Jim and Jeanie Buss Respond To Re-Released ‘Laker Girl’ Reviewed by Momizat on . On Sunday, excerpts of Jeanie Buss' re-released memoir, 'Laker Girl,' made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D'Antoni instead of On Sunday, excerpts of Jeanie Buss' re-released memoir, 'Laker Girl,' made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D'Antoni instead of Rating:
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Jim and Jeanie Buss Respond To Re-Released ‘Laker Girl’


On Sunday, excerpts of Jeanie Buss’ re-released memoir, ‘Laker Girl,’ made headlines as she wrote about her reaction to the team hiring Mike D’Antoni instead of Phil Jackson. She felt “betrayed” and  was “practically destroyed” that her brother did not hire Jackson, who was prepared to return to the Lakers as head coach.

It clearly brought back ill feelings from last season, but Jim and Jeanie Buss prepared statements regarding the re-releasing of ‘Laker Girl.’ Jim first stated that Jeanie’s feelings reflect her feelings and frustrations from a year ago and they have both resolved the situation:

“The words and sentiments in Jeanie’s new book reflect her feelings and frustrations nearly a year ago, and how she felt at that time. I understand that Jeanie felt that way, and why she felt that way. Since that time, we have discussed the situation, the circumstances that led to it, and our feelings about it. Both of us feel this has been resolved and have put this behind us.”

Jeanie Buss stated that this situation has led to better communication between them and they are only focused on making the Lakers championship contenders:

“Jim has been great in terms of understanding my feelings about this and in fostering an atmosphere that has led to better communication. We have regular meetings and talks and are both committed to creating the best working environment possible, as are my sister and other brothers as well. We are focused only on what is best for the franchise and in making the Lakers championship contenders.”

With the city of Los Angeles discussing the Phil Jackson-Mike D’Antoni situation again as a result of the memoir, it was important for both Jim and Jeanie to inform the fan base that they have resolved their personal issues and are solely focused on bringing more championships to Los Angeles.

In a time where many are discounting the entire Lakers organization, it’s important to re-establish a sense of stability and it all begins in the front office. When the Buss family finds a new way to effectively run the team, people’s high expectations of the Lakers will return sooner than later.


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  • Jim213


  • Eddie Lazaro

    Like every other Family Business, the beginning will always be a
    struggle of power when left abruptly by a Well Architect Owner Running
    the BEST FRANCHISE EVER. Since the delegated positions are willfully placed, both parties have to respect and honor all the wishes, set it the best way it will work in succession of the LAKERS family’s Future. They both (Jim & Jeannie) have too big of a shoe to fill, but showing the openness of communications is heading to the right direction.

  • The Rock

    I am sick of this bullshit.These fucking stupid greedy Lakers owners keep bickering and hating on eachother they make the Dodgers McCourt feud look peaceful.Quit bickering you would think they would act their damn age SMH!Get it together Buss kids this is serious bad publicity and terrible PR for The Lakers.We need to see them settle this or sell the team.

  • Lakers4Nation

    Exactly! It’s time to fire Dumbtoni out of Lakerland. The fans want Phil or basically anything other than Mr. Pringles.

  • Randall Sprague

    It’s clear that all the bickering with fans and laker management will end if Jim would just do what his father did and get Phil on a plane to LA if he isn’t already in town and get a deal going. Guaranteed difference in overall aspects of the game and demeanor of everyone– Phil is a one of a kind and knows how to win championships. Bottom line.

    • Jim213

      They won’t bring him back as well as Phil won’t coach a team that’s missing a few players to seriously compete for a title. Although, Phil will still be around but won’t be coaching the team given they’re moving to a different style of play (run and gun) small ball.

      • 3339

        Maybe at this point he wouldn’t come back, but he did come back in 2005-2006 a year after we missed the playoffs and had smush parker as our pg

  • 3339

    ok so Jeanie says Jim picked dantoni. Kupchak says the decision was clumsy. they said dantoni was the best for the group of guys assembled at the time and dantoni said the team wasn’t a project. then dantoni clearly wasn’t the best fit as players felt misused and now dantoni talks about team like a project.
    seeing all this chaos, Jim decides to blame his deceased father.
    dantoni is even worse than mike brown. anybody with a working brain can see that jim’s ego is in the way of decisions.

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