? Please tell me you’re both still in high school, or else I have no idea how to justify two adults communicating the way you two just did.

    • Deezyisme


    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Gotta buy out Fish’s contract with the Knicks first…

  • Ireland

    Carmelo Anthony is 30 years old and you want to sign him?Tell me why?

    • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

      Because he’s one of the best players in the league. I’m no Melo fan, but he fits IMO, and can help return this team to contention.

  • ra

    It … will … all … be … over … soon. Then we can all stop worrying about this year’s FAs, LeBron, Melo and the Funky Bunch (and Marky Mark too).

  • Chris Cluxton

    If Melo was going to sign with New York he’d already have done so.

  • Chris Cluxton

    Where my Laker fans at?

  • Hahaha

    How long do we need to wait melo?!

  • rik

    next years lineup:
    PG: Clarkson/ i Thomas/ Kane
    SG: Kobe/ bazemore
    SF: Melo/ Henry/ johnson
    PF: Randle/ kelly
    C: Pau/ okafor/ sacre
    Kobe 24 mil
    Melo 24 mil
    Randle 2 mil
    Pau 10 mil
    bazemore 2 mil
    Clarkson 1 mil
    Kane 1 mil
    Henry 1 mil
    johnson 1 mil
    kelly 1 mil
    okafor 1 mil
    sacre 1 mil
    69 mil

    • PJam

      Where’s IT on the payroll????

      • http://www.foxhilldesign.com Josh

        I guess he’s a volunteer. :)

  • Chris

    I hope Anthony will sign as soon as possible while other good free agent players still available.

  • Jeremaine Prieto

    They already did play together in the olympics. Bryant can play with anybody, its a question of whether others will be willing to play with him. Howard was the exception, Howard wanted to be a star though he didn’t try hard enough to play with Gasol, Nash, etc…

  • rosalynrmanuel

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  • kliff richard

    my choose to be the perfect fit the next Head coach for LA Lakers and
    Should make choose next hire head coach jeff van gundy or george karl and mike woodson and mark jackson and doug collins and byron scott next new head coach LA Lakers right now

    • karasoon4

      Are your posts EVER going to make sense?? Please just stop until you better figure out the English language.

  • Ryan Soares

    Steve Blake, Kobe, Melo, Randle, Gasol.

    Clarkson, Kane, Young, Hill, Kelly, Sacre

  • comrade24

    I tend to think they will compliment each other well and Kobe will take on more of a facilitator role and average 20ppg and 8ast

  • sena

    The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.

  • 3339

    It’s very very simple. Melo is waiting for Lebron. He wants to play with Lebron. And imo if he can’t get Lebron he will stay in NY for the most money, the eastern conference, future cap space, and Phil Jackson.
    I have a bad feeling that the Lakers are wasting time because right now they can’t sign both Lebron and Melo for the deals they want.
    While they wait around for nothing, Julius Randle doesn’t get to play in summer league and good quality players sign elsewhere, and we have no first round picks next season unless we absolutely suck.
    shit we don’t even have a coach right now because we are waiting around for either Bron or Anthony to say who they want. Which makes no damn sense, if any player should pick, it’s Kobe.

  • comrade24

    New York Daily News Reporting that Melo will resign with New York
    barring last minute change. will let everyone know tomorrow. Seems like
    we’re out. Unless He can play with Lebron he’s going back to New York.
    This sucks! We better get started with Plan B before it’s too late. :(

  • hookedonnews

    With all due respect to Jim Boeheim, he’s never coached Kobe Bryant. He also coached Anthony in college not in the NBA. If they are going to play together, someone is going to have to modify his game.

  • mattyb

    Too bad Melo is going back to New York. Looks like its back to the draft lottery next year for the lakers.

  • dee

    Hell yea