Jerry Sloan Trends on Twitter As Fans Beg ‘Fire Mike Brown’

Jerry Sloan Trends on Twitter As Fans Beg ‘Fire Mike Brown’


The Los Angeles Lakers have lost four of their first five games, with the most recent one coming tonight at the hands of the Utah Jazz.

The Lakers played poorly throughout the game and the players seemed very disinterested and disengaged. Fans from all over the country expressed their disappointment with the team over Twitter and a lot of the heat was placed on coach Mike Brown. There was a sense that the Lakers were not buying into what Brown was preaching and one could sense that the players were not fully supporting their coach.

Lakers Nation posted earlier that a source claims Jerry Sloan is interested in joining the Lakers, a coach that almost every fan would like to see run the sidelines.

Shortly after the Lakers game ended, Lakers fans took to Twitter and brought up the Sloan rumor again. The former Utah Jazz coach was a trending topic in the United States on Twitter minutes after the Lakers fell to 1-4.

At this point, Mike Brown is still the coach of the Lakers but a loss like tonight’s may put his job at risk. Even though it’s only a five games into the season, the pink slip may reach Brown very soon.

  • CV

    Doo doo brown cant cant win. Time to go to the bank and get a home Sloan for the wins!

  • Tim Garrison

    No Comment because Kobe told me to Shut Up last week!!!

    • Al Mond

      hahahahahha ..silly

  • Carnign Gspar Alphonso

    As soon as I saw that he got the job in the first place I was confused because Mike Brown DOES NOT fit with the Lakers at all! we need a new coach losing all these games with whose on our roster is unacceptable! please hire Jerry so we can at least finish with a decent record!

    • Ese Payaso

      EXACTLY GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Carnign Gspar Alphonso


  • Just a Laker Fan

    Laker Fans !! Stop and Think !!

    Look I get that we are all upset and embarrassed by the sub par performance of the Lakers trust me I get it. But there is no excuse for us calling Mike Brown’s head. This level of play is natural for the team to go through. This Princeton offense has had only five games to really work through. The Lakers will figure this out, and they will be back to the star caliber team they are. They just need time, and if anything the recent changes by Brown concerning line up are actually good. Metta as bench to help on defense not a bad idea. Brown does not what he is doing just give him a chance. Plus even in Steve’s absence we are having players step up. One player would be Darius Morris, Morris has been playing at a higher level defensively and offensively which is anything but amazing. So, Laker Fans calm down and be patient, besides if this system is good enough for Kobe its good enough for me.

    • David Suiter

      Kobe could care less about the offensive scheme as long as he gets the ball still… with all the problems we are having at the point why hasn’t johnson-odom been given a fair shot. could be no worse then blake or duhon if anything he would be better. blake, gasol, and mwp need to be traded. i have said this for a few seasons now. gasol is way to soft on defense and offense. blake and mwp just suck in general. when their are points like arenas, bibby, fisher and redd still on the FA market getting one of them to backup nash when he returns would boost the bench. trade gasol by himself for a good forward that would compliment Howard way more. have blake and mwp a package trade for a good sf and pick up a FA point. sorry but i do agree with everyone else about firing mike brown. it’s not gonna happen for him being a laker coach there is way too much talent on this team regardless of how long the been together and they people saying that it’s because of not knowing the princeton offense is a joke.

      • Al Haldie


        • rperrymotorsport

          We get rid of Gasol, WE LOSE…. We have MWP for his defense…. not his offense. Lets think about things before we go spouting off David. I am not sure on Mike Brown yet, I know it has been rough as of yet but he deserves a chance until at least december 31…

      • Just a Laker Fan

        Good one about Kobe, because he always wants the ball. But DJO I feel has been a mystery to us Laker fans. Like I have only seen him play a couple of mins, in pre-season. So I agree with letting him get some mins, at least we know he is athletic that is for sure. As far as trading Gasol, that’s touch and go for me. Yes he is soft but offensively he is arguable one of the best talented big men out there. The only trade worth considering him in a trade would be for Josh Smith. Smith is a friend of Dwight, just saying you get Smith and maybe lock up Dwight. But Smith can rebound has a decent stroke but will be more aggressive defensively. Now fish I love I think we all do but I don’t think we will sign him because of Nash, I wouldn’t mind Lakers picking up Flynn though. Yah Flynn is a draft bust but I think playing in La would get him back in shape and would be a big payout for us. Lastly, I think Princeton offense is actually starting to show. Now just hear me out, yesterday we shot terribly Charles Barkley golf swing looked better then are shooting. But our shoots were open, that’s the sad fact they were open and we missed them. The shots were open because of Princeton offense, so I think there starting to know it, now they just have to knock down shots. Let’s see how they do Friday though.

    • oldschoolc

      Mike Brown has no clue what to do with his line ups offensively. This is the problem fans are having with Mike. And correction, the Lakers have been working with the Princeton for 12 games. The Problem is Mike Brown still has no set rotation. This team will never develop any chemistry as long as the coach keeps experimenting. And taking Meeks out of the line up is just a waste of pay role. Why did we bring Jodie in if he wasnt gonna be in the line up???

      • Just a Laker Fan

        I understand that we used Princeton in pre-season, but not all starters played in pre-season or were on the floor for that matter. As far as Meeks, I have no clue why he isn’t starting or playing off bench. I think pre-season was just an experiment offensively for him. Either way I think we all can agree, last nights game was lost because there was no energy from anyone except Metta and Kobe. Hopefully, though we have some more purple and gold nights with wins !!

  • Steven Huy Vo

    On the behalf of Lakers fans around the world. Would you, Mike Brown, please re-sign yourself? Just please go. We don’t want you here anymore. We can’t handle losing.

  • Akinde Olagundoye

    A good coach would make our bench work. They’re not bad players, but they still need competent leadership. This shows why teams with great players don’t always play to their potential. Coaching is actually important

  • Albert Vidales

    SHOULD HAVE NEVER GOT HIM IN DA FIRST PLACE, TO BE IN LAST PLACE !!!! he need to go teach collage team.. more his speed.. not nba… PLEASE GET RID OF HIM !!!!!!!!!!

  • Dockie

    fuck you Mike Brown, go to hell, you don’t deserve to coach at all..

  • jolomonyo

    1-4 ?? what a joke… the lakers should fire brown and hire phil or sloan. a team this talented should have a more experienced coach.. FIRE MIKE BROWN !!!!

  • lama

    Id still wait a little to fire him, but the princeton offense has to go. It doesnt fit with the current players’ style of play. Its slow, no defense at all, confusing … LAL is making everybody else look good :/

  • Siavas Parmachand

    If Jim Buss wants to be remembered as the biggest idiot in Pro Sports history, keep Mike Brown, Otherwise get rid of him before it is too late, either replace him with what the fans want Jerry Sloan or bring back the Zen Master, Fans do not want to pay to see there superstars lose, everybody was so exited to see the Lakers play this season now sake of Mike Brown, he is making that disappear, in final note Mr Kupchak FIRE Mike Brown before it is too Late!!!!!!!!

  • Fred Jordan

    Lakers won more last year running w/e offense that was (give ball to Kobe). This is disgusting and this fool has to go!

  • Cyrus Vance

    Hire Mike D’Antoni!

  • Joe Espiritu

    Bad coach, bad bench, bad defense, and bad offense. What’s wrong with everything when we have the best starting five?????

  • silentmagic

    Time to trade Gasol…trade him to Atlanta for Josh Smith

  • Sal

    Please someone help us

  • islandgirl_024

    I am sick and tired of watching the Lakers lose! – As a Laker fan in Portland, Oregon, will someone (Jim Buss) please release Mike Brown?! If Kobe is already tarting to show displeasure, what more us fans, especially non L.A. fans! BTW: What is Morris doing being a second string when Meeks is there? We need to utilize our veterans! Why isn’t Brown using Meeks and Duhon?! Please hire Jerry Sloan and get the Lakers back at toward the top of the Western Conference! Laker fans are not spolied, winning is a tradition that’s expected! Please bring Jerry Sloan to L.A.

  • Plexerloc

    Mike brown can’t handle that much talent fire that stupid coach and hire jerry Sloan he is a hall of fame coach. When Nash gets back from injury they should let him run the offense. With the Princeton offense he don’t get that many touches and thats a college offense we are in the NBA stupid brown.

  • dan

    How can brown coach the Princeton offensive when he doesn’t know it. He suppose to be a great defensive coach and he’s terrible. TIME TO LET THE DEAD WEIGHT GO.t

    • chas lakeshow

      Starts at the top fire Jim Buss..he is not the savay business man his Dad is..Sister Jeanie would do a much better job…Also time to rid Pau Ga..soft…falls down by himself…

  • purplerain53

    There have been 8 loses in a row in the preseason and many peoples were like…OK.Let the season start and then we can make a judgement.OK! The season started and we are 1-4. The only W came against one of the worst teams in the league at this moment.What else Jimmy Buss needs to see? Another 6-7 loses till he fire that idiot M.Brown? Now is the time Jimmy boy.NOW.
    The L A Lakers organization is a winning organization. We don’t handle here loses like this.

  • Zurii

    Fire coach brown …bad coach….pls ….kick him now…..

  • Zurii

    Pls bring coach j. Sloan to la…..kick brown now ……..

  • Zurii

    Jim buss….pls fire brown….now…..enough is enough….this is the time to kick him

  • samson

    Coach Mike Brown is doing the best he can, it don’t matter, if you bring in a new coach, they still won’t win, the chemistry is just not there, No defense, No bench, No Nash and No excitement! They need to bring in new younger players and get rid of some of the bench players, thats not helping the starters off the bench!

    • Indendentbynature

      That’s not necessary or even possible to change the whole team this year..All the Lakers need is a competent coach like Sloan.Brown is clueless,as evidenced by his substitutions and his consistent failure to make adjustments at halftime or even from game to game.Look at last years playoffs when he repeatedly played Sessions and Blake together,despite being eaten alive by Andre Miller.Everyone but Brown saw it.

  • Independentbynature

    Brown was a poor choice from the beginning.Adelman was the best coach available at the time and I’m perplexed as to why he wasn’t given the job.The rumor was that he was Kupchak’s first choice.Will Jim Buss admit his mistake and correct it?Jerry Sloan is an excellent choice for Brown’s replacement.